just a few things that wus’ running through my heeed

Preservation of the self

to jump ship
and join the self
preservation society
resist creeping humility
the others
the 7 billion or so
others here on planet earth
kill or be killed
no its program or be
programmed and so
both and more
all for your genes the pool
they happen to come from
did you ask to be born
to the genetic and class
you ended up in?
the elite and the high brow
looking down from top dog spot
moral superiority to go with
privilage and invisible righteousness
those who are stupid
and damn sure
stupid and certain
those know-it-all

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Giordano Bruno "On Magic" year-1588- read by Joe Kiernan

Published on Aug 25, 2014
This is one of Bruno’s great book’s on magic, dealing with “bonding in general.” Couliano characterizes it as “one of those little-known works whose importance in the history of ideas far outstrips that of more famous ones.” It explains how the masses can be manipulated with psychological and magical bonds, and how one can escape these snares.

Mark pesce – VR4 The People – Fact & Friction (Video Lecture)

Published on Apr 29, 2015
In 25 years, VR has gone from being uncomfortable, unwieldy, and expensive, to uncomfortable, unwieldy and everywhere. How do we avoid repeating the same mistakes that plagued Nintendo, Sega and VR generally? Have we learned anything? Can we listen to our bodies when we design for virtuality? And where is this all going? Mark Pesce, the co-inventor of VRML, brings all his years of experience to the topic – from the very beginnings of VR to tomorrow’s live broadcasts.

Slides can be found at http://markpesce.com/VR4ThePeople/

Waywords and Meansigns: Recreating Finnegans Wake [in its whole wholume]


Recreating Finnegans Wake [in its whole wholume]

Published May 4, 1939
Track listing:
Finnegans Wake is organized into four books. Roman numerals indicate the book, Indo-Arabic numerals indicate the chapter within that book. Chapter names are italicized, followed by the names of musicians. Finnegans Wake is circular, so you can start listening wherever. Mariana Lanari and Sjoerd Leijten suggest beginning with Book IV. To locate a particular passages of the text, use http://www.trentu.ca/faculty/jjoyce/ and http://fweet.org/

I.1 – Fall, pp. 3-29 – Mariana Lanari & Sjoerd Leijten, with Erik Bindervoet

I.2 – The Humphriad I: His Agnomen and Reputation, pp. 30-47 – Robert Amos; Chelidon Frame; Alan Ó Raghallaigh

I.3 – The Humphriad II: His Trial and Incarceration, pp 48-74 – Greg Nahabedian

I.4 – The Humphriad III – His Demise and Resurrection, pp. 75-103 – Un monton, torero; with Charlie Driker-Ohren & Walker Storz 

I.5 – The Mamafesta, pp. 104-25 – Tim Carbone 

I.6 – Riddles: The Personages of the Manifesto, pp. 126-68 – Kevin Spenst

I.7 – Shem the Penman, pp. 169-216 – Belorusia

I.8 – Anna Livia, pp. 196-59 – Dérive

II.1 – The Children’s Hour, pp. 216-59 – Street Kids Named Desire; with Derek Pyle, Parker McQueeney, Zach Leavitt & Samuel Nordli

II.2 – The Studies, pp. 260-308 – Liz Longo & Izzy Longo, with Leo Traversa

II.3 – The Stories: Tavernry in Feast, pp. 309-82 – Hayden Chisholm

II.4 – Mamalujo, pp. 383-99 – Ryan Mihaly

III.1 – Shaun before the People, pp. 403-28 – Gareth Flowers

III.2 – Jaun before St. Bride’s, pp. 428-73 – Steve Fly, with William Sutton

III.3 – Yawn under Inquest, pp. 474-554 – Peter Quadrino, Jake Reading & Evan James

III.4 – Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker and Anna Livia Plurabelle: Their Bed of Trial, pp. 555-590 – Graziano Galati

IV.1 – Dawn: Return to the Beginning, pp. 593-628 – Mariana Lanari & Sjoerd Leijten; with Eloísa Ejarque, Grace Kyne-Lilley, & Erik Bindervoet.

