Thanks to my Patreon supporters, I am able to respond to the horrors of the UK 2019 General Election. I turned an idea into reality, and registered the domain, and made this foundational text. I love you, don’t give up now, we’re just getting started.

Calling all UK graphical wizards, poets, musicians, those who speak truth to power. Now’s the time. Showtime funkers. I’m offering what skills I have that may be useful, and more to the point, the willingness to build. We are an ensemble, a new band: Britinternational.

Starting with mindstates. I aspire to practice keeping attention on the “mind, body, speech” trilogy at all times, and encourage you to do the same, watch your breath. Work hard on crafting your words do the best they possibly can to describe your feelings and observations, and try not to forget the golden rules: the map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal, to mean, those words we all cherish are NOT the things they refer to. In the spirit of romance the best among us plough on, Zen-like, spelling and sentencing our thoughts, never giving up on the impossible dream of total communication. To internalize the melancholy of everything finished, and the emptiness and fullness of everything, to embrace and dance with paradox. Healthy, healing thinking from many sides of the subject matter, stalking the truth of the matter like a pack of wolves, reciting versions of the mantra, “compassion globally, compassion locally, love all the people. Keep it simple. Now’s the time.”

Over the last 72 hours since news broke of the UK Tory sludge-slide, I ‘ve been moved and emboldened (an understatement) by a number of beautiful people on social media, who’ve poured it all out in gallons, and for me, distilled the vision of an equal, truthful and unified culture of caring and self-owning ones in the UK. And the creatives I know have outdone themselves, I’m so grateful for this tribe of wizards, warlocks, witches, hackers, artists and comedians. To repeat, the title of that Charley Parker tune: Now’s The Time. Show time funker.

“Huge scary soundsystems,” as Howard Marks said. Thought and action provoking video, films, drama and music and games and gifs and memes, all top-shelf material. A new UNDERGROUND  rebirthing. A new independent UK strategy. International and global in vision, local and community based action, altruistic magick. We, the tribes of self-owning ones have NON-SERVIUM tattooed on our skulls, but we reach out to the needy speedy. In the spirit of Buckminster Fuller, let’s make the old opposition obsolete by creating newer, better working models. Better and bolder and rougher and tougher, yet inclusive and just oozing with love. Produce the freshest killin’ content, be a new success, practice your art, teach the others. Share and share-alike.

Make something so powerful and beautiful and true that anybody who sees it will know that without doubt, and so the “fake it till you make it” news and UK entertainment lap-dog industry will fall away like home and away, into the dust of irrelevant untruths and exploitation drama. Imitating, not originating. Need I say more? Showtime funker. Get your projects Netflix ready. Be ready like a Ninja, ready at any moment to turn on that skill you got, play that instrument, sing, rap, draw, sculpt, programme, or just speak. Ready? GO!.

I propose a new ensemble to take form, and take on the challenge of these tough but critical questions. Everything Brexit again, everything capitalism vs. socialism again, everything race, identity, gender politics, and the painful 2019 sludge-slide, again. We are all artists, warrior spirits. I want to prove my point by inviting those who stand consistent and clear opponents of the Tory Party Policy, and campaign of lies, to join me. At the same time, I encourage them to make your own similar campaigns, don’t follow me, please join me in thinking for yourself.

It’s simple…TESTIFY! Throwdown, use your phone to record some words, or else just type em’, but please don’t delay, send em in right away. And to all those musicians and artists and graphical wizards and poets and meme mommafunkers who already have an idea of what we can achieve: showtime funkers.

This new ensemble (Britinternational) is the best I can do remotely, and I’d like to see it plugged into the heartwarming surge of community action up and down the UK, the homeless shelters and free food programmes, free advice and support groups. Those who are personally intervening to do what the Government will not do. Let this be a model for co-operative projects, and a vehicle to continue the work. I want to make it CLEAR that financial support for Britinternational goes directly to those who most need it, to be decided by the community while it grows. Anybody I have tagged and/or invited who does not want to be a part of this, please do not hesitate to do as you will. I will not judge you for that. And anybody inside or outside the UK who wants to join the ensemble I do not yet know, please write me and introduce yourself. I’ll even take submissions from Tory/Brexit supporters, but reserve the right to refuse you.

To the Conservative Brexit UKIP party alliance, I have this message: please do the same with your network of friends, see what you come up with and be sure to use all the themes of the Brexit campaign, and Tory election campaign, and the whataboutism. Look at these track titles, and try to reflect the sentiment in the language of Brex/Con. See you on the stage!

007 Trauma Bond
Love All The People (For Hicks)
Oh Jeremy
Pop Smear
Bad Wetherspoons (Thunder, thunder…THUNDER CATS)
Black Country Panthers
Stone Island Blues
Living In The Lie
United Kingdam
Northern Artlands
Black Blues Country
Mind Body Poly-Tick
2024 Twenty

Please consider editing, adding to these rough track titles, and what you would like to see the multi-media deliver. What facts, what metaphors? Britinternational productions are made by and for the people who support them, and striving to make and heal and help those less fortunate.

To get things rolling I want to offer up half a months Patreon payment (40 Euros) to any grass-roots campaign to feed and help the homeless in the UK. I can paypal YOU the money, and you pick something up and deliver it directly. Photograph the process, sing, write, dance about it. Build an archive of Britinternational assets, evidence that we care about truth and healing and helping, and which can be shared via creative commons, used for remixes and other future campaigns to cycle resources back to those who need them. Yes, this is a new socialist utopian model of resistance and response to the profiting of the few from the vulnerable.

Reach me here: flyagaric23 @ gmail . com

The Facebook Group is here: BRITINTERNATIONAL.

The modified Patreon account is coming soon.

“Only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars” MLK.

“Your future self starts here”–John Higgs.