English ar wydely con.sidered fust modem
Society to develoop swimmin aza sport
And, Poiklitics as a soggy tea bag tale

Ar bin terested in swimmin un’ splish sposhin’
Cashin sports. Riffy Cash scams bore me
Dryland based libconbore politikx
Bourgeoisee yow
Bore me,,,

April 1, 1974: Mosh up a’ former cownty borough of
Dude-ley, with the Burroughs of Alesowing
And flouridge.

Button the market peepull “vote”
With their own wonga tickets
And so them’s with mowa wonga get mowwa “votes”
Inherited, or wage layba produced survival tickets
Ou cares?

Arf soaked public lyke brainbathed fish
Them vaguely aware of the cut in which they swim.
Ar bin golden at the 2012 oilixpix

1837: Fust paddlin comps held in London’s splashing pools.
July of 1967: Doodley con.cill ban yokles swimming in Lodge Farm Rezza
Because… swimmers were becoming obstructions
To boats on the water
July 20th, 1967: Pablo Neruda receives the fust Viareggio-Versile prize.

1987: Teaurbridge floetry Club wus demolishevelled by Mudley Clownsilly
Cuz it wuz riffy, and them replaced it with leisure pond fur blooming 90’s
Leisure and disinvestment indus.try
Very noyse, but unsuitable fur competitive swimuming.
7th January, 1869: furst meating of Amateur Slimming

4th June, 1901: Ourbridge Floetry Club founded as
Pablo Picasso exhibits his paintings in Paris fur the fust tyme
They feet. acrobats,
Harlequins, prostitutes, beggars, scrubbas and artists.

Deslumber 31st 2005: Untied ingdome giz o’er
Her presidensea ov the Con.cill ov Eurobeen Onyin.

2nd August, 1900: Foundrynation stone of Nowourbridge
Public Baths wuss laid by Isaac Nash.
Bath water come from a well cut in local sandstown.
Annual subscription fix’d at fiyv shillyns
Juss 25 pence, a bargain for a 12 yerolt kid
Werkin 60 hours a week for 2.d in a myne

1939-1945: Towerbridge baths closed fur public due to word war II.
17th May 1923: O.pen air swimming bath med at Stiridge

3:30, 31st December 2005, Brierley ill Leisure Centre
Closed. By DudMetBoCou.
72 con.cillors, representing 24 wairds
Both an electoryall boundary and
A divizion within a horse pickle

1894: Brierley Hill comes n’ urb.an di.strict
Under the yocal yobernment Akt of 1894.

2006: There are 23 olympic sized cuts in the YUK. England 15,
Scotland 4, Ireland 2 and Wales 1.
1 iz under con.struction
At the Merry’ Hell shampooing center
Poiklitics seems lyk a pools lottery in 2006x

An Oilympic Pool is 25m wyd
Depth ov 2.0m minymum
50m in length, while the 25m width
Allows for 8 laynes, each 2.5m whyd
With an extra 2 spaces of 2.5m wyd outside oss rowds 1 and 8.
2.5 x 8 tracks = 20m + (2.5m x 2) = 25m in total as

1896 and 1906, women could’nt participate in
Oilympic gairms cuz…
Baron Pierre de Coubertin eld firmly to the rumpant conservative
Dogma of the Victoryian eara, that women wuz too
Frail to engage in competitive sports.

I lyke competition in the cut. I lyk fun sports.
Yet privatization wud not never ever resalt in tru competition
If a natural monopoly exists wool it?
Your Scrumpin’ our orchards!

Conlablibortive Burroughs talktics:
Slaving urban language Sub-contracts with precise
Gaffers waffle

1960: British conernments Beeching Actx hijack
The costs ov running the British tram system by pullin’
The plug, on what them considered to be unprofitable riffy” railway lyons

Among uver tings, Leonardo Da Vinshe wrote about flow>
Of water in rivers, and ow flow zeffected
By various obstacles in er’ row’d

Ow ya transfurring propertea
From public ownership to private merchant ownerships?
And/or, both/and… transfiguring the monagemint
Of a service or activitea from an arf soaked gaffernment…
To the private pocket secta
Who issues it, How?
Rekkids are set crooked
With some Doodley Burrough accense

1917: S.F.C Motto crafted upon the S. Coat of donnies.
Bridge and 2 gold’n froots,
Gold Fleace suspunded by black Chains of Skin
And Leather Dressing LTD.
Chayn Cable Industries, and them hanging sheeple.
‘1 heart, 1 why’, singleness of mind and
Purpoise. To steer, shepard, pilot, escort, swimmer.
1 pool, 3 million folks. No wey serviam.
Are yow billdin pools in Iraq for babe lovers that YOU liberated?

