“The scholar who works for a government intelligence agency ceases to be an independent spirit, a true scholar,” stated a Boston Globe editorial in the mid-1980s.

My Ezra Pound ‘Google Alert’ just alerted me to an article from the Yaledailynews by Ava Kofman that outlines the history of the CIA’s relationships with Academia, and therefore criss-crosses with ‘The Tale of the Tribe’ material and helps to refresh our minds to Dr. Wilson’s brilliant essay ‘TSOG: The Thing that ate the Constitution, 2001′ and information concerning Ezra Pound, James Jesus Angleton and the impact the Spycraft had on Modernism, poetry and the arts. Wilson writes:

But James J. Angleton was a pathological case of some sort himself; he often hid his middle name because it revealed his half-Hispanic genes. An exceptionally intelligent and sensitive student of modern literature while at Yale, Angleton adored Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, I.A. Richards, e e cummings and other SuperStars of Modernism; he met most of them personally. They collectively influenced Angleton’s fascination with multiple perspectives, labyrinthine ambiguity and the eternal uncertainty of all inferences and “interpretations.” These modernist tendencies, which also appeared in science and philosophy at the same time, blossomed into obsessions and, perhaps, raging madness when Angleton systematically applied them to the spy-game. After all, modernism really begins with Wilde’s “The Reality of Masks” and Yeats’s hermetic mystique the world we know emerging from interactions of Mask, Anti-Mask, Self, and Anti-Self: which may or may not fit all of us or all the world but certainly fits the world of spooks and snoops that Angleton created.–http://www.rawilson.com/tsog.html

Ava Kofman writes in ANNONYMOUS ACADEMICS:

“James Jesus Angleton ’41, breeder of rare orchids and disputably a paranoiac, founded and edited the short-lived but reputable literary magazine, Furioso, during his time as an undergraduate at Yale. Beginning a series of enthusiastic correspondences with Ezra Pound after the two met in Italy during the summer of 1938, Angleton published Pound’s poems along with the work of Cummings, MacLeish and Williams in his magazine the next year. But more ink has been spilled describing Angleton’s life than those of his beloved poets. Returning to Washington after World War II, Angleton would go on to help found the Central Intelligence Agency.”http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

“Varsity crew coach Skip Waltz recruited for the OSS what he saw as the best of Yale’s white Anglophile protestant males from its population of mostly white Anglo-Saxon protestant males. Following the conclusion of war in 1947, OSS alumnus Walter L. Pforzheimer ’35 contributed to drafting the act that would establish the CIA.

And still today, some recent alumni from both campuses include CIA directors Porter J. Goss ’60, R. James Woolsey Jr. LAW ’68, and George H.W. Bush ’48. Now a visiting lecturer at the Jackson Institute, John Negroponte ’60 served as the first Director of National Intelligence under President George W. Bush ’68. William F. Buckley ’50, founder of the National Review, wrote one of the many aforementioned fictionalized accounts of Angleton’s life, and served a stint in the CIA as well.” http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

 “Why learn how to write a policy memo on preventing nuclear proliferation if you can’t even convincingly make a case that the human race — much less the United States of America — is a good thing that’s worth protecting,” laments the anonymous source. “Does the U.S. government exist to merely protect us and clothe us and feed us or to foster public and private virtue? These are questions that the Yalies of yesteryear could tackle quite easily and eloquently. Today, almost no one can.” http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

The skills that most Yale majors teach students well — namely, close reading, critical thinking and strong writing — are the same valuable assets that make its graduates good analysts. Or for that matter, good at any job.

“An analyst job is like writing a paper except its called an intelligence report,” said a senior government official, who requested to remain anonymous citing government policy. “But instead of using a book or a person as your evidence, you’re using classified intelligence.” He points to this as to why Yale turns out so many journalists and policy makers as well. The only difference in what those jobs consist of, the senior official argued, is in the subject matter and sourcing of what they’re writing on. http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/


“In 2001, following the attacks of September 11, around 750 students expressed an interest in the CIA when they passed through the agency’s career fair booth. For some years thereafter, interest in the agency was at a new high.  http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

