Brexit Paper


#PassportToBrexit #Brexitpaper #BrexitPoems


urgent deal and secret
classifried brexit
bigpig mouth Cameron
wipes lips
of Banks and Bannon

and Farage
before his own, with Alex Jones
wet wipes
paper shelved, again

brexit green paper
hemp paper rolling…




Art Intervention #1 “War Pigs”

A greased pig in a thong. Yes, you heard me. I propose a nice fat pig, fitted with a stylish but small, almost a micro….thong. Together with the words ‘WAR PIGS’ stencilled onto each side of the little bristly critter. Next, I propose we get a small van and the said pig, grease it up, and trot him/or her, into Dudley Council offices.

To explain myself, this pig represents a number of things. A) David Cameron, who as we all know, is partial to a little porky pig in a poke. B) Black Country Scratchings, famous around the world, something you can make a right pigs ear out of, yet still capitalise on. C) Dichotomy of Capitalism! Pigs and greed, pigs and police, pigs and ignorance, pigs and double standards of animal ‘lovers’ nom nom nom D) Black Sabbath, and the classic song ‘War Pigs’, another commentary on the political love affair with warfare, the military industrial complex.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #2 “Maggot Hatcher”

A maggot disco. Hear me now. A 3D printed deluxe model of a 5 star hotel. Perhaps based on the schematics of the Copthorne Hotel. With at least three separate floors, and stairways leading up and down to maggot disco heaven. Next, add a piece of pork to the 3D printed hotel (see Art Intervention #1). Add endoscopes for each floor, and disco lights, and of course some disco music. Encase the Maggot Disco Hotel in perspex and put on display in Dudley Town centre. The Maggot Hatcher Disco will be broadcasting on-line 24/7, so you can tune in at
Why? Why not, who else will create the world’s first Maggot Disco. Who else cares for the well being of maggots? grow a heart you barbarians. The maggots represent a number of things to me A) Helpless, overlooked creatures, at the mercy of fisherman B) The conservative ideology, with a nod to the M.P for Stourbridge and environs. C) Art, the natural evolution of life, from meat to maggot to fly. D) fly agaric.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #3 “Dudley Fox Hunt”

Who in Dudley would not want to join a Fox hunt around the town centre? But instead of horses I propose ponies, as a nod to the great Vermin Supreme. Ride a painted Pony up castle street and into the Town centre, chasing a Staffordshire bull terrier made up to look like a fox (if you can’t find a real fox)
But why steve? well, a Fox hunt means these different things to me A) The underdog, the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy Tory fox hunter. B) The combination of a treasure hunt, but instead of an Easter egg it’s a Fox you hunt, but, there’s nothing to eat (shrugs) C) Fox scratchings! Yes, why not expand upon the boring simple Pork Scratching, and be brave, introduce Foxies, a new conservative flavour. Fancy dressing up like a fox? want to make a short film? Inbox me. A no badger inquiries please. See Badger Cult.

Save Dudley Hippodrome: Art Intervention #4 “Hippodrone Wallfair”

Let’s create Dudley’s first community mural project on the Hippodrome building. Invite muralists and painters from in and around the borough, and outside the borough, to collaborate, reflect the voice of the community artists, feelings about the state-of-the-arts in Dudley.

Why? who would not agree the current site of the Hippodrome is a eyesore? and so the quickest answer is to paint it? Although I don’t have the physical painting ability myself, I have hundreds of good ideas about content for the mural, for example A) Dudley Zoo animal break out, Elephants crashing through Witherspoon’s and Tesco, large cats roaming the bus shelters, Monkey’s all over the council offices. B) Catapult Castle: images of Dudley castle being demolished by an assortment of objects, catapulted in spectacular fashion, concrete mixers, busses, trucks, hurling through the air toward the castle. C) Dudley in 2023: drones over the Hippodrome. D) Images of Art Interventions, 1,2, 3 and 4.

–Dudley, March, 2018.

Bloom Jamm (July Update)



For more info go here:

: A Finnegans Wake NInjajamm Pack


Steven Fly: Drums, Guitar, Turntable, Samples

Karl Frisby: Bass Guitar

Robert Anton Wilson: Vocals

Tom Grashion: Pack Programming 

Tim Egmond: Sample Assistance

A sneaky funk expedition through jungles, over oceans and across savannahs, with daubs of electronica. A synchronistic Samba of Coincidance. A new tribal soundtrack with a global village stomp to boot. Bloomjamm sucks you into a wonkyworld of audio, like something David Attenborough might hallucinate. Raise the tempo, bring up the sub bass, get the party jumping and your trotters shaking.  

Bloomjamm is an experimental musical investigation into Finnegans Wake. Crafted for a performance and give-away, at the 26th International James Joyce Symposium, Antwerp, on Bloomsday.  

