Hoggers of the harvest

Hoggers of the harvest
by Steven James Pratt

“and they have broken my house” Ez, Canto LXXVI

House of supreme court and
whitechapel packed since 1776?

1970’s U.S. Gov. policy trending
deregulation to bait business
less oversight
less disclosure of                       information
about banks and other                financial

thus, policymakers blind to
                 gangster role played by
financial inst. investment banks
                                        hedge funds and some gov.
funded enterprises
         a.k.a the SHADOW
                 banking system

October 82’ U.S. President Ronald
                                  ‘star wars’ Reagan signed into law
 the Garn–St. Germain Depository
                               Institutions Act

sleazy adjustable-rate
                (mort)gage loans death pacts
the slithering process of banking
deregu’ proceeeds
92’ Euro-members sign
                                        mass-tricked treaty

97′ Alan Greenspan fought to keep the
                    derivatives market unregulated
Nov. 99’ U.S. President ‘Wild’ Bill Clinton
signed into law the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
                                     more loop holes for dereg’

01’Off-balance sheet entities
invoked by Enron as part of the
                                       rabid scandal

03’ Warren Buffett on derivatives:
                                 “financial weapons of mass
Augustus Gloop is stuffing his

And if a few bankers and financiers
were jailed we would all be
                                 better off now?

04’ U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission relaxed
the net capital rule and the shit
                                flowed into the mortgage nappy

06’ housing froth and bubble burst
                               in dung-bloom burst cycle peak
values of securities hand-cuffed to
                                                 US real estate
                                                    like pennies

Fannie Mae and co. stroll on…
                                       predatory lending and/or
mortgage fraud,

Gov and central banks
                    react with fiscal stimulus, an iron fist
further funny-money policy buffering
           and institutional bailouts or
                                                   jail outs.

07’ August 7
                   BNP Paribas Netherlands
liquidates in financial bone marrow cancer

08’ U.S Total over-the-counter
(OTC) derivative
notional value rose to $683 trillion
                                          hell, a bit O.T.T mate?

2008’ U.S financial crime wave
                                       Bang! 08-13 global financial crisis
                 Boom! European sovereign debt crisis
                                              crisis crisis  for the love of Isis
what of barley, rice, cotton, tax free?

can we have balance and neutrality
in all courts, in ANY courts?
is their a truly honest judge
                          anywhere on this planet earth?

and dullards CasaPound hijack a turtle
                                     and a good poets worst
ever mistakes

08’ The U.S. Senate’s
Levin–Coburn Report sez
crisis was the result of:
                             “high risk, complex
financial products
                       undisclosed conflicts of interest
                               the failure of regulators
the credit rating agencies
                            and the market itself to rein
in the excesses of
Wall Street”

Greedy sneaky double crossing
                                 fraud and conspiracy to commit robbery
     were not considered seriously
in 08’?

                                                    Hanging from a cemetery door:
                          TO BIG TO FAIL
                                                   TO BIG TO JAIL.

Several major financial institutions
                           collapsed in Sept’08
                                         global recession, we taste
                             the great credit

                                 number of U.S unemployed
rose from approx. 7 million in 08
to 15 million by 09’

                             and if a few bankers and financiers and ministers
were jailed we would all have been
                                              better off by now?

yet the richest
                               criminals run wild and free
buy footballs teams, industry and
                                   daytime TV
all to raise the price of

09’ Another G20 summit
                                      the great new long lesser global recession
kicks in
              ministers only appear at night

In Ireland unemployment rose from 4%
06 to 14% 10′
the national
budget went from surplus in 07’
to a deficit of 32% GDP in 10’
                                        the highest in the history of Eurozone
                                                 control of the outlets?

                                  According to the CIA World Factbook
from 2010 to 2011 the unemployment rates
in Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal,
and the UK increased
                                   and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

11’ financial crisis inquiry
                          committee found that…
over the past 30-plus years
we permitted growth of
shadow banking system – opaque
and laden with short term
                                      debt – that rivaled the size
            of the trad. banking system.

