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The Cosmic Trigger Stage Play is best described at the website, please visit and get involved. I did, and i am. Hope to see you.

From the website:

The Discordians Are Coming

In 1976 Ken Campbell staged Illuminatus in Liverpool. This production and the novel that it was based on irrevocably changed the lives of all who were involved, both performers and audiences, and wound up opening The Cottesloe at the National Theatre.

Conceived backstage by Ken and The Goddess of Chaos and Confusion, Daisy Campbell now proposes to re-invoke that mythic production, but this time telling the story that surrounds Illuminatus: the extraordinary life and times of its co-author, Robert Anton Wilson as the central thrust; the unstoppable force that was Ken Campbell; and some key scenes from Illuminatus woven through. As Ken would say, “this is an enthusiasts’ production”.

There have been a number of blog posts and news items about the play, plus the usual facebook page shenanigans. Take a look, it seems to be taking off….

Steve fly

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John Higgs

One day before heading down to London on the bus from Dudley, to see the show at the Horse Hospital i had the following experience:

yesterday, in Stourbridge i had an encounter with an Angel, or what Arthur Koestler calls…’the library angel’ category of coincidence, or in my case the charity shop Angel. Let me explain, i walked into the British heart foundation shop and started scanning the books, and within just 2 minutes i found ‘The Wild Boys’ by William S. Burroughs for a bargain price of £1.50, and on the shelf below a copy of ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka for just 50p. A few hours later i opened up ‘Wild Boys’ and on the acknowledgment page i became spooked to discover that the only text mentioned, for permission to quote from is non other than ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka. A splendid intersection point and angelic contact coincidance.

“Published on 3 Nov 2013
The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John Higgs

Watch Part 2:

John Higgs (
Daisy Eris Campbell (
Hosted By Scott Wood of The London Fortean Society (

at The Horse Hospital 23/Oct/2013″