“With the rise of cyber-espionage, it would seem that the CIA’s interest in Computer Science and Math majors who can write and break code might balloon.
Regardless of their background — whether it be in C++, the classics or both — applicants need to be realists and understand, the senior official warned, that for many it’s a “desk job.”
“Your cover is going to be a dark close-up of the shadow of Nathan Hale’s face,” a senior government official teased, “but the reality is that people [in the CIA] work in cubicles that look like a Proctor and Gamble office — and it’s mostly a bunch of Mormons.” The senior official paused dramatically, letting the reality of his vision of the CIA sink in.http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

 Borrowing a phrase from T.S. Eliot’s Gerontion, Angleton often described the inner workings of the agency as a “wilderness of mirrors.” Angleton’s means of ordering the world moved along so many deceptions that it ceased to be real.  http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

One that could recast, for better or worse, the arbitrary boundaries drawn between literature and the classroom, reality and a dream, poetry and analysis. Our fascination with the CIA, with its mythical figures and failures, as a national legend — as a genre of fiction — may be of just as much interest for learning about the intuitions of the modern mind — as it is for learning about the institution itself. http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

The spy world then, turns accident into meaning and so frees us to imagine and presume in broad leaps and strokes.
“For in [the spy] profession there is no such thing as coincidence,” writes Le Carre in the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
And consider an illustration of these two approaches to thinking: Most of the American public would prefer to watch say, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a fictionalized account of the spy world, than read the continually growing number of now declassified documents made readily available, or, for that matter, the adapted book. http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/jan/13/academics-anonymous/

Twenty RAW quotes for 2011

Bad critics judge a work of art by comparing it to preexisting theories. They always go wrong when confronted with a masterpiece, because masterpieces make their own rules.—Illuminati Papers, pg. 12.
Ez, McLuhan and associates reprinted Fenollosa’s “The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry ” As part of their Square Dollar Series. It Anticipates some formulations of General Semantics and NLP.–Recorsi
Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching on one candy bar after another.
After the 6th candy bar, a man on the bench across from him said,
“Son, you know eating all that candy isn’t good for you. It will give
you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat.”
Little Tony replied, “My grandfather lived to be 107 years old.”
The man asked, “Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?”
Little Tony answered, “No, he minded his own fucking business.–Guns and Dope Party.

Just as a hologram is so structured that each part contains the whole, Finnegans Wake is structured in puns and synchronicities that “contain” and reflect each other, creating the closest approximation of an infinite regress ever achieved in any art-form.–Coincidance.

Green plants, alive, like
the stone Buddha — rock solid –
— as twilight descends.
In 2012, if the McKenna scenario is right, comes Omega point.–Cosmic Trigger, pg. 223.
What underlies the accelerations noted by Henry Adams and Korzybski is nowadays known as the selection of negentropy out of stochastic processes. Our understanding of this is chiefly due to almost-simultaneous discoveries (1946-48) by quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger, mathematician Norbert Weiner and an electronics-communication expert at Bell Laboratories, Claude Shannon.–Prometheus Rising, page 110.
Like Joyce, Vico believed that poetry arose out of creative etymology (“incorrect etymology,” in Academese). Like Joyce–and also Whorf and Korzybski–Vico believed a radical change in language could alter our perceived reality tunnels.–Coincidance, Pg. 22.
I distinguish between information—all that humans can check by experience—as distinct from noise—those “things” (or non-things, or nothings) that thye can only make noises or chatter about.—Another faith-based organization, TSOG, pg 89.
The two philosophers most frequently mentioned in the Wake, Nicholas of Cusa and Bruno of Nola, taught a dialectic of resolution of opposites. Joseph Needham in his monumental Science and Civilization in China, repeatedly mentions both Bruno and Nicholas as the only two Occidental philosophers before Liebnitz to have a basically Taoist outlook.–Joyce and Daoism.
Conspiracy is just another name for coalition.–The Historical Illuminatus.
New bud on the vine:
But three thousand miles due East
Wall Street still smolders–Haiku

R. Buckminster Fuller, in his Synergetic-Energetic Geometry, which he claims is the “co-ordinate system of the Universe,” reduces all phenomena to geometric-energetic constructs based on the tetrahedron (4-sided), the octet truss (8-sided) and the coupler (8-faceted with 24 phases). Fuller argues specifically that the 8-face, 24-phase coupler underlies the 8-fold division of the chemical elements on the Mendeleyev Periodic Table. –Octave of Energy, Cosmic Trigger.

Every government that employs secret-police agencies must grow more insecure, not more secure, as the strength, versatility and power of the secret police grows.—Celine’s Laws, Illuminati Papers.