         “criminals have no intellectual interests?” Ez, LXXVI

who knew the multitrillion-dollar
                                  repo lending market?
off-balance-sheet entities? and
                           abuses of over-the-counter
                derivatives were hidden from view
                                                        who Who WHO?

The crisis was avoidable
                                  disinformation ops on behalf of
international finance capitalism

like giving bunk directions to an
                                  elderly blind tourist

mass protest movements
responding to crime wave
with peaceful alternatives, some
                               riots and open revolts bloom

12’ By the end of 11’
            Germany was estimated to have
made more than €9 billion
out of the crisis
                           investors flocked like vultures to safer
but near zero interest rate German
                                     federal gov. bonds, binds, bundles, bunds, punds

12’ July, the
Netherlands Austria
Finland benefit from
                                                zero or negative interest rates
may the reader pause for reflection

                                          the debt crisis crime wave forced
5 out of 17 Eurozone countries
                to seek help from other nations
by Dec. 12’
                                        and no such thing as public opinion

16 Dec. 2010
the Euro Council agreed
a two line cocaine fuelled amendment to the
                                                  EU Lisbon Treaty to allow a
permanent bail-out
                              mechanism to be established
                                  by political chicanery

the Euro Stability Mechanism (ESM)
is a permanent rescue funding
                                  programme to suck seed
the temporary Euro’ Financial
         Stability Facility
              and the Euro’ Financial Stabilisation Mechanism
July 12’

but postponed… until
after the Federal Constitutional Court
of Germany had confirmed
                                          legality of the
measures 12 Sept’ 2012
                               dragons snort rolling in pools of gold coin

London excluded from
future financial regulations
including proposed EU financial
transaction tax
                            and crime minster Cameron juggles
his nukes
           who tried to buy peace with money?

26 countries had agreed to the plan
leaving U.K as only
                         country not willing
to join.

in case of economic shocks
policy makers try to improve
by depreciating the currency
                       as currently in Iceland
which beat-off the biggest financial
crisis in economic history

                                           13’ China, India, and Iran
with sluggish growth
some drone attacks and
                 terrorism have NOT entered

however eurozone countries
cannot devalue their
                                        as Silvio Gessel and C. H. Douglas
and Ez might suggest

this may nip usury in the bud
         and present a new solution to
                                                      boom bust cycles
                              derivatives and crimes against nature
                                                          crimes against humanity

“A system which becomes in practice merely another hidden and irresponsible tyranny is no better than any other gang of instigators to theft and oppression—Ez, the proof of the pudding. 1937.

–Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23) 25-28 May 2013.

Quotes from Ezra Pound Guide To Kulchur

I am currently reading Ez’s guide again and find it very stimulating with great ball of genius striking in the direction of the 2008-2013 global recession, music, painting, sculture and poetry. –Steve fly

Full text at Scribd.

Quotes from…




“To put it another way: it does not matter a two-penny damn whether you load up your memory with the chronological sequence of what has happened, or the names of protagonists, or authors of books, or generals and leading political spouters, so long as you understand the process now going on, or the processes biological, social, economic now going on, enveloping you as an individual, in a social order, and quite unlikely to be very “new” in themselves however fresh or stale to the participant.”

“I suggest that finer and future critics of art will be able to tell from the quality of a painting the degree of tolerance or intolerance of usury extant in the age and milieu that produced it… That perhaps is the first clue the reader has had that these are notes for a totalitarian treatise and that I am in fact considering the New Learning or the New Paideuma… not simply abridging extant encyclopedias or condensing two dozen more detailed volumes… May I suggest (not to prove anything, but perhaps to open the reader’s thought) that I have a certain real knowledge which wd. enable me to tell a Goya from a Velasquez, a Velasquez from an Ambrogio Praedis, a Praedis from an Ingres or a Moreau…”

“Ideogram is essential to the exposition of certain kinds of thought. Greek philosophy was mostly a mere splitting, an impoverishment of understanding, though it ultimately led to the development of particular sciences. Socrates a distinguished gas-bag in comparison with Confucius and Mencius… At any rate, I need ideogram. I mean I need it for my own job…”

