Dear reader, I suspect you might be getting a bit peed off (like the Durex that flew across the room) with this quantum jumping narrative, this topsy turvy plot sprawl, and seemingly unrelated textual incidents? Please, hold tight, and then let go. I’m fine don’t worry about me. We got this. Let me begin.

My name is plush, I’m testing out this new TribeTable Method stuff, which involves cutting up texts like a DJ might cut up records, or juggle beats to make new beats (jiggle-jiggle don’t stop). The beat the beat. I recycle texts from my massive experiment Scratch History, once called, Our Histories Back (2009), and after that titled, Open Source History (2011). Plus, you may find elements from Sixty, another novel project (2011).

To begin to introduce the protagon-discs, we have: Mr Brick, Max, Percy, Joe, Jake, Sally, Richard, the remixed heroes and villains from the 1936 screenplay, and several others. Kick back and let the tables spin. I want to tickle the tongue tapes too. Horizons upon Horizons painted on Mobius strips upon Mobius strips, everywhere and nowhere at once, plus some straight truth. This ain’t all a big joke, it’s all a serious joke.

CUT TO: Giordano Bruno’s image is the centre of a dartboard surrounded by names: Spinoza, Wilhelm Reich, Korzybski, Timothy Leary, Annie Besant, Hegel, Karl Marx, McLuhan, W.B Yeats, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley and Paul Levinson.
CUT TO: Two figures in hats are throwing sets of three darts at once into the board, each player building a memory wheel in their mind.
CUT TO: James Joyce shouts: “BULLSEYE! GAME!”

DeepSixty Synergy (Joe, Richard, Jake and Sal) and mystical TTOTT Unity (Max, Percy and this DJ) played through a slide trombone. Plush paused, and went back to The Job

The finger bone. The bornless one. The Hour glass raised as a toast and set to run out. A toast to the mystery of the Russian dolls, and the infinite flux of Taoist being, the infinities of the large cone in my hand, and to the infinities of the small cone in my other, two ends of an infinity hourglass. My farts are part of the process. Sniff farts, not coke.

The shape of things to come in this slice of hyper-verse, turning fast past to come again, de sitter Horizon, T’hooft-Susskind Hologram, Q-bits and Wilson’s starseed stargate solar Arkestra, mixed in speech patterns, all over this book. However, beware the new physics spook. Symbolic games (alphabets) fall apart with the spirited animation of all things, motion in emotion and the total psychic outpouring of humanity in one rush hour, a super-ego rupture to forfeit the gameplay, this novel, to change the playing field into a sweet-smelling Penrose triangle, and begin the inside-outing things. The flip, great reverse. Maybe afterwards, my lies will seem like true lies, compared with the untrue lies peddled by boards, nations, syndicates and governments?
In addition, this DS system uses the latest in artificial intelligence, naturally, all writers love A.I, as well as sophisticated reinforcement learning, to better understand what game players think and feel when flipping linguistic elephants with their tiny feets. The main feature goes far beyond a simple ‘read the world’ game feature, because it helps you craft a cohesive narrative game engine, which is engaging for players, helping them feel happy. Simply, drop and fun pun and run, you can even make the game more relevant by being able to see when and where you were, say when you last farted a Coldplay classic. I don’t want to do a lot of work to replicate these GPS fart apps, or situations myself, as I’m currently testing the software from Mr Brick. Interactive strangeness and I hope to have further updates coming out soon, in another folder structure know as: WFT IS A.I. ON AY?

It’s happening and god damn it, I think it’s us, we, me? social bleedin’ ya’, the crew’ that never sleeps. Our theory, my theory, your theory is sharing and building and sharing again, creating networks and open environments for benevolent causes. Yes, places where police and snoops are not going to investigate you and demand papers and drug tests before you have a conversation. The secret police and their GPS fart app tech, are like dark matter in a socio-psychic multiverse. I warn you again, some physicists are true villains. I’m pissed off like a willy-warmer, that the real meaning of this ‘A.I.’ concerns how a robot would function as a chess player on acid. First step, get over your own ignorance, second step, as to first, get over other peoples ignorance.

