Deep Scratch is the culmination of most but not all of my creative fiction, from over the last decade. The promise of the premise here, is DJ’s are creating stories and dialogue, using DJ tools such as turntables, mixers, software and discs.

This website/trans-media novel includes bespoke artwork, music, DJ mixes, manuals, poems, podcasts and a screenplay. Each chapter gradually branches out toward expression in other media, presenting opportunities to get involved and support the work.

Deep Scratch would not be possible without the ongoing support of my friends, and supporters at and to all those writers, musicians, turntable artists and DJ’s who have inspired this work. Those who can still have a laugh at themselves.

The finished book is scheduled for completion and release by November 2019, and will be available here, and through Amazon (spits over shoulder).

You can follow me at all the usual social media junk yards, as I’ll be stepping up the audio/visual output in the coming weeks. Enjoy the ride, S.J Pratt.


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