All powers of Europe

For my part thought that AmericansHad been embroiled in European wars long enoughEasy to see thatFrance and England wd/ try to embroil us Obvious that all powers of Europe will be continually at manoeuvreto work us into their real or imaginary balancesof power; J.A 1782 FISHERIES.--Ezra Pound, Canto LXV. Pg 377.J.A = John Adams

What if John Adams came back to Amsterdam?

What if John Adams came back to Amsterdam?"Novelty of scene, the inexperience of the actorsagainst paying for things we haven't ordered" J.Adams (Canto LXVIII)Over ocean wave and round bend of bayJohn Adams with his wooden stump,missing eye, parrot and hatarrived at Amsterdam Central Station.From the land of Mars roversGoogle and the CIAJohn Adams changed the … Continue reading What if John Adams came back to Amsterdam?