BBC Radio 3: The Trial Of Ezra Pound

BBC Radio 3, Sunday, 20 Jul 2008, 21:30.
“To mark 2008’s 50th anniversary of his release, historian Sean Street investigates how Ezra Pound, one of the 20th century’s most important poets, was accused of treason by the US Government and held for years in a mental hospital after he made a series of anti-American and anti-Semitic broadcasts in Italy.
The programme investigates the significance of the case today, asking whether he committed treason or inconveniently used his right to free speech. With contributions from Pound’s daughter Mary de Rachewiltz, his biographer David Moody and the playwright Bernard Kops, who wrote a play about Pound, in order to find out how we should view the complex and controversial poet.”

Ezra Pound’s daughter fights to wrest the renegade poet’s legacy from fascists

 “He made mistakes and we have to take the good part of him, just as he did with others.–Mary De Rachewiltz

“De Rachewiltz has since fought a lifelong battle to separate Pound the poet from Pound the fascist and antisemite, which is why the emergence of CasaPound – now boasting 5,000 members – is so painful.

She rebuffs the suggestion that CasaPound’s lionisation of him is no more than he deserves. “Pound just quoted what Mussolini said,” she said. “This organisation is hiding behind Pound’s name for intellectual cover,” she added. “He made mistakes and we have to take the good part of him, just as he did with others. He fell into certain antisemitic clichés that were rampant in Europe and the US at the time.”–