IE is for Interview by Email: They shall come to know Go(o)d

Every yin needs a yang. Every Hodge
needs a Podge. We should be united.–Illuminatus Trilogy! Page 423!

Fly: Could you explain a little bit about your holographic prose?

RAW: No. I’m struggling to write a whole book about
that right now and can’t imagine how to
condense it. Besides, it’s the hardest
part of my work to translate…
I’ll give you two related samples from the Illuminatus and see what you
can make of them: “They shall come to gno gods.”
“They shall come to gnu godz.”

email from–Tue, 8 Jan 2002, 11:10:54-0800.

I have slept on this small riddle Bob spun for me, or i shd/ say i have not communicated my thoughts very much, and in retrospect i think it helps us in our continued investigative and independently minded research into RAW and his communications. So here i will expand a little on my research into these related samples.

“SIMON MAGUS. You will come to know gods.”–Illuminatus Trilogy, Page 183.

And then a little further down the page we find:

“The note said:
“Machen’s dols = Lovecraft’s dholes?”

VECTORS. You will come to no gods.”

Near the end of the bugguiness of Finnegans Wake (page 615) we find the line

“Mucksrats which bring up about uhrweckers they will come to
know good.”

I suspect Bob might of sailed across this line on one or two of his many readings of Finnegans Wake. And he put it into I.T! ?

While researching this small puzzle that Bob left for me to unravel, i discovered something else that grabbed me like T-Rex or King Kong, out of my seat. Typical of RAW in many ways, or typical of the ever expanding infinite-flux of being? On Page 183 of Illuminatus, the page on which we find Simon Magus saying: You will come to know gods, also features a dialogue about Amanita Muscaria (fly agaric) in the context of the investigation of Professor J. N. Marsh, who appears to have gone missing, in the novel?

Maybe Bob was actually answering the question directly without being consciously aware that his example from Illuminatus! was right next to a passage describing fly agaric intoxication and some of its background history. (Amanita Muscaria appears as the 24th entry of the INDEX to Cosmic Trigger, and this is where i first came across it in the context of RAW. I had however read a little of Terence Mckenna around about the same time who also writes of Amanita in his book “Food of the Goods”. But the point here is that i was still unaware of Amanita and its use and ab-use within Illuminatus Trilogy! (!). Up until re-reading the book in the class Illuminatus! with Bob himself.)

As this communication with Bob was facilitated by email, he might have noticed fly, my email address, and then so maybe he did choose the line from Simon Magus especially for fly, as an answer to my question about Hologramic Prose?

With a fully searchable PDF version of Illuminatus Trilogy! you can find thousands of Joycean like–coincidances of contraries–but often on a different level of magnification to Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and its maximal condensation. Hodge-Podge seems to have Viconian, Joycean, Zen-Koan like qualities tied-up-with-it.

During lunch (which always ended with golden apfel-strudel), Galley and Eichmann danced for her,
a complex ballet which Hagbard called “Hodge-Podge”; as many times as she saw this, she never
was able to determine how they changed costumes at the climax, in which Hodge became Podge and
Podge became Hodge. –Page 412.

And just like the DANCE of Hodge-Podge described, the Illuminatus Trilogy itself comes to a climax with the Appendix and its greater explanation and exploration of Hagbard’s Hodge-Podge principle in a more Geo-political, Historical, cybernetic language.

In this chaotic period, the Hodge and the Podge are in dynamic balance. There is no stasis: The
balance is always shifting and homeostatic, in the manner of the ideal “self-organizing system” of
General Systems Theory or Cybernetics. The Illuminati, and all authoritarian types in general, dislike
such ages so much that they try to prevent any records of their existence from reaching the general
public. Pre-Chou China was one such period, and its history (except for some fragments in Taoist
lore) is largely lost; we do know, however, that the I Ching was reorganized when the Chou Dynasty
introduced patriarchal authoritarianism to China. –434.

I find a new beauty in the fact that Illuminatus Trilogy! combines these literary principles, in action (Captured by Theartre) and also with a CODEX, or appendix that begins to divulge the methods by which the author created the “Action” of the novel itself, and also being bound into the novel itself in a self-referncing or “hologramic Prose” technique; unique to Uncle Bob and his magikal communications.

I have started a piece called the Unkle Bob principle”which uses a term i read by Hugh Kenner in his book Joyce’s Voices to describe James Joyce’s technique of using a general principle, that i understand to mean: The voice of the narrator need NOT always be the narrator him or her-self. Kenner’s Uncle Charles Principle honors the character called uncle Charles who sits in his outhouse reading and doing his bog business, and maybe also narrating parts of Ulysses?

Anyhow, i’ll be putting these bits of research together and then applying them to I.T! Plus adding some source’s and sauces.

–DJ Fly Agaric 23

M is for Merry: Christmas Maybe Merry but Mayday seems merrier.

