2014 highs

The Artist Taxi Driver relentless daily feedback on behalf of the silent majoritiesHeathcote Williams and UK historical poetry activism in fine fucking formRussel Brand trews andsocial activism in the faceof painscreamJames Corbett and theCorbett report consistent open source researchBruce Sterling lectures and on going socio-cyberneticproseCory Doctorow every notePlus all great work by the EFFChaos Computer … Continue reading 2014 highs

Rawillumination on Cosmic Trigger Replay

Thanks once more to Tom Jackson over at Rawillumination, for the heads up.--steve flyhttp://www.maybelogic.net/about-menu/faculty/upcoming/cosmic-trigger-re-playReminder for new Maybe Logic course on RAW Bogus Magus, aka Toby PhilpottThe new Maybe Logic Academy course on Robert Anton Wilson is just around the corner — Sept. 23 — and features Bogus Magus (aka Toby Philpott), Bobby Campbell, Propaganda Anonymous and … Continue reading Rawillumination on Cosmic Trigger Replay

Cosmic Trigger Replay: Maybe Logic Class. Sept 23 to Nov 23

Come join a crash course cosmic adventure through the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson! The Maybe Logic Academy is once again opening its invisible doors for an intensive 8 week RAW workshop, which leads directly into the premier of the highly anticipated stage adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger by Daisy Eris Campbell! The … Continue reading Cosmic Trigger Replay: Maybe Logic Class. Sept 23 to Nov 23

Ernest Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT

"Ezra Pound was no starnger to Oriental art when he met Mary McNeil Fenollosa, the widow of the American Orientalist Ernest Fenollosa (1853-1908), in London in late September 1913."--Zhaoming Qian, Orientalism and Modernism (1994)  pg. 9.   Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT by Steve Fly "Fenollosa [1853-1908], wrote an essay on "The Chinese WrittenCharacter as a … Continue reading Ernest Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT