MCC is for Mushrooms and Climate Change.

After reading a little of the new Stern report about Global climate change and proposed new Green Taxes i remembered the theme of my Spring essay for the magazine Maybelogic Quarterly: Mycoremediation. ALIGHT MATTER by Fly agaric 23

Governments will ignore the medicinal, environmental, and social benefits of mushrooms at their peril.

I hope that somebody will read this book and help get this mycoremediation revolution going, running.

Thankyou Paul Stamets for taking mushrooms and their properties very seriously and unleashing the science fiction therein.

If you are in the UK i rekon that picking some Liberty caps and settling down somewhere comfortable to contemplate global mycoremdiation and the potential to tackle global Climate change with mushrooms. This might be the most important question for mankind, or it could make you laugh and smile a bit?

Fly Agaric 23

Acrillic Figa

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