“Usura rusteth the chisel It rusteth the craft and the craftsman It gnaweth the thread in the loom None learneth to weave gold in her pattern; Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered Emerald findeth no Memling… Usura slayeth the child in the womb”

“Dante uses che sanno in his passage on Aristotle in limbo. He uses intendendo for the angels moving the third heaven… Our Teutonic friend, what’s his name (Vossler is it?), talks about schwankenden Terminologie des Cavalcanti’s. I believe because he hasn’t examined it. Till proof to the contrary overwhelms me, I shall hold that our mediaevals took much more care of their terms than the greeks of the decadence.”

“This book is not written for the over-fed. It is written for men who have not been able to afford a university education or for young men, whether or not threatened with universities, who want to know more at the age of fifty than I know today, and whom I might conceivably aid to that object.”


Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

It just struck me that maybe the recent solar flare activity might be partially responsible for the freak weather conditions, and tornados in particular.

What are the connections, if any, between solar flares and weather on earth. Is there any evidence to suggest that in the future, rather than putting all the efforts into worrying about radio and communications interfearence on earth after a large solar flare, having the foresight to warm or prepare for freak weather, tornados and wind storms in particular?

Maybe it was Solar Flare M3.2 of May 17th 2013?

Finnegans Wake in the Bronx by John J. Healey (Huffington Post)

Finnegans Wake in the Bronx

Posted: 05/15/2013 7:00 pm


“I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face: it was so near to me, and her arms were round me, and she sang to me.” George Eliot from Daniel Deronda

In our Highbridge apartment in the Bronx there were hardly any bookshelves to speak of. My father liked to read but I don’t ever recall him lost between the pages of anything more complicated or literary than the novels of John O’Hara. My older brothers, to the best of my knowledge, only read what they were assigned in school. My sister, closest to me in age and who now reads more than all of us put together, was a good Catholic girl devoted to Nancy Drew. My early tastes were wed to Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Robinson Crusoe and Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki. My father was a Congressman and these books were sent to me by his secretary in Washington from the Library of Congress, and the act of reading has been something special ever since.

But one of the few books in our library, if you could call it that, a line of volumes unable to fill a lone shelf in the living room partly hidden behind an easy chair, was a first American edition of Finnegans Wake published by Viking in 1945. I remember looking at it out of curiosity, knowing nothing at all about Joyce, when I was eight or nine-years-old. It stood out from the other books adorned with more romantic covers and titles. And I remember leafing through it, lying on the floor, and finding it absolutely nonsensical.

A mystery I’ve never been able to solve is how did it get there? Who bought it? Who might possibly have tried to read it in that household? The only person I can think of is my mother. She had gone to college in an era when not all that many women did. But I knew nothing then, and to this day know nothing about her literary tastes.

In my adolescence and early twenties I used the Wake as a prop, often successfully, with which to impress people. It was only later, as a challenge to myself, living up in the mountains south of Granada, Spain that I forced myself to get through it with the help of auxiliary texts. I have never regretted it. It is still my opinion that the last pages of Finnegans Wake are among the most beautiful ever written in the English language.

It took seventeen years to finish, has a circular form – the last sentence is continued by the first – and it employs a repetitive, Giambatista Vico inspired, four-stages-of-history notion. Many believe it was written to be read aloud. Joyce spoke seven languages and had a working knowledge of eleven more, all of which he employed to create pun-compacted words whose manifest meanings are often only clear thanks to a phonetic similarity to their closest English equivalents.

Joyce once described Ulysses as his book of the day and Finnegans Wake his book of the night, written in ‘dream-speak.’ It is for this reason that much of it is, frankly, and famously, unintelligible. But in a gratifying concession to linearity, its language does become somewhat clearer towards its ‘end.’ As it wakes up, regaining consciousness, repression exerts its editorial function and the language pulls itself together. As in Ulysses, it is the book’s main female protagonist, in this case Anna Livia Plurabelle, who brings the tale to its conclusion, its ‘fin-again’, before it begins anew.

