‘The Eternal Festival Of Memory’ for Mick Wood and Cookie

Fly: Selected Poetry 1997-2017
by Steven Pratt
Link: http://a.co/gQLhF34

The Eternal Festival Of Memory

The sun smiles over the Mary Evens park
bursting through the luminous emerald tree tops
catching soap bubbles with purple green
no sunglasses or cell phones in sight
all eyes are awake naked
larger than the grey moon peeking on
parkwind blows my view
in a psychedelic rainbow swirl
the musicians swoop down from the air
landing on the stage together, folding their wings
Mick picks up his bass and swings it around
his shoulder in one magic movement
spinning on a diamond encrusted high heel
now facing the crowd with a strategic
frown his beautiful intricate hand made earring
catches the sun and time slows down

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Robert Anton Wilson & Steven ‘fly’ Pratt: A Serial Killer In The Whitehouse


A teaser from my full audio interview with Dr Robert Anton Wilson, recorded at his humble home in Capitola/Live Oak/Santa Cruz, California (looking out over the Monterey Bay).
This recording was rediscovered in a jumble-bunch of mini discs–if you can remember that flash-in-the-pan format–only last week. I made my first round of rough chapter edits, and here is part 6 out of 32.
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