A robot is more than just a simple piece of software, and we are like the DeepSixty sometimes, rogue A.I causing mayhem. Deep scratch to scratch back and pull hearts with Haiku sized, personal growth slogans. Good for physical, and mental health. Big love for an open global village of self-owning ones, and unity between nations, languages, art and tech married with love and love. To work to de-sovereign the whole planet, how Bricky Fuller might have imagined a workable Global Village sharing model for utopia. Guided by tolerance and compassion, help us escape, copy and distribute this book of TribeTable tricks.
Joe awoke in a cold blue cell. Jake was still sleeping sound as a kitten, he even purred. Joe looked out past the bars and had an acid flashback to the blue pencil dream: Old Billy Yeats held a huge bright cone full of stars in one hand, and a blue frosted hourglass, also full of stars, in the other.
“twin cone” he said
“future and past consciousness pilot cones, thought cones, and quantum decoherence equations broadcast by a new sign language through megaphones, wake up Joe, Joe, mate, cephalopods are swimming in yer’ boxer shorts bro” Plush whispered, in an ever stranger dialogue to try and wake Joe.
Search engines and A.I algorithms buzz away until you have a satisfactory ‘scenario universe’, to hop into for a good look around. To find a solution to forest fires, the ice caps melting, the bees dying and insect decline, the global water shortage and defence mechanisms for the psychological weaponry deployed via internet across the planet (disinformation propaganda) Once existent virtual panoramas, and the dream space software system is open-sourced, it will enable multiple renders of the historical information from Deep Scratch, and 3D cad prints, data-analytics, probability functions, speech and voice and video and face replication. Dekkard pours himself another drink, and puts his feet up.
Building historical intelligence software based on some of the more contentious events and weird things in recent history may begin to move outwards from these points, realigning the information and probability of the official story. You know, like based on a true story about what actually happened, lol. Deep scratch is inserting evidence based on feedback from experiential tools, like your eyes, nose, mouth, and/or genitals. Use them all to visit the scenario universe under investigation, stop time, zoom inn, look around, use web search tools. See for yourself some of the events, rebuild history and your relationship to it. Open Source History, Deep Scratch. Non-fiction from fiction brah!
Renders of the information are in graphical readouts, charts, diagrams, probability curves, public information posters, snappy infographics, the full works. Ultra-rendered photographs and ‘as if photographed’ digital map prints, miles to microns in scale, 32K, available in different colours, naturally, contrasts, and groupings, and all geo-tagged out of their mind. Ultra-rendered video, digitally created ‘scenarios’ in moving pictures, built by the now-defunct super computer FUCKUP2. DS software, which was itself based upon all the previous info from the great beast GWB666. Once all the associated renders are loaded to a sufficient capacity, usually taking around 48 hours, (See 1936 Screenplay) the interactive video will begin projecting from the turntables, and now, finally, dear reader the Magick show can commence.

Together with 360-degree paranoia-rama orientation, the whole network becomes linked up. Boom! Everything mapped and measured and ready for instructions by a human pilot. You, my gentle reader. Take the joystick and waggle it. Once up and running the system can operate in real-time, (whatever that is) using live channels. Real-time is becoming a tired and battered term forme, and one which I shall refrain from using again, if I can.

Search engines and A.I algorithms are still buzzing away like flies on a turd, but stand up and fight now, you can turntables over to your social community, virtually, and non-virtually. (is that the same thing in Vendante?) Turn it loose virtually on the fly. Make it real, virtual, real, unreal, true, false, virtual. Damn this language program.