Did my mother buy this book? Perhaps someone gave it to her as a gift? It was not inscribed until I put my own name in it when I turned twenty. It is one of the few objects from my childhood I’ve managed to keep. I suppose ascribing its presence in the Bronx to my mother has been part of an idiosyncratic campaign to create the sort of parent I wish to remember having. It’s as if, being the youngest and oddest one in my family, and given her early demise with so few real memories of her, I have tried retrospectively to fashion an ally.
Like all of the characters in Finnegans Wake Anna undergoes many transformations. In the magisterial final pages she becomes the River Liffey that runs through Dublin just before it empties into the Irish Sea. The four stage cycle in play here is that of rivers in general which start in the highlands, flow down and out to sea where they mix with the ocean’s salt, and then rise up as mist into clouds that are blown back over the land where the moisture condenses and falls as rain seeping into the earth again to make its way back to the river’s source. Anna speaks in a tone of regret, a tone of remorse and nostalgia, mourning the past, an Irish tone if ever there was one. But it is a most appropriate tone well paired to a beautiful definition once annunciated by the late Joseph Campbell:

‘Modern romance, like Greek tragedy, celebrates the mystery of dismemberment, which is life in time. The happy ending is justly scorned as a misrepresentation; for the world, as we know it, as we have seen it, yields but one ending; death, disintegration, dismemberment, and the crucifixion of our heart with the passing of the forms that we have loved.’

This also brings to mind the haunting words spoken in the Hebrew service when sitting Shiva: “A final separation awaits every relationship, no matter how tender. Someday we shall have to drop every object to which our hands now cling.”
Ergo, ‘Live Life and be Merry’…

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Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity (and the tale of the tribe)

Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity: An Evening with Robert Anton Wilson

“Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was the author (along with Robert Shea) of the popular Illuminatus! trilogy, which won the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for science fiction in 1986. His other books have found great acclaim as well, many of them achieving “cult classic” status. Wilson has been described at various times throughout his life as a novelist, philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist, civil libertarian and agnostic mystic.

In this video from the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in 1987, Wilson treats the audience to a humorous and irreverent talk about everything from the state of world politics to a discussion on metaphysics, chemistry, and the nature of reality.–http://www.libertarianism.org/media/video-collection/politicians-peptides-stupidity-evening-robert-anton-wilson

Art and money, how?

Art and Money?

How is it, who issues it
creative and yet counterfeit
for nothing

a second look
double take
the time space
inversion with

empty things in time space
filled with space time
what do you call it
money or art?

which technical abilities
aesthetic reflections
information content and

in economics
the painted euro
fabricated pound
sculptured dollar
projected bit

coin from paper to
data and back to the newest
paper cash

mini illustrated notes
of limited beauty
money as counterfeit art
art as counterfeit

draw you notes now
to Elmyr and twenty Bob
what’s unique and rare art

what value system is held
in s/place my numbers
5, 10, 20, 50, 100
limited proportions
artistic value

Art & money raise
what is money,
who issues it

Steve ‘Fly’ Pratt

Police Horse Blues

Police Horse Blues by Steve Fly

I woke up one morning

with a horse in my bed

after a hard nights work

this is what she said:

I don’t wanna work for those police no more

Oh no, i just don’t wanna do it

I wanna roam in the lush fileds and grass

not bust up unions for Norman Tebbit

So i brushed up my horse

and took her round’ the course

she ran like the wind

and then she said at the end

I don’t wanna work for the Police no more

they just treat me like a pig

i don’t belong in the city at all anymore baby

like a bear don’t belong in a wig


Then the cops came and got her

carted her off with their trotter

now she’s back on the beat

stompin’ heads with shoes on her feet

Oh lord, that horse don’t wanna work for the police no more

that horse just wants to run free

if it was up to me honey

I’d free dogs from the clutches too,

let em’ all be.

–Steve fly
Amsterdam. Wednesday 15th May.

Inspired by seeing two police horses foaming at mouth while on my way home from work today. Poor bastards, i thought.