March 1990: After many swummers protest throughout Thatchers late 1980’s
With signs and LOUD chanting
The grystal Leisure Centre wuz born, twice
Pun historic baths jed corpse
It re:open.ed con.plete wid gravy machine,
Ellefonts, Bond.i beach beats and
A Non-competitive swimming pund.

Will a swimmer be free’d from yampy chains of capitalist slaverewind
When they docked away our baths for them’s private
Pools, private betting and private gaming crackers

Britomartis Triton Leucothoea Posedawone

Acrillic Figa

Slice of the tribal cheesecake

But hot slices

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Acrillic Figa

T is for Timewave 2012: WavetimE

Paul Krassner very kindly agreed to republishing, in cyberspace, his interview with Terence Mckenna in the lastest edition of Maybelogic Quarterly. Please follow the link for the entire interview combined with audio provided by DJ fly agaric 23.


“The rise of the web has been a great boost to my fantasies along these lines, because now i can see with the Web from here to the eschaton. Apparently, it’s a technology for dissolving space, time, personally and just releasing everybody into a data stream, something like the imagination. Then that’s why the ultimate technological fantasy along this line of thought is what is conventionally called a time machine.

There’s an interesting aspect to the time machine. The wave describes the ebb and flow of novelty in time, but then you reach a point where it’s so novel that it fails beyond that point. Well, a time-traveling technology would cause such a system to fail, because it’s a description of the unfolding seriality of linear events, which a time machine would disrupt.

So it may be that it isn’t explosion of the sun, or the coming of the aliens, or the descent of the second person of the Trinity, it’s simply that a technology is put into place that destroys linear time and, from thence forward, when you give your address you have to say not only where but when. There are some problems with this.

And then here is a slightly more interesting and woo-woo scenario. The thing that’s called the grandfather paradox – somebody pointed out it’s not called the father paradox because apparently you want to avoid an Oedipal situation – and it’s simply the following objection: if you could travel into the past, you could kill your grandfather. If you killed your grandfather, you wouldn’t exist. Therefore, you couldn’t travel into the past. Therefore, time travel is impossible.

One idea i have for an end of history scenario: Time travel becomes more and more discussible, finally there are laboratories working on it, finally there is a prototype machine, finally it’s possible to conceive of a test; and so on the morning of December 12, 2012, at the world Temporal Institute headquarters in the Amazon Basin, by a worldwide, high definition, three-dimensional hook up, the entire world tunes in to see the first flight into time. And the lady temponaut comes to the microphone and makes a few brief statements, hands are shaken, the champagne bottle is smashed, she climbs into her time-machine, pushes the button and disappears into the far flung reaches of the future. Now, the interesting question is, what happens next? And i have already established for myself that you can travel backwards into the past, but you can’t travel further into the past than the invention of the first time machine, for the simple reason that there are no time machines before that, and if you were to take one where there are none, you get another paradox.

So what happens when the lady temponaut slips into the future? Well, i think what would happen a millisecond later is tens of thousands of time machines would arrive from all points in the future, having come back through time, of course, to witness the first flight into time. Exactly as if you could fly your beachcraft back to Kitty hawk, North Carolina, to that windy morning when the Wright brothers rolled their flyer out and fueled ‘er up. And that’s as far as the road goes. That’s the end of the time road.

But the grandfather paradox persists. One of those time travelers from 5,000 years in the future, on their way back to the first time-travel incident, could stop and kill his grandfather, and then we have this whole problem again. So i thought about this for a long time, and i think i’ve found my way around it. But, as usual, at the cost of further weirdness.