Two of the giants of quantum math, Schrödinger and Dirac, both spent time at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Dublin. Schrödinger, in fact, wrote his most important nonmathemetical book there — What Is Life? [1948], in which he defined life as a function of negative entropy. This thought seemed so radical and far-out that nobody began to grasp it until Wiener and Shannon showed that information also behaves like negative entropy. Information = that part of a message you didn’t expect; the unpredictable part.–Celtic Roots of Quantum Theory (essay)

Like marijuana, a Wellsian long shot creates an information overload and provokes you to enlarge your reality-tunnel to accommodate it.—An Information Rich environment, Cosmic Trigger III. Pg. 88
I think it’s time to abolish politicians entirely and let everybody participate in self-government via internet. We needed ‘representatives’ in the 18th century because we couldn’t all go to Washington. Meanwhile, times changed and our ‘representatives’ have sold us out to the corporations, as we in the majority party all agree, whatever our differences in other matters. And we don’t need ‘representatives’ anymore; we have the Net technology to represent ourselves.—TSOG. Pg 162
In the present context, Korzybski’s mathematized language structures, like the Fenollosa/Pound emphasis on Chinese ideogram helps us perceive/conceive Internet in alternative ways, not possible for those restricted to Indo-European semantic structures.–Recorsi.
Sweet! Sweet!” sings a bird–
Old Ez in Virginia
Heard one cry “Tulip!–Haiku

The tale of the ‘high’ tribe

The tale of the tribe

High Time and the Counter-cultural hall of fame.

“A ganachakra (Sanskrit: gaṇacakra, or ‘gathering circle’; Tibetan: tshogs kyi ‘khor lo) is also known as tsog, ganapuja, chakrapuja or ganachakrapuja. It is a generic term for various tantric assemblies or feasts, in which practitioners meet to chant mantra, enact mudra, make votive offerings and practice various tantric rituals as part of a sadhana, or spiritual practice. The ganachakra often comprises a sacramental meal and festivities such as dancing; the feast generally consisting of materials that were considered forbidden or taboo in medieval India, where the tantric movement arose. As a tantric practice, forms of ganachakra are practiced today in both Hinduism, Bön and Vajrayana Buddhism. —TSOG

I like the idea of the Counter-cultural Hall of Fame, as developed by High Times and Steven Hager, and I’m happy that the legendary characters from America’s exulted tradition of counter-cultural revolutionaries, artists, poets, musicians and humanitarian activists in the fullest sense of that term: revolutionary. High Times magazine seem to have developed a good selection process for the Hall Of Fame and the Celebrity Cup judges, besides all the weed, the poetry and scholar activism blooms.

In his essay – T.A.Z – from the book TSOG: The thing that ate the constitution. Robert Anton Wilson writes about being picked to be a celebrity judge for the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999 and his experiences in Amsterdam. I read this essay again recently and found all sorts of cross links and descriptions of the Cannabis Cup and Amsterdam that I find irresistible to share.

1. T.A.Z or Temporary Autonomous Zone invokes Peter Lamorn Wilson, another brilliant bearded anarchist ‘scholar activist philosopher’ of the American tradition, who RAW often criss-crosses paths with when musing upon cultural revolution. Peter Lamborn Wilson’s TAZ seems to be used here as the title of Bob’s essay [see excerpt below] to help describe the unique red-light and coffeeshop Zones of Dutch tolerance here in Amsterdam, and some other parts of the Netherlands, and a generally intelligent and exemplary model.

2. William S. Burroughs was inducted into the High Times Hall of Fame in 1999, and RAW participated in the induction ceremony by reading parts from NOVA EXPRESS, a small clip of this event can be found on you tune in a video compiled based on the induction of the Beat generation into the High Times Countercultural Hall Of Fame. It was Burroughs who turned Wilson onto the 23 enigma’ and Wilson compared WSB with James Joyce as the two greatest literary entities of the 20th century.

3. The name Simon Vinkenoog was familiar to me by way of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, like so many things; who noted Simon’s work in his books, such as the tale of the Sage of Dalkey in his last published work – email to the Universe. When I arrived in Amsterdam Simon was active and a strong part of the Dutch resistance to Bullshit, mediocrity and Tsarist Occupation Government. Simon passed onwards into outer-hyperspace July 12th, 2009. Simon was recently featured upon John’s 10 show holiday extravaganza, and for me this fact makes yet another loop between American and European counter-cultural anthropology, bound together by John’s choice of musical artefacts, that continue to delight the air-waves.

