2014 highs

The Artist Taxi Driver relentless
daily feedback on behalf of
the silent majorities

Heathcote Williams and UK
historical poetry activism
in fine fucking form

Russel Brand trews and
social activism in the face
of painscream

James Corbett and the
Corbett report consistent
open source research

Bruce Sterling lectures
and on going socio-cybernetic

Cory Doctorow every note
Plus all great work by
the EFF

Chaos Computer Club
lectures and shared
feedback all mutants
come home in glory

Rawillumination on Cosmic Trigger Replay

Thanks once more to Tom Jackson over at Rawillumination, for the heads up.

–steve fly


Reminder for new Maybe Logic course on RAW

Bogus Magus, aka Toby Philpott

The new Maybe Logic Academy course on Robert Anton Wilson is just around the corner — Sept. 23 — and features Bogus Magus (aka Toby Philpott), Bobby Campbell, Propaganda Anonymous and Steve “Fly Agaric” Pratt, a kind of Anglo-American all star team.  The official announcement and more details are here; you pay whatever you can afford.

Pratt organized the course and recently emailed me about how it came about.

“When i got news of the ‘Find The Others’ festival, scheduled for the day after the Cosmic Trigger stage play in Liverpool, (23rd November) i saw a doorway of opportunity to reignite the MLA community, and ride shotgun with the rising tide of RAW activities. The MLA MGT also shared the vision, so it goes.

“Bogus, Bobby and Prop were in typical kindhearted agreement to create something new, and each shaped up a two week prescription to trigger cosmic integrity in the minds of the people. I would also like to thank the MLA webmaster, for engineering the back-end of the class and bringing valuable feedback. Bobby provided all visuals without missing a beat, in the tradition of the community spirited artist movement of the 1960s.


Cosmic Trigger Replay: Maybe Logic Class. Sept 23 to Nov 23

Come join a crash course cosmic adventure through the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson!

The Maybe Logic Academy is once again opening its invisible doors for an intensive 8 week RAW workshop, which leads directly into the premier of the highly anticipated stage adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger by Daisy Eris Campbell!

The workshop is divided into four 2 week sessions, presented by MLA Alumni: Steve Fly Agaric, Propaganda Anonymous, Toby Philpott aka Bogus, and Bobby Campbell.
Whether you are a new initiate to the Maybe Logic chaosmos, or a fully vested Ascended Master of all things maybe, there will be an abundance of RAW delight!

 The secret society reconvenes on September 23rd, come find the others here at: maybelogic.net

(Suggested donation €23, but pay what you will shall be the whole of the law)
For more info check out this smorgasbord of flying lasagna!

SECTION 1: RAW Artists Workshop

Presented by Steve Fly Agaric

A collaborative jimjam of like minded mutants and MLA critters creating new meps and mapaphors to help find the others just in time for space migration.
“The biosphere—Gaia—the DNA script—is more intelligent than all individuals. Gene-pools and species. It has survived everything thrown at it for nearly 4 billion years, and is getting smarter all the time.”–RAW, Prometheus Rising, pg.181.


Presentation: RAW & the tale of the tribe
Workshop: Language of poetry & eggshells

“The instrument that measures all other instruments—the human nervous system—has its own laws, and one of them involves always seeing the results one wants to see until and unless something really startles the brain enough to reframe its experiences.”–RAW, Dangerous Experiments, Cosmic Trigger III, pg134.


Presentation: RAW360.net
Workshop: No place place like dome


SECTION 2: Perilous Lessons from the Chapel of Ill-Repute
Presented by Propaganda Anonymous


Workshop: RAW’s 8 Elements of Conspiracy Theory
Presentation: Lots of Cussin and Discussin this presentation of Wilson’s analysis


Workshop: The Anthropological Approach to Conspiracy Theories
Presentation: More Discussions and Cussin about the ‘Illuminati’ Conspiracy Motif, plus more!