Here’s what would really happen if we invented a time machine of that sort. The lady temponaut pushes the button, and instead of all time machines appearing instantly in the next moment, in order to preserve the system from that paradox, what will happen is, the rest of history of the universe will occur instantly. And so that’s it. I call it the God whistle.

This is because you thought you were building a time machine, and in a sense you were, but the time machine isn’t what you thought it was. It caused the rest of time to happen instantaneously, and so the furthest out developments of life, matter, and technology in the universe can right up against you a millisecond after you break that barrier, and in fact you discover that traveling time is not traveling time, it’s a doorway into eternity, which is all of time, and that’s why it becomes more like a hyperspatial deal than a simple linear time-travel thing.

There’s been a parallel development which has caused me to be more confident. We’re now beginning to build this parallel world called the Wolrd Wide Web. And you can bet that long before we reach 2012, the major religions of the world will build virtual realities of their eschatological scenarios. There will be the Islamic paradise, the Christian millenium, the Buddhist shunyata – these will be channels that you tune into to see if you like it and want to join, so in a sense guaranteeing we will have a virtual singularity.

It’s all very well to try to understand the end point, but recall that where we are relative to the end point is in resonance with the year 950 AD. We’re like the people in 950 AD trying to understand the web, the hydrogen bomb and the catscanner. How can we? My God, we don’t even have calculus yet. Newton hasn’t been born yet, let alone Einstein. I mean we’re running around – essentially we’re primitives, is what i’m saying. We don’t have tools yet to conceive of the object of 2012. We must build those tools between now and then. And good places to start are with the web, psychedelic drugs, whatever is the most cutting edge and most far out.


Acrillic Figa




On August 5th, 1945 a Mushroom cloud appeared over Hiroshima, illustrating humanities latest technological breakthrough in Killingry: the ability to kill more and more people in less and less time. 21st century technology can either help people to live joyously and cooperatively or force them to die quicker. The choice is ours. But the hours are not all ours.

The first neurotransmitter known to science; Acetylcholine, was identified in 1914 at the breakout of the first world war by Henry Hallett Dale while doing research on heart tissue, Henry went on to win a nobel prize for his rediscovery. The devastating killingry made possible by biological nerve weapons of mass destruction, and other secret nerve agents, are partly due to their inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in the victims. Constant stimulation of the muscles glands and the central nervous system are the terrible symptoms. Popular insecticides inhibit this enzyme too and destroy targeted insects, such as fungas gnats and green fly.

On a more positive tip, Muscarine, a subdivision of Acetylcholine and a neurotransmitter in both the peripheral and central nervous system, can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other complications involving abnormal muscle relaxation. The stimulation of the muscle glands through Muscarine acts as an example of a drug being used intelligently and positively as a medicine to help prolong life and help the ill, rather than provoking illness and leading to the annihilation of life.

During the rainy season in the sonoran deserts in Colorado, America, people make a sacred pilgrimage to communicate with little green non-human entities. Small, soft and velvety to touch, with cute little emerald heads that are full of jewles, these holy amphibian drug dealers can each individually deliver enough psychopharmacological energy force to launch, as Ralph Metzner puts it: six to eight adult human beings, potentially, into cosmic hyperconsciousness; into the heart of creation, while returning them safely to their original human form shortly afterwards. A loving example of inter-species communication between mankind and amphibians.

Paradoxically entomology is the scientific study of insects, while etymology is the study of the origins of words. Drosophila_melanogaster is the common species of fruit fly used in genetics experiments ever since GM kicked off around 1910 AD. Most of our modern pharmacological technology and genetic advances are indebted to humble flies while various chemical discoveries are due to extracts from their toadstool namesake: fly agaric.

Italian Ethnobotonist and Ethnomycologist Giorgio Samorini came up with a brilliant new hypothesis called the Lazarus fly, published in his illuminating book; Animals and Psychedelics. This enchanting social-biological observation provides strong scientific evidence for a minded symbiotic relationship between toads, flies and fungi. Buzzillions of flies and fungus gnats throughout history have licked Amanita Muscaria and become as inebriated as Tim Finnegan, stoned, drunken, delirious meals for hungry toads, and other forest-floor foragers who may or may not have picked up this evolutionary advantage, probably tuned in while hanging around mushrooms. This strong, undiluted 70% proof of interspecies communication occuring in forests all over the natural world, illuminates an important etymological keystone; a symbiosis so ancient that it’s imediate implications demand an entire scientific and poetic revolution. The buzz term in this field is zoopharmacognosy: the study, celebration and liberation of animals, bugs and plants that mindfully use themselves as inebriating medicine as a kind of novel evolutionary advantage.

