Lil’ Monster Robbers

Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues
by Mr Steven James Pratt

Lil’ Monster Robbers.

…looking for clues in the digital ash
and piles of dust
our stuff!

annihilation in the Brexitrump fires
i fly backdraft through a series of
disasters, or robberies
this is my victim report

first, robbed by the creepy technology
the cameras and hidden microphones
the advanced surveillance equipment,
that robbed us of what remained of our
privacy, and made it publicity


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Salon, The Independent
and Fox News say $250.000
I say 23
we got this, who’s in?

2,300 5 x Jetcat Engine’s – 11,500
R & D  (friendly rates) – 4000
Suite and fancy boots – 3000
Good helmet – 2000
3D Printed Jet Housing (open cog support) – 1000
Film Crew (plus volunteer) – 500
Total = 23, 000

Reports whizz around the internet
about probable disruption
to airlines and flights
after Brexit, here’s one solution:

Flyting: Selected Writings by Steven James Pratt
Flyting: Selected Writings
by Steven James Pratt

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