Additional track credits:
Track 1: Produced and performed by Mariana Lanari and Sjoerd Leijten, with special thanks to guests reader Erik Bindervoet (pp.13-18, pp. 21-24).
Track 2: Robert Amos recorded by Robert Martin.
Track 3: Keyboards, Voice, Guitar, Bass, and Drums by Greg Nahabedian. Recorded and mixed by Greg Nahabedian and Paul Schmelz. 
Track 5: Tim Carbone (fiddle, guitar, drone, tan, keyboards, samples), Andy Goessling (zither), Phil Ferlino (piano). Recorded by Tim Carbone and mixed by Don Sternaker and Tim Carbone. 
Track 6: Background arrangement by Josh Pitre, featuring a Stravinsky circus polka and two ragtime pieces
Track 8: Dérive is Greg Nahabedian (keyboard, voice), Paul Schmelz (guitar, voice, keyboard), Noah Jacques (bass, voice), Paul DeGrandpre (drums, voice). Recorded by Paul Schmelz. Mixed by Dérive and Paul Schmelz.
Track 9: Recorded by Derek Pyle and Zach Leavitt. Sound collage by Derek Pyle, featuring many of the musical allusions found in Joyce’s text. With Derek Pyle (bass, voice), Parker McQueeney (piano, voice), Samuel Nordli (mandolin, violin, and viola) and Zach Leavitt (guitar, bass, voice).
Track 10: Leo Traversa on bass. Recording by Taylor Roig. 
Track 11: Recorded by Robert Nacken at Nucamusic Studios in Cologne and by Hayden Chisholm in the Moers Residence house, and at Sant Vicenc beach in Mallorca
Track 14: William Sutton reads pp. 429-42 469-73; Steven ‘Fly’ Pratt reads pp. 443-68. Drums, turntables, guitar, arrangement, production, recording in Amsterdam by Steve Fly. Mastered by Tim Egmond at Ei-Complex Studios, Amsterdam.
Track 15: Produced by Jake Reading & Peter Quadrino. Executive producer: Evan James. Recorded and mixed by Jake Reading at Casa de Feelgood. Additional vocals by Evan James and Melba Martinez. 
Track 17: Produced and performed by Mariana Lanari and Sjoerd Leijten, with special thanks to guests readers Eloísa Ejarque (pp. 610-612), Grace Kyne-Lilley (pp. 613-615), and Erik Bindervoet (pp. 13-18, pp. 21-24).

Derek’s acknowledgments: 
Waywords and Meansigns would not be possible without the support of many people. Like the Joycean maxim says: Here Comes Everybody. Thanks to the fwread listserv, especially Peter Quadrino, Peter Chrisp, Roman Tsivkin, as well as Adam Harvey and Mariana Lanari; your collective knowledge of Joyce is astounding. Marie Broadway, Jake Tozer, Sam Nordli, and Emma Pampanin co-hosted the Finnegans Wake parties that inspired this project. Zach Leavitt and Chelsea Westra co-hosted the parties of the future. Elaine Thomas, Dylan Muhlberg, the Amherst Irish Association, Jacqui Wise, Krzysztof Bartnicki, Mike Moran, Mike Medeiros, Jason Gross, Rebecca Hanssens-Reed, Billy Mills, and the James Joyce Gazette played pivotal roles spreading the word about this project, through press coverage and otherwise. Thanks to Mackenzie Libbey, and Michael Robbins, for their support throughout. Thanks to L. Brown Kennedy and Annie G. Rogers for first introducing me to Joyce. Special thanks to Mark Traynor and the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, and to Robert Berry. 

Infinite thanks to the project contributors, and all who channel the spirit of James Joyce.

Run time 31 hours, 8 minutes, 11 seconds
Language und