Sun Ra On Wax. A deep dive into the outer limits of Sun Ra and his various ensembles. Mixed on the fly from a selection of vinyl records, featuring releases on Art Yard and Strutt. Special thanks to Peter Dennet and John Sinclair for hooking up some of these beauties. Apologies for the pops, crackles and skips. Sun Ra “on the other side of time” (Solid Steel) There’s A Change In The Air, There Are Other Worlds They Have Not Told You About, Ancient Aietheopia, Overtones Of China, Adventures In Space, Along Came Ra, We Travel The Spaceways, Antique Blacks, Languidity, Door Of The Cosmos, Twin Stars Of Thence, (Bonus juggle: UNKLE: The Time Has Come) Recorded Tuesday 27th October 2020. Amsterdam-Zuid. Fly.

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