GM is for Ghetto Mathematics: flystyle

My turntables have versed themselves
into grey elf chemists, spinning disqs quickenberry
to calculate the phase of the moon

and the sun-spot cyclopaths from earth
release hypnotized children from the chains of education.
Revolution and re:birth in platter fodder
and spinning calendars for starter motors.

Cal ender to signify the end of time as we know it and the bughinnis of the woid as we once Knu her and her deep dark rich creamy almost black milklike-minded cyclopsided pint of view. The buguinness of relativity in flystyle bonn potree, spirituality and gravity games > sucking ink from the nozzle of Ezra and the nuzzle of Dada down onto this page > a reality gauge which reeds grey-grape timewave Zeroine-Spirit Levels in my soupergalactic mothers milky way-out prattle mind > rattle blind and guess and cut and paste this writing is not a race. I’m still type A. quickenberry az fst aziff i just ate the fast supper and want to throw up at the seed of light.. Gravity pulling my mind around a plugged whole, each sentence balanced against literatures cheque book protected by a black leather case about the size of a letter box.

Better beat box your way out of alphabetic spells, better rap yourself out of the 21st century and into your destiny, maybe breakdance your way into the new school, breakdance along the corridoors and into the principles office, breakdance throughout detenxion. I have told my teachers that my turntables twisted jamselves into burt tales, table runts, battle runs and a tablet urn, decode and learn electron spin resonance and the tweleve tone scale and that nature seems to grow in a 3, 5, 8, 13 type pattern, bootstrapping herslef and seeming to express biological expun stencilency, your excellency your honor i bring news of 78 cards spit in half to make make 39 vinyl records, each side plays the particular phase of this project realized and actualized in the future. Flip a disc and then interact the software with the Knu
stylusbrushnozzle to bring the Knu age, a doorway into collective unconscious unbounded and unlimited. In the province of the mind their are no limits, and any limits you DO find > are to be transcended.

Fly agaric trascends the calendar and dictionary to reach the beyonder by synthesizing Aeons and Empires, a.l.phabetz and neurological maps and metaphors into a mixtape mash up, a cosmic turntable routine to bring the Council of Nine, Aiwass, The Pooka and doggies from Sirius. Sounds funny but when you see the discs and experience whots in them > when you spin them on their tribetable axis and gain access to the omniverse, the infinite flux of being and the only extraterrestrial thingymajik device to be born from a ghetto hip hop culture and thats why i imagine and write my best ideas and post them and re:roast them for everybody to see. if its not for you then its not for me. Call that the first rule of magik, what you put in you get out > thrice fold > i study and read the wake each day in search of the most poetic way to represent my daily experience; and my run-of-the-mill reality.

My milling wheel which once ground corn to make bread and flour by the hour has been turned over and reconfigured to read circle maps and seal calendars. nowadays when the wind blows she catches her own sister with her wings and translates special relativistic gail O’ blustery forces into a prose logik turntablist divinitory practice. A revolutionary process to bring whole loaves of organic local golden produce via approximately one dozen dzogchen souper manyfolded rolled compressed and pitch shifted records. This pack of records works like a regular divinitory method by synthesizing symbolic systems from many cultures and peoples from around the world, paying special tension to ideographic cypher, condensed poetic nature blueprints, biological isomorphic languages, Animal/insectosonic systems of communication, seasonal calendars, sun dials, moon charts, astrological houses, sun spot cycle maps, galactic time pieces and tribetabullizm.

Do you feel my freestyle go sour on the hour when i get serious about my bizzness and about this timespace transcendance of the toadstool gods, i forgot about Me Acrillic figa on my pedalstool; swimming in my pullpit, moving through a meduim called water so well and efficiently considering my current incarnation that i find it funny that flying has not yet been mastered by human beings, sky diving becomes fly diving and i dive into vinyl grooves like Luke Skywalker, the Death star has grooves which permeate its entire surface and luckily Obe one kin gnome bee’ passed along the secret death star plans to me at Studio Z in San Francisco a few years ago, secret grooves upon the surface of reality, ego stylus and hardware reality reads the enviromental software co-ordinates from nature, but has temporarily began to ignore the true organic nature signals sent from Animals, Trees, Plants and Drugs in favour of symbol systems, languages and mind control codes.