Mycoremediation is a term spun by mycologist Paul Stamets and roughly translates as environmental renewal by using fungus. The relative scientific facts about mycoremediation are inspirational for all critterkind facing global meltdown and mindless industrial, global pollution. Fungi have their own kingdom of nature, yet every individual spore is a Tsar: they do not have leaders or Kings in their fungal kingdom, in contrast to human oligarchy. They charitably recycle billions of tons of natural and man made waste products for free so that plants, animals and humans benefit with furtile soils and healthy nutrients to live together happily with. In kaleidoscopic contrast we have the civilized Homo sapien species, who are without shadows of doubt, the greatest natural disaster to explode themselves on this beautiful and life sustaining free planet. Fungus; through their bioremediation are our saviors in some sense. Our shit munching little helpers in another. Literally: mothers little helpers.

Muscarine occurs inside the fetching fly agaric species of mushroom alongside some other psychopharmacological secret agents: ibotenic acid, muscazone and muscimol. Fly agaric and many other fungi in the agaric family are spread far and wide across planet earth. Due to the lack of fungal fossil records we have no specific scientific data pinpointing exactly how long these toadstools have been here, although it’s safe to say longer than homo sapiens. Scientific research upon this particular species of fungus has led to many compounds used to increase longevity. Alternatively, other fly agaric extracts can dramatically paralyze biological life, much like usury paralyzes wealth by asphyxiating the natural abundance of nature, blocking her will. Some scholars such as the part time banker at J.P Morgan, and part time mycologist; Richard Gordon Wasson, have suggested that fly agarik is the mythical plant/drug/drink known widely as Soma; highly regarded in the sacred Hindu texts called the Rig Vedas.

Terence Mckenna has proposed that psylocybin containing mushrooms and not Amanita mushrooms maybe a more fitting candidate for the mighty Soma complex due to their stronger psychoactive properties. Other theories propose Soma to be an alchemical combination of various psychoactive vegetables. Thousands of years ago Soma was celebrated as the divine ambrosia of immortality. Today scientists can show how the chemical muscarine lives up to this description by providing useful medical drugs that help prolong life. The great Aldous Huxley deployed SOMA as a literary device in his novel Brave New World, Soma’s function in this novel was an opiate of the masses substituting religion and other stimulants popular with Homo sapiens. This excellent distopian device scares me relatively more than Eric Blair’s Big Brother and his similar critically paranoid, Nineteen Eighty Four. Although to me, both of these novels seem like fairy stories when compared with the terrifying phenomenon known worldwide as satan claus.

Spearheading the rapidly expanding field of evolutionary epistemologyThe Lazarus fly provides a stunning example of a tight biosemiotic epistemological fit; snug as a bug in a rug. An ancient motherfucking most mysterious matrix tale. An epic love story providing semiotic insights into one of the strangest sociobimaybelogical, tragic/comic romances upon spaceship earth. That’s until some entity proposes superior scientific research data to challenge it.

The term to identify flies in latin is musca. Semiotics used as a method applied to fairy myth helps to refine a linguistic approach and attempts to find the ‘words’ of it’s universal lunguage. Many people who choose to ingest psychedelicsgenerally experience a dramatically increased sense and sensibility of light, ranging from tranquil and soft star sparkles, flares, dancing multicolored flames; and the warm sense that billions of torches are searching through fiber-optic energy channels in their body. ToThunder. Lightening. Flashes of explosive photonic bombardment. From all quarters. Blinding. Fractal. Hyperspatial travel. Annihilation. Super nova neural explosions. Atomic detonation of physical boundaries. Energy flashes. Repeating visions. Safely tucked away behind the eyelids.

