Panorawma for Robert Anton Wilson (2013)

Panorawma(for Robert Anton Wilson)handcrafted studyin every direction:Robert Anton Wilson’s 360digital artefacts nowfly thru a CHU space, hand drawn appliancesof raw sciencesfresh crafted platforms state-of-the-art in houseto look around use fingers gyroscope, arrows or mousevisit Washington cash spillilluminate, cool offcook listen wash-up go to pot or grill, open calendoor playback answermachineto zoom: pinch or use the … Continue reading Panorawma for Robert Anton Wilson (2013)

Itza Chichen

Itza Chichen by Steven ‘fly’ Pratt ... that a Hawk, a Condor a vulture capitalist encircling the stone Temple? Kukulkan we come in a good morning Solstice sun casts 9 serpent shadows back down the Pyramid nose of feathered serpent: Quetzalcoatl in Chinese dragon year of 2012, tick-tick & galactic alignment, Ahowl! 21st of Pope … Continue reading Itza Chichen