CHU 3D Graffiti Cube 2010


Uploaded on 25 Oct 2010:           

OPENS 6pm, THURSDAY 28TH OCTOBER at CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS. Then every Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 6pm until Sunday 14th Novemeber.

This is a walk in one person experience. Shoes off, glasses on, step inside the 3rd dimension! (Glasses provided).

Artwork by Chu. Cordy House by Mutate Britain.

‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ by CHU

My good friend CHU came to Amsterdam and decorated the wall of a local bar very close to Dam square in the center, called De Buurvrouw. The decorations work on many levels and from many different perspectives, not least the name ‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ being a riff on the lyric and title of the Ska revival tune by The Beat (Mirror in the Bathroom).

Please go to the link and view the post images and video. Then have a look around the website and take in the vast amount of visual eye candy by master CHU

C is for CHU: Painted Plane

Sea’in and not-seen,
from the nozzel to object
& knu end language of gas ungrasspalpabble.
GAS bag of AEROSOUL beyond…Chuscape’t.

Wind and stars. Fillamint-buster and the firm-cement. Spewing gas but some froth and cake’t up swirl of pigment. Congress. Vortexture of cream.

Yes. Cherry Peppermint swirl, Jungle Lozenge mumint, See weed green with blush.As seen from a Nozzle head of the game at hand.

Objects hunted down AND NEUTRALIZED. CornersRemoved, adjusted, arranged according to the

CHUSCAPE 360 exit’Planet Graffiti Mustards. Skeye Socket, pivot, ball and fully flexi jointed. Perceptual waltz into and out of that word..Corpse-
manure on the lips of the Literati. What IS and ISN’T? Litres of spit-atoms brew nothing NEW on TV? swatches? The Great Lie, Con,

Insider trade and perceptual coersionYes. The great spirit of Illusion.

Cracked open and caked to our faces. Deception turned into ART Mask and Anti ART Mask Painted Plane, painted banking towers.

Painted cardboard people.Nozzle-view sees through that, and through timespice pace pace. Masking, anti-masking the delightful environmint,

YOUCAN – You are the Nozzle of perception. Just spew it.

Paint seas of snot green. Papermunt Origreeny Hulk.
Cream cake of Nozzle clog residua – spurts rusty cherry bombsLike a Jam donut explosion, cap switch switch.

And the picture has not yet even fully taken shape, even, as, i write this.Chuscaprism from Alphabeta v 1.0

I painted, from one viewpoint, a CHUSCAPE vision of an aeroplane engine falling
through the roof of the bar. –CHU