“There’s no question we have made progress, so far” said Mr Brick.

“With the second referendum this week we must continue to speak with the European Council to set out our new strategy for marketing Brexit.”

When the interview was completed, Mr Brick said he believed Brexit would now be a success. At least, it would be for him. His lack of compassion for others helped him in his pursuit as a successful businessman and marketing executive.

“ is my baby, the most visited site in the UK this week.”
“Brexit is going to happen, I’m convinced about that” Mr Brick picked his nose. “As long as we don’t stop talking about the economy and the benefits of Brexit to the economy, I think the country is in a decent mood.” He felt great, due to his new batch of happy Monday pills from the generous Dr Benway. Most other people felt like homemade shit.

Mr Brick said he was hopeful about Brexit and that he was confident about the government’s negotiating strategy. Plush said that Mr Brick was “talking out of his arse, as usual, on sales pitch.”

“We had a good meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday, the government was very open, rather positive and ready to listen to me”. Then Mr Brick delivered a curveball, a bent out of shape nonsense “if the government were tried the same way we were, they would have been defeated”. He was pushing for a national nihilism, and a complete rejection of parliamentary authority, so to solve all the problems on the streets in a vigilante-style. Plush called Percy on the blower and burst out with his feelings.

“The next court case on Brexit is going to be brought by the European Union against the UK government. And I’m ready, with more Lawyers than the Church Of Scientology and Trump combined. The European Court Of Justice has declared that the UK government cannot formally Prorogue. And cannot formally leave the EU, and thus must abide by the terms of the EU Treaties, or face the gallows. The UK Gov must abide by those powers which they currently claim to be subject to, rule of law, backed up by Illuminati Lawyers. And so, then, the Supreme Court will find that the UK no longer has a valid entitlement to be a member of anything, and so it will invalidate the entire Brexit deal and force the UK to remain in the EU for the next three hundred years.” Plush was distracted by wasp that seemed to like his face cream more than he did.

“The Prorogation is sham. A far-right coup. A Court of Justice ruling is essentially the same as a Court of Appeal verdict, and a legally enforceable verdict. The UK has until 11th October to put its case to the Court of Appeal that there are no grounds for the UK to be taken out of the EU on the basis of this ruling Court ruling.”

“It seems to me that only one of the remaining ‘sides’ in the 2nd referendum campaign may be willing to actually accept the results of the referendum, and will want to stick with it, as long as the current legal and constitutional arrangements remain and are not torn up by rogue Lawyers, and madmen, and madwomen. In other words, those who want change are likely to be left far less satisfied than those who want the status quo, you know?”

“Kinda, go on,” Percy sat transfixed by this pollylogue from Plush.

“There may always be those that ‘support this or that’ though, as we’ve said in the last couple of days, there is an increasing consensus among the Scottish, and I for one, am with them.”

The court heard the film of the above conversation between Plush and Percy was not “the most appropriate representation of the events of October 2019, and the case was only about the film being screened at the BBC, as opposed to what was shown on the other news channels.

“There are things that do not come up for public enquiry. These were serious matters to be dealt with, arms deals, drug deals, counterintelligence ops, hunting Nazis.” Percy said.

The policeman were stood in the dock, well shaved, suited and trimmed.

“It is important for the court to recognise that even when there are serious cases, people who use cannabis tend to forget what is really happening to them don’t they?

Mr MacKenzie said there were several other events in the programme that were not being dealt with properly due to cannabis use, and the jury found there was no “justifiable reason” for having a hearing in the first place if cannabis was involved.

The BBC argued it was perfectly lawful for it to screen the film of the leaked conversation, or show it in a different way, perhaps caged by animation. The jury were angry that they wasted their time on stoners, and had been tricked into a conversation about cannabis when they were present for an important case about prorogation.