“Perhaps its just as well that you
won’t be here…to be offended by the
sight of our May Day celebrations.”
–Lord Summerisle to Sgt. Howie
from “The Wicker Man”

Merry Hill =
Robin Hood RnB club. #1 = Music Club that your author bar-tended, and performed at, situated
In the Black Country, England. 1995-9.

Robert Graves’ book “The White Goddess” about Mayday celebrations and poetic myth was an inspiration for this writing, updated from last year.
I mix first person ranting about shopping mall culture with an invetigation into the complex of Origins of both the phrases’ Merry Hill and Robin Hood.


Fly Agaric 23. Acrillic


Whistling MAYDAY from the mouth for the month of Maia
Here Comes Everysummer.
111 raven’s flying overhead,
72 hare’s running ahead and 24 hound-dogs at my side
Gills in my neck flapping like collars in the cold wind
Red sack of sack-red herbs looping around my waist,
A copy of FW in my hemp wallet and a tongue of crystal glass
Steaming like hot bull shit.

I come to the Merry Hill center to sing MAYDAY
ODE to the trees’ To re-ignite the ancients haze joint.
New dialogue between Merry poets. A Merry games.
With a crown of thorns, Ash, elder berry, Beach,
Oak, Willow, Silver Birch, Rowan Berry, framed by
A thousand and one leaves to dream on
Christmas is MERRY.

Sacred Rites of Marriage at Merry Hill shopping center
Between Mary Magdalene and Robin Red-Hood mythos. REmixed by fly.
A shopping center that robs the poor to feed the rich.
Once a Greek mountain nymph, of seven sisters of Pleiades
In 2008 a complex consumer POP hell. For private interest.
Its stolen teeth even bite the ROBIN HOOD fairy tale,
And switch it around.
I don’t know how the people stand it,
But i guess they do.

Now, Oak and Thunder God. Krackakakakakakako
Apollo Electricity LTD. Skysoft Blootooth of the GODZ.
Divine toads with their chemical odes
Contained inside HOLY serum. On their backs.
And the proof is probably in the pudding, some say.
Show off some flowers and invoke old Annamary-Belle-Jane.
Summer has come again. Write on with the light of the sun
Turned Up. Have a Baal.

The secret of the new name. Krukukukukukukukuku.
Guarded from SATANS shopping Corporation by a few handy Bards.
MAYDAY shall be protected from retail and hijacksuits.
Summer will bloom and the light will define our gaze.
Eternally yours–Mayfly.
MAYDAY MAYDAY. Protect your market place. Self and soul.
Become the media, gather your tongues.
Gather flowers, build maypoles.
Make LOVE in the forrest.
Concrete hot JUNGLE LOVE.

Strike the alphabet with a pitch fork, find Alpha tone.
Loud Thunder. LOUDER. the cry of
Maid Mary Hill buried deep beneath all the shops and glass.
Guarded by the Mad Dogs of Hell (the news press)
And they’re mad barking of coercion and control (Madvertizing).
Celtic Bards of light–BEL, or Beli
Can you hear the voice of a real Beltrane

Ms. Mary Hill starts digging from beneath the earth
Every nail torn off this upper-class hooker,
The bards only true love.
She breaks through the marble floor of the shopping mall
The UV Light pouring on her.
“I am the light shining in the darkness.
I am the sun shining all the time
Death is just a shifting shadow.
I am the light shining all the time.” she sang out
With total Sinceritas

Ackrillika was then boiled in a pot and eaten by titans
Mayday is merrier than Christmas. To be Roodmas.
Mayday maybe MORE HOLY than JESUS Birthmay. Bee.
Ushering in the 5th month. The Month of Maia.
Mayday play involves sex drugs and ******* in the streets.
I’ll crack thy bones in our lady’s name from the inside.
Lady Dayanna!
DAMNBIGUATION. So let us play.

Torn up by the Dogs of Merry Hell, light shades. Dimmers.
To deceive and to make untruth of all word-terms.
The consumer meanwhile like a wild animal.
A rabid Desire to have more. Hooked as Cocomassage.
Have compassion for sheeple hounded by dogs.

Mayday Mayday!
Who’ll hunt the wren? cries Robin Bobbin.
Merry Christmas 7 days a week, 360 days a year.
Love Jesus and go shopping with Merry Magdalene?
For Christz sake.

This Mad merry riddle goes ’Merry Mad Maudy in minutes.
Maid “maud” Marian, Mary Magdalene painted by Duh Vine See?
I dunno…
Mary Mary quite Contrary, maybe Frank Zappa knows best?
Mary Gipsy the May bride, a may tree cult, may bee cult!
A bee quilt. A quilting bee. Stung Nick Cage as a cop
Kindle the great Bel-fires on the tops
Of the nearest beacon hill.
Hollywood running off with the flowers again?