According to some Christian theology God muttered let there be light, and then, there was light. Bioluminescence is a relatively knu scientific term describing biological cells that emit light photons known as biophotons. Many of the brighter investigative researchers within this glowing field propose that DNA RNA is perpetually emitting these biophotons, and has been doing so since the first RNA DNA molecular poets resurrected themselves upon spaceship Earth. Because of the relatively weak broadcasting strength of these biophotons only recently has modern science and it’s post-modern instrumentation rediscovered these ancient auras and properly acknowledged their universality among all RNA DNA coded critters. In the Tibetan book of the Dead there are six lights which correspond to six realms of existence – traditionally, the realm of the gods, jealous gods (asuras), humans, animals, hungry ghosts and hell beings. These lights are also known as the lower lights.

An ever growing population of anthropologists and scientists have visited and participated in ancient sacred vegetable rites and ceremonies and journeyed back to a western scientific paradigm with reality shattering alternative maps, models and novel metaphors. Brave Knu tempronauts vividly describe incredible visions; tales of serpents, jaguars, Pink river dolphins, insectoid timespace traveling anthropologists, many headed monsters with gnashing teeth, light beings, diamond encrusted dancing angels, self transforming basketball elf chemists, E.T’s, ghosts of vegetation spirits, deities, superluminous skyladders leading to star systems. This dissolution of boundaries between human, animal, insect, vegetable and amphibian kingdoms into a twilight of pastiche, seems, most likely to me, that under the extra sensory perceptive conditions of certain psychopharmacological agents, the RNA DNA emitted biophotons that are contained within all life on earth suddenly appear detectable to our interacting human nervous system. We literally begin to see the photons, reflect, and then feel what’s the matter. And we interpret this light according to our own individual glosses, our neuropsychological and neurosemantic belief systems. I’m doing this right now, and so are you!

The perceived fire inside of fireflies or the lightening inside of lightening bugs is known to scientists as Luciferin. Jellyfish, and Antarctic Krill also contain Luciferin. These creatures translate and amplify the light to such a degree that they appear to human and other sufficiently accomplished seeing critters, as ill with a case of the luminous. Yet, if we could increase our sensitivity to light then maybe all DNA RNA based life would appear illuminated?

Coincidently, illumination or enlightenment [the concept] often appears to critters under the influence of psychoactive compounds or what may be more poetically called entheogens [messengers of metempsychosis from within]. And God said: let there be light, but the meter remained and empty woid.


HS is for High Sierra festival 2005 (Poem)

Acrillic Figa is back

My experiences at the 15th High Sierra festival last year have become Difficult to translate into writing.
Somewhat troublesome
Especially moments of speechlessness – how can i
Explain these audio experiences?
Please enjoy yr Mixed drinks –

400 miles long my body stretches
My waist ranges between 40 and 70 miles wide
I swing to the west
Near to my eastern thighs are
Several peaks

Multiple peaks rise more than 14’000 feet
The highest of the high sierra peaks is called
Miss Whitney at 14’495 feet
Miss Sierra nevada covers about 30’000 square miles
I love her

The last time i tasted and toasted with miss
Sierra nevada she tasted
Of honeysap
Not like mountain dew, or 7 up,
This mother tasted like severn peaks
Dipped in lemon guinness honey lavender
Hickorysoma stuff
And the clouds –

Reconfigured and attenuated by music by
Machine man mountain smiling interfaces
Semi-detached Souls play their own groove
Melody is groovy
Stringy glue that binds a good festival together
Instrument, communications, Jamin
Plateau of brewskis in the sky

Grandma sat knitting a mountain green orange purple shawl
The earth: a tied dyed rocky jazz jumper.
Folk, bonded with RV hookups,
Tent pegs of friendship, tissues and snackaroonies
Silver kegs of ampegs
Fireworks, cameras, charcoal grills, fun lovers
Smouldering naked vegetables
Pale ale vision
Cooking and smoking hot
Ready for eating

Bound over with electric
Acoustic soul-rebel miles reversed fingered into G’s
Feet Davis tripping

Buttered Tickets and slugs in the night
Flip flop beauties wave,
Lost my one flipflo
Thats why i’m hoppin
Got the Tahoe blues
Super Syncopated swing
Smoking Hot pyjamas!
Garaj delta greetins

Surprise bluesman
And clouds
Gabby Frisel
Mixed drinks
Mixed music by the wind!