Big Chief: Getting High With John Sinclair And The Fly

by Steven James Pratt et al.

Link: http://a.co/czUbrSA

Continue reading “The tale of the ‘high’ tribe”

FBI is for Faith Based Initiative: OBAMA. Fly feedback (II)

Bush’s promotion of ties to religious institutions raised constitutional concerns from the left as well as the right. For the black community, troubling issues run deeper than the possibility of constitutional circumvention. In reality, governmental links to the religious community did not begin with Bush. In fact, Clinton’s welfare reform bill had a faith based component built into it. — Ricky L. Jones. I don’t care what Jesus would do, I’ve got to get paid. What’s wrong with Obamamania. SUNNY PRESS 2008.

I’m concerned about FAITH BASED INITIATIVES in the US and within the UK. F.B.I’s are a serious blockage to 21st century data and research based initiatives being enacted and relized in our communities. These FBI screens and FBI superstition guided excuses for foul, divinely guided policy seem based on mystical thinking. Superstition. Dogma. And firthermore, are simply out dated in light of 21st century scientific methods, reasearch, technological breakthroughs: Neurological relativity and HUMANISTIC RESEARCH BASED INITIATIVES. As Buckminster Fuller As Bob so neatly sez it put…

Faith and docility are the bulwarks of Tsarism; any hint of scientific knowledge, rationality or even plain “horse sense” among the serfs are its major worries, and it blocks them every way it can.http://www.rawilson.com/tsog.shtml

Obama may help to unite the Christian, Muslim, Jewish tribes together, in a business like meditation, in prayer, faith and some more business, and some conflicting interests. Religion and Politics may find a new synthesis through Obama. But, if it is through a unity of blind faith (as distinct from a older Buddhist faith,) then in some sense unity may just be a snowballing new world order, getting bigger and more unified and so more problematic? As i feel that small maybe beautiful! Big banks, big economies and big engines, the boom bust cycle goes for everything – galaxies, human cells, atoms, economies, boom & bust.

“While business (fund raisning, institutional expansion, etc.) has always been an aspect of the black church, in many ways the black megachurch is a business. Unfortunately, along with the size, power, and influence such entities bring, they (like other large business) also carry with them veracious appetities for economic resources that must be fed. — Ricky L. Jones. The “Right” Partnerships: Black Religious Elites, Conservative Politicians, and faith-based access points.

Looking at faith from a scientific and philosophical point of view we must question it’s use within governments and organizations in 2009. Who’s GOD, spelt in who’s language, in who’s context? I ask that if the single almighty creator of all things, the omnipotent one, the lord GOD who art in heaven is so, then you can and must have an equal and opposite faith in not-all and not-everything, so then it might follow that there is no need for a faith based initiative. Everything and everybody is equal, in some sense, (A STAR) and so humanity based initiatives based on the best data from other human beings and feedback from human beings seem the quickest way to foster a planetary recovery from economic, eccological and linguistic collapse.

GT: What is your feeling about this administration’s favor towards faith-based organizations?

Robert Anton Wilson: Bush wants to put his money into faith-based organizations. You know what faith means? Huckleberry Finn explained it at the beginning of that great novel: Faith is believing what you know ain’t so. That is what Bush’s whole career and the whole Bush crime family career is based on: getting people to have faith in what they know ain’t so – like his prescription drug plan. — http://www.deepleafproductions.com

Maybe Obama has already read RAW’s TSOG essay, i hope so, because if he is serious about putting the United States Constitution back together again i strongly feel that the roll of the CIA and its network of faith based espionage over the last 60 years requires a complete review, salvaging anything worth telling the kids about that may make them proud of their country and the planet. Same goes for the UK and the history of MI5 other than the sad fact that we don’t have a Robert Anton Wilson essay to condense and detail our history like the US does. I am personally excited by Obama’s intellectual interests and talk of knowledge and new dialogue. RAW would be too if he was here with us to join in some feedback.

“It’s alright to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to life himself by his own bootstraps. — M. L. King.

