Follow The River Flow

working class poor

billions doe want war

a few damn rich   


not war on the innocent

oligarch hunting

crisis in the mind

little man fuhrer psycho

putin charge to war 


blow skull clean off body

remove warhead  

crimea look

war crime in the ukraine

humanity scream   

hit and missiles

hospital school home

destroy product

weapons business

boom sick profiteering

from god misery     

sunshine turns gaze

away from the destruction

shameless putin rain

isness is illness

solipsists get sloppy

where to quick-stand

white russian war

with red and blue on flag

pale racist tsar 

drill putin head

incept fake love memory

big baby eat

vladimir bond

the man with golden visa

uk love villains      

chemical romance 

how much investment

novichok johnson

grim kreminals 

kgb cia q

cold war freeze

bury all the bombs

swords into plowshares 

new climate army

follow the river

ancient waterway out

flowing to get her

armed to the teeth

full up to the rafters

build-up tension go


patriotic conceit

same blood bath

fight climate death

desoverignize nations

to grow her back

snow will melt

we will meet for river drinks

swimming tears

shelling ocean floor

no limit how low can go

they shell for oil

hi eurasia

europe is not us

don’t involve me

helpless poeting

belief in magic power

psychic war-flare

I would run away

spineless self interested

am i guilty too 

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