This pack features Robert Anton Wilson reading from Finnegans Wake, and singing the ballad. For more information about BloomJamm and more free download packs by Steve Fly, please visit:

Special thanks to all NinjaJamm heads, Matt, Tom, Aneek. Derek @ Waywords and Meansigns, Rasa @ Hilaritas Press, Karl, and all Joyce and RAW Ninjas worldwide. Jamm on. 

Watching Ducks In A Lake

(More first thought best thought feedback from sitting in the park with a pen)

watching the ducks in the lake

observing older ducks stealing food from young chicks

and a common instinct to share food

at least among their own

ducks seem conservative at times

yet exhibit the instinct to share

Unlike some greedy human ideology based on

gene pool chauvinism competition business


the less common events in the animal kingdom

are captured on film

a mother violently protecting her young

an alpha male taking on another

the extraordinary trumps the usual, the common fact


the anomalies become popularised lies

the loudest rises

the dictator clenches his fist

the cautious sidelined

the thinkers insulted by certainty

only the blind and faithful wave flags

me with the gutter punks, the lowliest of hags


each squark from a chick

like a radar, like a find your friend app

increase in frequency and pitch signals distress

opportunists, and the animal instinct for survival

stealing and deception, a fight for survival

like weasels fighting in a hole


are human no better than animals?

what differentiates the humans from animals?

Prick Pop 18

And 2 hours before the stage collapsed, I had a dream:

Small J Twotson and Kunst Wankula and
Sarghole of Dickwadd, and Loo Yapooloose prepared
to take the Daily Foil stage.
It’s prick pop 18.

A sea of thousands of white faces look out
the occasional dot of brown and black
most dressed in white
teeth gleaming white hands in the air
Waving teutonic symbols on flags

Wankula slithers up onto the stage first
his whisky cheeks bulging with vomit readymade
backstage by Loo.

Next the figure of Dickwad dressed
as the flabby Sultan of smug village with tiny printed
versions of himself badly ironed onto orange shorts

Small Joe was dressed up in full
military uniform, with a few stains around the crotch,
he launched Alex Jonesin’ brand tactical wet wipes
as if he psychically knew what was about to happen next
(stole from John Oliver)

Loo stepped up from behind his hair like a donut
iced with Vanilla drizzle, his shades jiggled around
and in that moment he suddenly resembled
every male teenage idol in western history,
Backstreetzone Biebergun Kelly.

Half the crowd jizzed in synch
catching it with the handy Al Jones wipe.
And the band were yet to start.

The first number was titled “Femministasi”
an all white male chorus of victim-techno
Gammonati music, like
“The PC left stole my kitten called Klaus”
“Where can I stroke my Unicorn now?”

Sarghole got down on his knees near the end of
the tune and drank from Wankula’s
water bottle singing “I suck”

Other notable musical abortions include
“Brokebuck Brexit Stomp”
“She’s a man now”
and “Immigrant Song” a new one
crafted by the four snakes while having tea with
Tubby Rubberneck.

Twotson gave out 14 kilos
of cafeine substitute (called Jonesin) to the crowd
they chomped it up like good little consumers.

Next a special guest appearance
J Peedhimself, doing an impression of Christopher
Lee while singing on the Prick Pop anthem
“Stairway To Oblivious”, a song about a bridge made of kippers
that enables a torrent of frog memes to slop
into the democratic sewer system
and infect humanity with a case of the stupids.

High on Jonesin, the crowd went rampant for Peed
and some pee’d their own pants laughing.
The brave scrambled over the fences to grab
more combat wet wipes and jizz another one off
before the song was over.

But it wasn’t over, for an encore,
out came the oldright all stirs
Morrissey came out, dancing, mumbling,
and fell down on Wankula injuring his forehead.

Rungo Stars came walking out, like an aged hobbit
his drum sticks were red and white.
Ned Poogent scuttled onto stage like a steroid accident,
his anger and smugness only matched
by Ulk Hogoon and Vanilla Ice.

Finally Sid Cock flies down from the roof dressed as missile
he raps on “All you need is hate”
the crowd echo their lines back at them:
“Start hating, start fighting, we need
freedom for our greed, for our greeeeeed’.

The band slowly fizzle out like a booze band
of washed up losers and youtube
celebrity shitbags.

The crowd vomiting and jizzing on each other
trading used wet wipes as souvenirs
the Jonesin formula turned out to be cut
with Pony prostate pills.

The happy fascists stop recording each other
and go home to watch Top Gear

(The line up for Prick Pop 18 includes the band
Clarkson Darkson, Infidel Shannon, Pantsterra
Misses PC, and The Ghost Of Jerry Fallwell.
Speakers include: Stevil Bannon, Nigel Mirrage
Bill The Swill Etherag, and Marine La Poison Pen.)

Get your tickets now, while your bile is still bubbling.
25% Off for Prick Pop Klan members.