Well a man without the kind of right faith in the right country is a bootless man indeed. In the US / UK we have a Faith based hijacking of any democratic or statemanship like good governance left. It does not seem to matter which of the two lying bastards are in power: republicrat or conlabortive, it’s as if the executive descisions regarding the most critical areas of – action, non-action, investment, support and spending and non-spending are carried out by FAITH based government. Acting in the interests of the private corporations, the bankers and their stock holders. Not for the people and by the people. Like the false information circulated in order to illegally invade Iraq, and the holes in the 911 investigation and a long line of inhumane and hyper-crooked activities perpertrated by the US / UK Euro TSOG. Under both chains of the Republican and Democratic US parties and the whips of the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK, respectively, from my experience, i have noticed that they all act upon the same impulses when working at their most dangerous and deceptive. FAITH.

“The democracy established in America in the eighteenth century was not, and was not designed to be a democracy of the masses of men and it was thus singularly easy for people to fail to see the incongruity of democracy and slavery. — W. E. B. Du Bois.

Many artists and writers have left us textual maps to help us figure out a better humanity, those that have withstood the test of time best seem to be those infused with the most novelty, scientific structure and all-around-the-world view. In some sense:
James Joyce warned us and made us feel paranoid at times, by using his unique writing – of both the Church, and the State, of the Pope and the President/Prime Minister. Ezra Pound warned us of Usury and International Bankers, Arms dealing and rice powder poetry, of credit crunches and war fought over sacred scripture and/or natural resources. Eric Blair warned us of the police state and the electronic prison that awaits anybody not actively resisting control at all times. Of the nightmare of British authoritarianism.

Aleister Crowley warned us of the spiritual and religious pariahs and charlatans who may one day implement a Christian/Muslim/Judaic New World Order. Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson warned us of the pharmacratic inquisition, the piss police and the DEA (Dutch English American) led war on some people who use some drugs. Wilhelm Reich warned us of a male dominator dictatorship, supression of the functions of the orgasm and bullying by the American Medical Association. William S. Burroughs warned us of crooked evil law men and their old pinched, wrinkled up old faces.

I mention warned here, above, to imply that these great thinkers were on the side of what i personally value as good, for the liberation of the individual and the community and the breaking free from slavery, both physical and mental. The above writers were antenna for the race and i believe, somewhat temporarily that they have produced works which offer a working textual interface to begin some 21st century dialogue about identity, knowledge, culture, warfare, economics, consciousness and harm reduction. Yet at the moment it seems that these and many more humanitarian geniuses with a flare for individuality and liberation have been swepty under the carpet of modern political debate and discussion, deemed too obscure, irrelavent, blasphemous or worse. Diss-speakable. Now in the age of internet we can more reasonably pitch our arguments, alternatives, maps and metaphors.

And so, the Constitution in tatters, spies everywhere, we inhabit “one nation under surveillance with wiretaps and mail covers for all;” and everybody is terrorized about whether their houses and property will be seized next. In short, we find ourselves, as Trotsky found the Russians a century ago, midway between European monarchism and Asiatic despotism. — Robert Anton Wilson. TSOG.

We do not turn a new page or start a new chapter with Obama. The world is now an open book and we all have the responsibility to write and feedback upon some of the most pressing issues con fronting us. Faith. Research. Consciousness. Time. Spirit? The big questions are seemingly centering themselves in 2009 around the questions of consciousness. How does it operate, why, where are the things you are thinking of when you think of them? The source? The paradox? the law of opposites, of coincidance of contraries?

I often feel it worth mentioning, as a slight digression, that most statespeople, politicians and religious leaders in 2009 neglect THE CANTOS of Ezra Pound at their peril. It has a certain magnetic forcefield surrounding it, timewound, like an unexploded bomb poised for the world-culture to work through it again, to work out it’s keys, seals, and re-read and re-translate it’s maps and metaphors in a new way that unleashes a torrent of international communications and dialogue. So Encouraging individuals and Nations across the world to draw up their constitution, their poem and their story, and to compare and cross fertilize with others, older ones, the classics, way back to the complex of origins, of the epist, or the phonetic. Way back. No political mouth piece i have ever heard – except Guns and Dope party candidate Hagbard Celine’ – has spoke of Pound’s Cantos as a text worthy of study for any 21st centuy citizen.

Same of Joyce, Leary, Crowley, Reich, McLuhan. All of whom were before their time as creative geniuses and punished by authority for their exceedingly rich intelligence.