SECTION 3: The Latest Model
Presented by Toby Philpott aka Bogus

In which we examine the language we us to describe the world, and the models we develop to try to explain it, or at least find our way around.
Presentation:  Language as a virus
Workshop: Using E-Prime for a week – an exercise to help us evaluate the words we use, and communicate more clearly


Presentation:  Models of the Mind, with special reference to the 8 Circuit Model
Workshop: Discussion of the model, experiences with it, variations and alternatives – “all models need revision, when new information comes in.”

SECTION 4: The Cosmic Giggle Factor
Presented by Bobby Campbell

Wherein we will endeavor to use the whimsical magic of art & technology to unleash the RAW power of change in ourselves and the world. PULL MY FINGER!

“The world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”
– J. B. S. Haldane

Presentation: The Great Magician
Workshop: Metaprograms & Sigils

Presentation: Operation Mindfuck
Workshop: RAW Memetics



natural abundance of flowers

…we are all shotdown by the
painstream media
dammed by knee jerk reactions
to the stench of truth

what effect do you wish
to have surpriseshock
and horror awe wonder
mystery suspense
does it entertain lull
at what and at who’s expense

to use the word as a massage
and all its meanings and shades
as exotic oils feathers and music
new uses to uncork the soul
and spring the genius out from
within each and every heart
so mote it be

so build playful bridges of
paperclips daisies and spaghetti
yet not past a point
beyond where the ravioli orbits
shoot down hate with
love bazookers

tune into others and
walk a mile
gain insight of foreign
alien knowledge in new directions
from maps and mold
memorable metaphors from
the natural abundance of

purple flowers on bodies
disaster strikes and all thinking people
sigh another dumb ass destroys
life direct hit to every humanitarian
circumstance differs
death horror destruction are hard
to make rational sense of today

varying emotions arise
and fall around the planet
in step with graphic images and
graphic details bouncing into the
eyeballs of billions

chatter in the streets
web searches later before
tweets what is the question again
who how why for what
what can the news reports
tell us

what of the lead up
what next mind the present
the ever present grief and sadness
of violence greed corruption
and abuse at all levels
going on right now

what about the lead up this
event specifically who benefits
who profits who looses and
who gains what

and on and on spinning and
twisting through gazillions of
neural networks data crunching
networks analysis and probably
probabalistic feedback on pretty
possible outcomes
leading to a headline
[insert bogeyman here]
did it

the wreakage and horror
of crash sites illustrate the
destructive force of weapons
no matter which primate fired
we feel the result of military
weaponry manufactured
marketed and sold 

and for the victims families
and loved ones and friends
i point to the description
of delicate purple flowers
and lush grasses surrounding

the grave and to the soil and
the surrounding flora
motionless silent and simply
soaked in the traces of  
sentience dispersing out
into infinite space
into the hearts and heads
of billions of people
around the globe

may the sympathy overpower
the rage for revenge
may you have strength to
tune out from the painstream
media and into

the tangible
flowers and grasses
stars and clouds and the
natural world where the
souls of their loved ones
and all of us may go

a little word to recycle
snatched souls into
worlds of natural abundance
and the eternal memory
with budding language

let the future bloom
and forgiveness blossom

–Steve Fly 22/07/14

Ernest Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT

“Ezra Pound was no starnger to Oriental art when he met Mary McNeil Fenollosa, the widow of the American Orientalist Ernest Fenollosa (1853-1908), in London in late September 1913.”–Zhaoming Qian, Orientalism and Modernism (1994)  pg. 9.


Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT

by Steve Fly

“Fenollosa [1853-1908], wrote an essay on
The Chinese WrittenCharacter as a Medium for Poetry” which vastly influenced
Ezra Pound and, through Pound, modern poetry generally;
said essay also anticipates some formulations of General Semantics
and NeuroLinguistic Programming [NLP], and foreshadows
modern critiques of “linear” and “alphabetical” thinking. –Robert Anton Wilson, Recorsi 2005.

Ernest Fenollosa (1853-1908) found a place in the chain of human innovation, and the lineage of modernism as defined by Dr Robert Anton Wilson in his unfinished project called ‘the tale of the tribe’. Please read some of my others posts trying to get at TTOTT and what it all means to me.

Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson

by Steven James Pratt

Link: http://a.co/gOGNKyV


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