Police Is This

The legalized mob, run by gangstersUK government, wheels, hamstersEton’s army, the Queens gangA family business, vampire fang Disturbance of the force, peace on pauseRiot in a jam jar, marmalade morseWhy bring pig dogs, why the pig horse?On your bike copper, your morals way off coursePolis is this, Polis is thatDrove of army rejects wear a … Continue reading Police Is This

The Medium – A Marshall McLuhan Game

Enjoy escaping the media maelstrom and prove your mastery of media! Inspired by legendary Canadian philosopher and innovative media thinker Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), The MediuM is a gaming experience of Laws of Media. The New Science (1988), developed by Marshall McLuhan and his son Eric McLuhan (1942-2018). Also known as “McLuhans’ Tetrad”, the Laws of … Continue reading The Medium – A Marshall McLuhan Game

Corona Cypher – First Thought Best Thought

Rhyme can unleash endorphins
And endolphins swim with dolphins
Prose vaccination for experimentation
Try it, don’t buy it grow your own
Put down that toilet roll put down your phone
Wash your hands and put em’ in the air
Wave em’ like you care
Mash on son, mash on with compassion
Get your grow on, go on
Earth and humanity needs you and what you grew
Make a new garden crew
Do what you need to do to prevent flu
Stay high, fly, CBDJ “Hi,”
Feed your immune system with funny thoughts
Play mind games and put out doubt with flames
Quote facts and peer-reviewed names to reignite
Each and every night unravel your talk tapes mi’ mates


Hi, in contrast to my blog yesterday, I’ve let my words fly in a first-thought best-thought cypher, to imagine a vaccination potion full of verbs and motion.

Soul vaccination,
All across the nation people been catchin’ honkypox (Honkypox)
When you get the notion,
Tower’s got the potion – you might look in to set yourself in motion.
Soul Vaccination, Tower Of Power (What Is Hip)

Patience patient paint that paradise
Dr immuno’ flow help you throw the dice, thrice
Who know what you think you know, let it go
Let it flow, spring come lift the light plant and grow
Wash em’ lift it up and push it up keep vibes up high
Planet spinning on its axis, rapid climate renewal
Quick death of toxic stock in fossil fuel?
Banking crash human race nineteen meter dash
French minister of culture cumming out with the rash
Johnson and Trump eye…

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12 months ago…


“If you let liars into the government, you put everybody at risk”–James O’ Brien, a few minutes ago on LBC talk radio, UK.

Whenever I’m fortunate enough to catch one of my own thoughts and follow it, I try to imagine how such a similar thought may arise in others. You can save a lot of time by working to slow the avalanche of distracting thoughts using traditional methods, follow your breath, sit still, isolate your consciousness temporarily to recharge and repair. However, a lot of people consider meditation as pass/time for snowflakes, and need further nudging and poking to begin to recognize the importance of trying to follow their thoughts and questioning where they come from and where they go? And how often are you updating that data-set?

A healthy mid/waypoint between Zen meditation and simply changing your mind about something revolves around the language that you use and…

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