hand drawn 360 video teaser by Chu for ‘Turn Your Shit Down’

Published on Jun 17, 2016

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Turn Your Sh*t Down
(teaser trailer)
First release from
The F*ck You Sound

Microcity is an imaginary place, conjured up into this reality by Chu’s pioneering analogue to digital handcrafting techniques. It is an empty place, a desolate and experimental pitstop on the way back home from disillusionment.

The city is based on the layout for a board game and evolved into four defined quarters: residential, industrial, natural and financial.

Microcity is the only location for future video broadcasts from The Fuck You Sound, populated solely by the cosmic guardians of each district.

This pilot episode introduces you to our solar system, and puts you at the centre of an alternative universe.


Recommended viewing system spec:
+ 2 minutes of your time
+ 2 ears
+ 2 feet space
+ Google Cardboard or similar headset
+ Youtube app installed on your portable device
+ Headphones

Select the highest possible resolution that your bandwidth allows in the youtube settings for the best visual quality. Click the goggle icon to enable stereo headset capabilities.

The next video release will be full length, in full resolution and better quality. Stay tuned and subscribe.


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Turn Your Shit Down. Featuring remixes by Bogus Order & Aries:

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CHU 3D Graffiti Cube 2010


Uploaded on 25 Oct 2010:           

OPENS 6pm, THURSDAY 28TH OCTOBER at CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS. Then every Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 6pm until Sunday 14th Novemeber.

This is a walk in one person experience. Shoes off, glasses on, step inside the 3rd dimension! (Glasses provided).

Artwork by Chu. Cordy House by Mutate Britain.

Photo Pano Picture Mixture

Photo-pano picture mixture
audio sonic soundtrack
listen with eyes and seer the future
non-local and 360 rotational
adventure furniture
A new movie and unique
as the scene spins and
the film moves along


Hand made arts in new dimension
panorama spaces – the now
lend some attention
look listen touch travel


Bridge to a new synthesis
of media
Chews your experience

fly through the novel painting

leap frog from
the edge
cutting all corners  off everything
churn on

–Steve Fly.
Vondel Park, Amsterdam. May 4th, 2013. 2-3 PM.

‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ by CHU

My good friend CHU came to Amsterdam and decorated the wall of a local bar very close to Dam square in the center, called De Buurvrouw. The decorations work on many levels and from many different perspectives, not least the name ‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ being a riff on the lyric and title of the Ska revival tune by The Beat (Mirror in the Bathroom).

Please go to the link and view the post images and video. Then have a look around the website and take in the vast amount of visual eye candy by master CHU



One purpose of this web site is to build up a database of work from both CHU and FLY that approximates a guide to new audio technologies through the lens of our different artistic goggles.
Generally CHU paints pictures while fly arranges alphabet in special ways, but CHU as a Graffiti writer blurs the boundary of painting and writing, and so we begin the synesthesia between dot, line, plane and symbol system.

But… a sentence such as this is unlikely from CHU, I guess I’m more analytical and intellectual in my communications whereas CHU, at a guess to draw a comparison, communicates with a more rounded and general language of visual images, and is capable to put 100’s of thousands of words into his detailed murals, full burners and unique Chuscapes.

I have set myself the task of approximating such paintings by CHU and Graffiti art’ in general using just words, just fuckin’ wairdz, over the last 10 years, and obviously the form of poetry fits the subject matter best, to produce the closest possible translation between media, from visual to text.

As a linear textual writer and poet I find it easy to digress and squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube of metaphors, finding myself posting and writing about all manner of subjects, probably hard to associate for the casual reader, and, I can feel myself moving away from the concept of a turntable manual, or an indexed operators guide. Here, I hope to address these issues and propose and new direction in collaborative creation.

For starters here, I’ll simply reproduce some CHU work and begin to add my commentary on what I think its about, and how it relates to the digital age, internet and the new Kulture. The pieces I have picked here, for me, reflect the heart of our mission statement as Godisturber, and I hope to expand this post in smaller seperate entities at a later date, enjoy, and thanks mate, if your reading, hope the words suit you sir. –Steve fly.



Turntable Tank - By CHU.


Train Side Section - By CHU