I Dreamt only last night of
Drumcircles amplified by forest television
I seen it man,
Branching out through dreams in woods
Circlular dreaming of percussive drum carts
Drum and golf rovers, drum and pace racing
Taka tin taka cycle
My smoky dreams all Hazy and glazed
By lovers water spray

Keeps lovers cool while in the musical meadow
Dewy misty mountain top, low cut
Tao drops te ching te ching taka ting taka ching
My tongues on my chin

Hot hips, whoa!
Her of the funk spirits, awake the groove conscience
Absolute dissapears behind a shrub
Ranges meltone
And i dreamt off again:

>br>High up, bound with mountain manring
String bands strong bonds,
Seduced by dead kenny G’s theory in A#
Syncopated, electric sex
Banana slug mastersounds
Hot buttered flowmotion
Alo Alo
What is this sound?

Tiny mountain blue claypools swirling
Ten mile high tidal groove
Flasks full, a pocket of trees
And the clouds
Free peoples
Bliss them conspirators

Natural bridges dechorded, meltone into perpetual grooves
Blue ocean Jazz machine versus
Mountain sky bluesman
And the clouds

10,000 feet, moving
Vibrating over 30,000 square miles
Sneakin out for your musemeant and for the nocturnals –
Kimock Williams and friends
Al Howard lymbyc system
Surprise me Mr Davis and
Bill Frisell and
Dj williams projekt
And the food, yes!

I’ve sketched a kinky railroad earth poem
Ode to the clouds.
Ride with medicine snake tracks up the swimming claypool
A Monsoon and tidal joy feast
Old freight train chuggin, upright bass
And the clouds and violins mix
Parked myself in a jeweled waterspout Garaj
And the clouds

Folklore medicine prophet show,
Samantha Stollenwerck and many
Groovy bands play
I’m meltone.
let me set the scene:
I wonder into the Sierra nevada
Mountains in Spain
In mind.

Sitting peacefully with Blue turtle lotus
Yoga showboyz and girls
Oh, the girls!
Keep Tahoe blue! and other pools and lakes too
Everyday is like an old school earthday
Mixed strings

Everyones acoustic soul-rebel orchestra playing
Without a pause
Benevento/Russo delta Duo
Cloud Orchestra play for free
Tickets are $145.00 each!
Alekorophobia nation surrounded by more ninjas.
Dirty notes and Jackmormons with spearheads
And the clouds.
Reggie Watts, Gabby La la, Mike Gordon and Jamie Janover
Tide of Lotus delta.
Seeing Jon Cleary
And the Cloudy mixed

Band looped after band of snappy nappy smoothies
Wrapped up in String theory
I’m still, sitting still
Sitting with ice cream
This is paradise
Perpetual dreaming
Up and up again
To the Goddess of funk
Skerik Syncopated Septet
Dancing shivas
Prisoners of conscience,
Meltone. Sitting. Watching fear dissapear over high yonder.
Pfft into the clouds

Sketches of Jessica Lurie
K23 Jazz odyssey
A natural bridge appeared between times.
Super Festival string theory i call it.
Hightimes. Spacetime. And the clouds
feat. Eric Mcfadden and Wally Ingram
Soul music haze
Blending and bending musicians
Players all in shape

Two gallants; Papa Mali and Mother hips
Mother Mountain greetings, and to the river
And to the clouds
High up and far off in marshal mellows
Absolute monster Sierra mountains

Festival spirits in abundance
Sleeping bag critters like stoned Slugs in wonderland
Prophets and Gentlemen
A congress for peace inside the music hall,
Government mule rides for the good folk
I felt Bill Frisel’d
Funkt ‘n out
Never felt stuck in the jamhouse tho
Happy drinks are happy drinks, right?
And the Mahal gas stunk of
Hot buttered flowmotion

Sparkle and prettyness
And the clouds bring many cools spells
Grandma mountain is casting air spirals
Up dresses
In the barn i saw strange animals
And the Mountain remains unnamed
Unknown, silent –

What must it be like to be a pebble

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fno-parking-garaj-fly-high-sierra& NO PARKING GARAJ FLY HIGH SIERRA by flyagaric23