John Sinclair, to be fair. V 0.5

"You don't just go out one day and pick a style off a tree" --Dexter GordonMemoirs of rock mentor John SinclairPoet, activist, entrepreneur, critic, journalist, manager of MC5 and kingpin of US punk scene still performing and writing James Pratt

Fattening Frogs For Snakes. By John Sinclair v. 1.0

By Steven James Pratt.(The Poet - John Sinclair.)"he tells us about Johnson's apprenticeship and that original meeting of musician and devil at those famous crossroads, or when he introduces the story of Slim by connecting the gospel of "This Train" with Little Walter's "My Babe" and winds his way back to Slim's namesake, the Sunnyland … Continue reading Fattening Frogs For Snakes. By John Sinclair v. 1.0


Test v 0.5 Charles Olson/ Theolonious Monk!Sonny Boy Williamson/Alan GinsbergMarshal Mcluhan/Sun RaW.C Williams/Dizzy GillespieSun Ra - Lenny Bruce/Charlie ParkerDr. Timothy Leary/ColtraneOrnette Coleman/William S. Burroughs.Charles Mingus/Ezra PoundRobert Anton Wilson/Milt Jackson "this is what they meanwhen they talk about he blues,this is what the blues is all about:"fattening frogs for snakes"& watching the mother fucking snakesslither off … Continue reading JS is for JOHN SINCLAIR