Steven ‘The Fly’ Pratt is a native of Stourbridge UK now an Amsterdam resident who plays drums, spins vinyl, writes novels and literary and cultural commentary.” —John Sinclair.


A conspiracy of tables turn together, spinning tales of tribal battles between artists and their adversaries in marketing, politics and the bad acid tabloid media. History remixed and repeated.

It’s 2012 in Amsterdam, a DJ-poet has stumbled on new patterns. After a failed music career and two violent attacks, one leaving his equipment smashed, the other his face, Plush takes a journey to find the perfect beat. Supported by his friends, Max and Percy, Plush forms TRB. Inspired by the late Sonny Bob, they use turntables to explore literature and poetry, pulled into Sonny Bob’s unfinished work, the tale of the tribe.

TRB evolve their skills, meanwhile a surge of nationalist populism storms across Europe and challenges their art and music, is it contributing to the struggle? How long will it be before works like this are made illegal? TRB are ignited by the Mayan Long Count calendar, music of Thelonious Monk and the 1936 Olympic Games. They will set the record straight.

Deep scratch is black science-fiction comedy for dance floors and chill-out rooms. Turntable prose to delight with the author DJ paradox, each pulling down vinyl walls between art and music. In a cut-up deep fake universe, your local DJ is in the thick of it. Expect short stories, screenplays, novel albums, game-play, short films, practical jokes, juggles and fresh beats.

Thanks to those pushing boundaries, daring to think, having fun and who hold an unpredictable trajectory. Special thanks to the fam’ at
Rick Buzga, Helen Alexander, Maeve Simons, Jabba Hutt, Janne Svensson, Roman Tsivkin, Peter Quadrino, Nick Helweg-Larsen, Gavan Kennedy, Demitri Robinson, Dava Sheridan, Heather Ryan Kelley, Chris Velenik, Lyndsay Rawson, Iron Man Records, Jennifer Vyskocil, Vicki Harris, Bobby Campbell, Sarah Totney. 

Thanks to DJ Rob Swift, DJ Babu and DJ Q-Bert in particular for taking the teaching methods to the next level by opening centres for turntable excellence and sharing lots of free tutorials. I’d also like to thank Kjetil Falkenberg, Sophy Smith, and William Baldry for their outstanding academic dissections of turntablism, in practice and its place in culture. 


…a soundtrack of jazzy turntablism and live drumming provided by a Stourbridge native living in Amsterdam (enough said!).” –Q Magazine. Mohawk Album Review April 2014.


—Steve Fly
flyagaric23 @ gmail .com