All symbol systems ever were was a storehouse of information by paranoid proto-humans who were afraid of loosing the facility of poetic thought and freestle enlightenment, obviously not an oral tradition but a paranoid materialist alphabet culture, you can bet your life, a horse with a moustache and my wife that ‘POWER’ is wielded by those who control the symbol meanings at any fixed moment in time, usually fixed by law [a non-relative spacetime device used to enslave poetic transcendent diamond vehicles into patriotic heads of STATES of social mind] And all cymbowl systems are for is as use as a storehouse, a magical memory palace which for me is like Alice Wondertrane wondering around John’s “giant steps” maze, somehow translated from music into an arkytekchu’l puzzle-maze. A mazing how governments lie and bosses too and how schools, universities and institutions don’t want you learning semiotics or Korzybski’s semantics because with ironick prose logik and the New anti-science of Hip Slopamantic equasive expressive excessive crunkl funkl juice the children are turned loose. And with intoxicated language YOU can school the teachers because there is no way they can have assimilated ALL things, and there is no way that even your own government can assimilate these symbol systems, make calculations and teaching models, and then……

feedback to the student before the time it takes a regular North American web surfing stoner to visit Wikipedia and put at least eight alternative models and metaphores in front of both the teacher and student. I mean power to the people, a working class hero is something to be, give peace a chance, i am the Walrus and on the river flows, and seriously the education system must turn its gaze to the internet, free teaching about everything. Why not stop PUBLIC school and just have a fund to buy computers and space and good food and private special teachers, specialist teachers who can teach permaculture, the new science of Hip Hop, music and poetry. Mudapplication in the garden with apples and stems and roots and fruits and vegetables, timetables made from vegetables, math and biology literally IN THE FIELD. Swimming and the operation of bicycles, tricycles, wind-powered diamond vehicles, and every possible excuse to PLAY outside. Why are these poor minds of our children recieving algerbraic equations and the same backward male dominator science which built, carefully aimed and then dropped the ATOMIC bomb. Brothers and sisters think about it. Who owns the symbol systems, who DEALS them and HOW do they distribute?

Are people telling you the best ways to do and think about things in general? Have you ever studied thinking with a Buddhist of Taoist teacher? Do you consider that spiritual rather than scientific? you do do you huh, well thats fantastic and i wish you all the best, i’m not gonna BUG or pest you. You have all been through enough already, i will spare you the future this time, but when i put the needle on the rekkid the drum beats will ring louder than any school bell, and lunch time will become crunch time for the dinner lady day. Last week i heard the story about how Billie Holiday died with her hands cuffed to a hospital bed, and how she said that ‘drug addiction and drug crime should be treated as a medical condition rather than a criminal one’ > another musical legend who came face to face with the dark forces of authority and also came to their deaths by having such an unfortunate encounter. Cops and narcs and spooks are hired by the more sadistic and vampiric motherfuckers in governments [in most sovereign nations around the world] and are instructed to Kill rock stars and trash cultural musical movements, COPS are instructed to beat and kill rappers or guitarists or Jazz trumpeters.

The Prestident orders dance clubs to be shut down and helps to see art galleries closed, and factories which make uranium tipped bullets opened in your own daughters neighborhood. Narcs arrest and bust the most intelligent, peacefull and progressive minds and bodies manifested for interacting with a plant. while a monsanto plant makes agent orange and biological wars for our future. Come on with your multibillion dollar army, come on with your 700 Billion dollar military budget! Come on……i dare you to buy a solar panel, a composting toilet or put your own garbage recycling out. hey Mr. Rove and Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair and Mr. Chenney > come on pick up a paintbrush and lets see if you can paint a flower and a bomb on the same page and then answer just a few questions from me. Why throughout civilized history have all the most violent, deceptive, heartless, crooked, evil, fundermentalist, slimeball motherfuckers managed to make their way into power? and what does that mean for the Christian year 2020? Microchips in the forheads of civilized folk? Cameras inside your own mouth to police what you eat? Mickey and Mallory as the presidential couple?

Matrix revolutions > wake up into code, wake up into the symbiotic relationship between flies, amanita mushrooms and neo the toad. They stop us from finding mathmatics without meaning, meaning they test us with exams, make us repeat repeat arithmatic drills, brainwashing and mindwashing and pushing us into meaningless equations, meaningless because they do not relate to me and my surroundings, my friends, my own family, what my very own senses tell me. I’m sitting in class and the teacher asks me: “if Adam had twelve apples and Eve had twelve apples and they wanted to bake an apple pie, how many apples would they have in their bowl alltogether” dunno i replied, but if their were just 24 homeless people in the radius of four blocks from here, and the mayor [who lives just eight blocks away] has $2 Billion dollars in his back pocket. Why does he not buy some apples for these poor hungry homeless starving people huh. Miss? hey….come back here you! You carn’t just walk out of this classroom in the middle of my first lesson to you. Sir, sir, i’ve lost my RULER.