A knew Mary Merry Celtic Cult of craftswomen and men,
Dancing through trouble-doors these troubadours sing
“Mad Merry Mary, the most poorly recorded, yet ill-reputed
Of the disciples/hookers of Robin Hod.
Carry me Lady Day to your sisters and back.
Maid Marian and her Merry Mary cult. Moistly perfumed as newcaliptush.

Maud Marian the market lady of Misrule,
Who went over to the dark side with the evil sheriff Knottingbacon.
Deserting Robin for his rival. Super-Grass.
Selling out to the big Merry Corporate Gangsters
And the evil Merry Sheriff. Selling INN/ INN FACTO.
To live life without security is a life not worth living
Was the motto of these cannibullshitters.

Mary Merry Mad Maude paired off with Merddin (MERLIN)
And became christianized as a male Robin Hood.
Merry Mary Mad England, engrossed with MARY worship.
Mary Hill seems a kind of corporate Mary Hell,
A place where aggressive corporate dogs pull your mind apart,
Displaying jewels, drugs and every kind of must-have product
All the most popular, slick, stylish, hell-brands.
We must jump through the flames naked. No Bags. No product. NO LOGOS?
Operate your own Nervous system better. Write?

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll & SEX in the streets.
Mayday Mayday. BELL TANG. And LOVE. THE Essential GLUE! LOVE and MERRY Making.
Merry Hill means an unholy marriage to me horse sense and carriage.
Unholy alliance between no-local private interests.
Church State pact from 1776 bewitched me in the Adam’s letters.
I fli-tunes on the Lapwing singing down the walls of Cherry Coke.
The dogs of Merry Hell foaming over their fangs
Pulling Santa’s Merry sleigh with a lurching gait
All the way to Mad Merry Bank next to the Mad Merry
Law Courts. Now excommunicated by a magic spell.
LAW CAUGHT by a long pink psychoactive TOAD TONGUE.
———————- [Razz]

A Merry meat market disco bars seem full of young
Virgin Mary’s made up like barbie to more-probably meet
A cool Joseph and then sizzle down to have
A little baby Jesus together.
Soon to become another stylish Merry child
Sitting on Satan’s Lap at Merry Hill.
Satan = opposite of SANTA.
Ask any Jesuspect Christereotype face!

Merry Christmas and Merry May Day celebrations
Everyday, all day. Shopping MALL as house of GOD
At Christmas. No TIE shops at the Church?
The comodification of the old market festival by dumbdumbs.
And the old merry pagan rites revived by bardic chimney sweeps
Now made many timx merrier by feasting and dance.
Revived here in this queer tale better grokked over a beer;
A sword dance. Music and milk maids.
That loverly merry sherry ferry to another state of con.

Thousands of Jobs working for the sheriff of Mad Mary Hood
I have done Merry work for slave wages over their years,
I have paid my dues to the Merry Hill project,
But what has it done for me, my friends, my family?
Semantical and metaphysical hijacking in progress.
Show fertility and sexuality. All tones, colors and voices.
A hero?

So now, Robin Hood as i fry galactic fighting wars with alphabets. fighting wars. Fighting. Walls.
No but’s and if’s or maybe’s.
So hump the entire night in the forest, dance, love, sing.
Be Merry in the face of the dark Tele.

Targeting the young, the vulnerable
The lower middle-class the fundamentalist patriot.
God, Fast food, fast closed circuit CCTV monitors, liberty and sales.
Like Merry Spies hidden up in the sherwood trees, EYE of law
Looking down at the Merry shoppers
Making sure nobody can ever really recreate the
Real and true Mary rites at the Mad Merry Hill.
The is hardly any soil to put in a maypole for example.
BARDS, Start bringing back boughs of flowers and garlands
Decorate the village of a loved ones face with stars and milk.

It was the pits at our local shopping and
Brain soaping center up until 17 years ago when
I-fli-book went and got myself a flash TOAD TONGUE.
——————– [Razz]

A child of 16 years young, with a new song.
Triggered the beginning of this reclamation of Merry Hill and all HELL.
And the NEW revolutionary Merry rites of Passage into adulthood,
I ingested about 3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and
Walked through the Merry Hill Project chanting incantations
And sacred hyms to Mary, my Mary, Mad MarYen.
And of course. Anna Livia Plurabelle.
As i tripped balls in a corporate coercion theme park.
Became an overnight Bard.
Defender of truth, word, liberty, individual stuff
And the damn freedom to grow your own puff.


“Perhaps its just as well that you
won’t be here…to be offended by the
sight of our May Day celebrations.”
–Lord Summerisle to Sgt. Howie
from “The Wicker Man”

“The old Celtic name for May Day is Beltane (in its most
popular Anglicized form), which is derived from the Irish Gaelic
“Bealtaine” or the Scottish Gaelic “Bealtuinn”, meaning “Bel-
fire”, the fire of the Celtic god of light (Bel, Beli or
Belinus). He, in turn, may be traced to the Middle Eastern god
Baal. —