NOH Play

“Consider the Tale of the Tribe as an alternative form of scripture. Which form’s of alternative scripture seem appropriate for the 20th Century? And which for the 21st?" --Robert Anton Wilson. Recorsi. 2005.'Noh' or Accomplishment: a study of the classical stage of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra Pound approaches to Ezra Pound: a co-ordinated … Continue reading NOH Play

Here’s a google books generated tag cloud for RAW.

Reads like poetry, crammed together.--Steve Fly23 enigma again Aiwass Alan Watts Aleister Crowley Allen Hynek Andrija Puharich angels asked Babalon Bavarian Illuminati began believe Bell's Theorem Bootstrap Theory brain Buckminster Fuller called Carl Sagan Carlos Castaneda cattle mutilations century Chapel Perilous Charles Fort circuit claimed coincidence COINTELPRO consciousness conspiracy Contactees Cosmic Trigger Crowley's Crowleymas cryonic … Continue reading Here’s a google books generated tag cloud for RAW.