Please excuse me then while i go and get another ruler. And so it goes in the wind blowing over the scientific community and its junk DNA and its dark matter and its silent-associational cortex. Fly agaric and the great mystery seems familiar somehow, i feel i have been to the mystery schools in America and found all the mystery and poetry that i wished four, but most painfully i felt the hard non-mystery of government, the non-mystery of Entertainment, the non-mysterious sciences and know it all > Californian mystics. I have witnessed the death of irony and i have been published by Paul Krassner, farther of the underground press, in a book called “magic mushrooms: from Toad slime to ecstacy” this is no coincidance because mushrooms are about the last straw in this great mystery unveiled to the worlds public slaves. Wake up to a world where fungus is banned but nuclear bombs can be dropped on women and children. Are you kiddin me, telling me to stay away from the marijuana plant, a non-speaking, non-human medicine women who worships the sun with more focus than Israel Regardie and worships the nature with more passion than Julia butterfly Hill.

Imagine if plants were on the drugs which they dealt. Imagine if pot plants were on pot. Doug Lazy good for nothing vegetable plants just sitting around in the sun all day > eating up the nutrients and dreaming of seeding a revolution, and yet still sitting without moaning or throwing a tantra. imagine then if a mushroom were on mushrooms. Imagine if a happy man was on man. Imagine a high women who was high on WOMEN juices. Imagine a poet intoxicated on his own bile. Now i share with you the final secrets of the tribetable revolution. Its all a big hologram, like David Bohm sez it is and like what the Big Buddha sez about no-mind and Buddha mind. Imagine being enlightened on enlightenment. We are antenna with an attitude, we are DNA from another star system linking back up with our cosmic ancestory, using story and i’m using Joycerwooky too, my theory entails comets and ties tales to the book of Killer Whales, my theory is this. Mankind is an idiot. We have forgotten our cosmic ancestory and we have armoured ourselves with carefully measured scales and turned ourselves half into reptiles of Agent Smiths, we struggle with the blackgoo of concenzeus realitea:

i struggle with a mind in the miggle muddle apple lickation, i struggle with play and work and number theory and binary code and 1 and zero and then all the other arbitrary numbers which are useful applied to synergetic all-around-the-world wealth creating holoistic projects; but pointless used in conjunction with Christian socialism, the crusades and Usury [unfair tariffs on a source of natural abundance in nature] i.e everything according to the KNU science of nanotechnology, and so it goes, and so i flows on with a messiah complexion and ions stuck on my tawnycap which reminds me that the electron density of mushroom spores is one of the most dense, condensed, synergetically pack’t packages in all of nature. Go figa, acrillick come to dip the minds of man into psychotropic jam, but not without permission and only as metaphor, as i have said before woid is born, i come in piss.

This revolution comes from nature herself, it comes from the masses of literature and study of nature in all her categories and [branches] which [stem] from a poetic birthplace > they must, otherwise what are [they] other than labels to signify a world so alien to us stoned monkeys that we refuse to even listen for more than ten seconds every once in a while when a bird whistles differently or when a dog sings or barks out a pattern familiar to our monkey memory. How ignorant of us! How ignorant of us, all along to be literally walking all over our own mother, and not digging her but digging her, not inflating her but still blowing her up, watering her with chlorine and plutonium, stealing her secrets only to use them against her. Enviromentalists use a language which relegates her to the twelfth division, SHE has been put in the great taxonomy of man, the great concordance of Finnegans wake

But, and but but, instead of bright emerald sparkles and snot green oceans of global linguistic wisdom, you find rancid statistics and living creatures stapled to the paper about their neocortex and its strange violent reaction to hot led being poured into its eyeballs. Such is the heartless and souless history of medical science in the west, a brutal tale of a knocking shop created from rumors of God and painlessness in the form of anisthetic used while ex-steel mill workers slit open yer chest and change a few cylinders. I digress from the Animal kingdom into the human kingdom and that’s just about my point wrapped up write there, write here now. This morning i ate a hen’s embryo, some cows anus and the underside of a pig’s left testicle, and i feel great and ready to gamble my grandmothers soul on the stockmarket.

Such is the ignorance of mankind that reality TV has not leaked out from the cathode rays and into the homes of spoilt confused TV kids and soaked into their Nike boots and their $200 dollar cotton shirts and the spinning rims of their Hip Hop hummer. We are all slowly turning into code, one’s and Zero’s and the meaning remains all ‘up in the air. ” I’m dealing with the dark spirit of all nations, the part of them they know nothing about. – Sun Ra”
yeah sonny
Oh, OH, great mystery,
like you said and done it true,
outer space employment agency picked me up
And made me a part
Of their work without me even having to ask,
I got paid in priceless dreams
And so NOW it seems to be
worth it.

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