Lo saturnalia

Lo saturnaliadrink new flesh  news flash equiknocking em back with kwantum mechanixFliegenschwamm through Mukhomor flowing on about many moments drunken bard pist somber past summert' felt like tao-mouche Amen EAT! born from nothing woids into la picene dark mother Earth: early autumnΔtummy full mummiflied earth nourishing dark belly of night Δrise receptive southwestern mother motherplant Weak … Continue reading Lo saturnalia

Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

It just struck me that maybe the recent solar flare activity might be partially responsible for the freak weather conditions, and tornados in particular.What are the connections, if any, between solar flares and weather on earth. Is there any evidence to suggest that in the future, rather than putting all the efforts into worrying about … Continue reading Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

Art and money, how?

Art and Money?How is it, who issues itcreative and yet counterfeitfor nothinga second lookdouble takethe time spaceinversion with value?empty things in time spacefilled with space timewhat do you call itmoney or art?artney/moart?which technical abilitiesaesthetic reflectionsinformation content andoriginality in economicsthe painted eurofabricated poundsculptured dollarprojected bit coin from paper to data and back to the newestpaper cash … Continue reading Art and money, how?

shape spacestation mission schedules by shunning election machine pressures

Do not despair, there are words to put your hair on end tip top tailored trips to smooth out and curl the end of the world into a Bob. Recorsi, the eternal returnsche cosmo-constantly bring a bitter light stretch the imagination to its limit. to make the tale true enough comeback, the field of thought … Continue reading shape spacestation mission schedules by shunning election machine pressures


Fillosofly FLY AGARIC 23:   Constructivist Synchronicity? I attribute most of my early independent consciousness research to Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and his book 'Cosmic Trigger' in particular; combined with my will to contact some of the entities from that book, and share my findings with friends, family and local community. What happened changed my … Continue reading CONSTRUCTIVIST SYNCHRONICITY: Steve vs. Fly?