In most ‘real-time’ games, each character-entity is represented by a point cloud, or data cube, which then becomes the ‘character’ and/or ‘entity’. A ghost in the machine, if you will. This data is then divided up into pixel-buckets, which are then used for various calculations I won’t go into here. Briefly, for those at the front, you can divide a bucket into multiple areas, and look at the results like Dekkard from Bladerunner, you create a set of scenarios which will make every game unique to you, based on your favourite film, TV show, music video, porno, whatever. As a Magician must control is desires and mind, any gameplayer in 2023 must also show some self, fucking, respect.
Some historical ‘scenarios’ actually attempt to have a pre-built set of physical objects from scenarios, 3D printed within the game engine, so at any point, you can stop and print a growing number of items, from the virtual game world. In Deep Scratch, players can create scenarios from 1936, 2012, or 2019, all interlocking and communicating in real-time like a spiders web. This is beyond digital analogue, right-left paradigms, this is a supra-position. And yet, only a theory, part of a story. You gotta’ make it real, but compared to what?
The International DJ adventure game is a spin-off from the novel or screenplay, and it features DJ’s that create narrative works of fiction using turntables, and learn new methods of mass novel construction. Boom. Using various video platforms mentioned above, and the best turntable DJ battle moves, these routines focus on languages, sentences and dialogue. In short, a conversation between DJ’s across the digital media-sphere, with a focus on a global perspective. DJ’s from Europe, Africa, India, Asia, America’s, Indonesia. GLOBAL TURNTABLE REVOLUTION GO.
The promotional video I made portrays the end result of DJ’s remotely communicating with sentences crafted on turntables, a pretty lush and funky world. Scratch History (see what I did there?) is available in PDF format, and contains a critical outline of the Turntable Tarot Pack, spun into action. The book, TribeTable Method and the 1936 Screenplay are also super-imposed into this puzzle game novel thingymagick. The 2022 Battle Scene is a good example of TTM in action and is lifted from the now-deleted, Scratch History novel (2018). The game scenario world is set at the tables, inside a routine, with audio/video samples, that augment scratches and juggle-jiggle techniques, and branches out to include the historical origins of each move, the cultural context. A VR scratch learning environment including history, all about history, and the present, and our futures. Gone, here, coming.

There’s a simple concept behind this, you’ll be thrilled to read, the goal is to make the gameplay so addictive that it makes you ignore anything else. Not to “Get the money, and repeat often” like Mr Brick says, but to save the fucking planet, damn it.

I want to say a special thanks for the music crafted by Lord Finesse, Alix Perez, Eprom, Shades, El-P, Madlib, Woolymammoth, Jake One, Diamond D, Big L (R.I.P), The Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, A Tribe Called Quest, Buck 65, Aleph, Black Sheep, Dr Octagon, Edan, The Alkaholiks, Cypress Hill (DJ Muggs), Erik B & Rakim, Busdriver, RJD2, Jake One, Ivy Lab, Mos Def, Brian Eno, Steve Fly, Dilated Peoples, The Avalanches, The Whitefield Brothers, Jurassic 5, and all DJ’s, producers, MC’s, Writers, breakers, wish-come-true makers.

I like to use VR games to keep track of the spirits in my spare time. My lists are always updated based on what I see (so there’s no need to go searching through them every time something new appears). It’s worth keeping in mind that as many as 20 different entities/games I’ve seen in the past year might have come from only 5 different magicians. Some might be listed as games, some as rituals, some simply articles, and some will be links to game sites, but all are probably something like the Deep Scratch series you have in your hands right now.
Are A.I. games something to be concerned about? Nope, we got this by way of this very text under this very moonlight, if you’re already familiar with what a text and a moon is? I’m not trying to hide that these will be exciting times for mankind and space travel, inner and outer, will be a trip, and that these technologies will be the source of new wealth and health beyond our wildest imaginations, and new ideas and discoveries will bloom, but (you knew the but was coming eh?) as the technology develops it will get easier to find this sort of information from within the universe of algorithms, and human minds will become tired and retired and retarded. Say hello to FUCKUP2. Like the sprouts taught us, be pre-peared.
A.I. will increasingly do more of the ‘back-end coding’ of tasks, and use human brains to make decisions at its disposal, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see the emergence of the smartest A.I. in human history. Two years perhaps, not so smart after all? And it wouldn’t be surprising to me, to find the technology capable of much more than just making money, (Shitcoin) and indeed the A.I. itself may be the most exciting thing of all, what kind of multiple personality disorder today? I hope we get some deep deep Breton and deep Ginsberg, deep Wilson, and deep McKenna, deep Watts?
You might notice some familiar patterns in this book: one of two turntables, maybe you’ve been playing some kind of competitive DJ game lately, or you’ve gone a little nuts on a social network, like arsebook, and come across a site that has its own meta police core routine. Some users say that their meta police core does unusual things, asks weird stuff, sexual stuff, while other users find nothing out of the normal in everyday spying with these weapons-grade games. We consider all this with regards to our Altable game design and are naturally pissed off (like a fly on your nob) that the state, and other agents, are using games to recruit serial killers. (usually who fly drones).
This is something very true to life with the observation that lots of DJs are not just doing nothing useful, some are warriors for social change and justice. Many still use arsebook, sadly, for things like news-sharing, and it’s a normal thing to do, you know to share with the state what you just ate. Gameplay will follow and break these mirrored demons bite on your balls. If you wonder about the pros and cons of each DJ system, “Serato or analogue?” read on, most of the time these things come down to a simple answer: it’s about your personal preference. If this game system has appealed to you so far, then we can see why it’s so popular. What are the main reasons certain people are drawn to a particular DJ controller system, is this about colour?
Life is like a DJ game we all play, and I want to pull up and pull down thy vanity. If you only play games when it’s for fun with friends, or if you play games to transform history and uncover the great mysteries of the universe…it’s your thing, do what you wanna’ do, I can’t tell you, who to sock it to.
Martin McLure was a revolutionary historian, media maven, prose stylist, and on the side a cultural secret agent. McLure overheard a bad joke at Camelbridge University in Longone while he was in the changing rooms with the rowing team. He heard about a revolutionary congress in Mitale’ to oppose Atom Cutler and Gratzism. This group was organizing elaborate plots to storm the 36’ Olympic Games, or the Oilimp Trick Games as they called em’ in code, and the planned to tell the public what the hell was going on, and that these were Nazi’s double-crossing, intent on taking over the planet with a nutty state religion. Cutler thought he was talking to God.
McLure had a series of weird dreams and waking religious experiences while reading Wilhelm Black. He watched the tribe get tortured and interrogated by the Cocaina Cola Company in Berlin, and this event changed his research activity after 1936 and incited the journey towards contributing to Open Source History.
McLure learned of the Furrier transfurs, and went on to realize that the modicum is the massage, and a new communication Games began. Poets, linguists, historians, spies put their pieces on the board. While talking with Chase and Pod; the young McLure found himself haunted by the voice of the narrator, who bangs on and on about a tribal lineage, and each of the great gifts handed to humanity, to help them come together and better understand each other. Think Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Jack Parsons.

A bomb comes whistling out of the sky and turns into a human figure as it lands. Cuchulain the giant steps forth and waves his twelve arms, each holding a magick item: A boomerang, a 78” phonograph disk, a golden jewel-encrusted chalice, a pipe in the shape of a toad, a totem pole, a telephone receiver/microphone, a printing press, a calendar, an umbrella, TV set, video-camera, a loudspeaker and a turntable. A pipe is sticking out from his mouth, and plumes of smoke drift up to become clouds in the sky, nebulous clouds ten miles high. One cloud takes the form of a giant mushroom, and descends back to the scene of the accident, pitching itself next to the corpse, and the blue pencil. Another Cuchulain cloud morphs into Santa Claus, and floats down slowly from the sky like a fluffy Jesus, and proceeds to administer coca-cola to the corpse, by way of pouring it up the nostrils and allowing the liquid to spill all over the man’s face. (Due to a slight disturbance in the dream sequence, and the Altable software latency, an alarm clock will go off right here in the plot, and wake the reader and author up out the nightmare of history together). “wake up!”

Mclure, or Mclear, whatever, and his cousin are running away, in their dream, away from the garden where the giant toad’s body had released an emerald green gas, that quickly made everybody laugh uncontrollably, slowing them all down, causing some to roll on the floor. They run into a wooded area close by, (runnin’) eventually stopping to lean up against a silver birch tree and catch some breath. They look down and see Amanita Muscaria at the base of the tree. A large wheel rolls into the clearing just in front of them, each wheel has a golden apple lodged inside its axis. Mclear rubbed his eye, this is the Chariot from the Tarot. “Turn the power off, now,”

Before he can hit stop on the dream table, Mclear witnesses people eating chunks of apple and so he begins to eat it, he feels relaxed in both dream and non-dream worlds, as he sits down back under the lush Silver Birth tree. Mclear felt his body transform into a Mushroom right on the spot where he had once sat. His Father/mother had been transformed into a flies, and his cousin Mary had morphed into a rather fetching toad, right where her human body once was. Mary teleported, using the positronic style…over to an electrical store in Amsterdam called SEE. She awoke lying on the floor covered in peanut butter, paralysed and unable to move, music playing through the store speakers.

They Came To Starburg by Steve Fly