A novel strain of infectious prose. A conspiracy of beat juggles. 

TRB evolve their DJ skills, while outside a surge of populist nationalism sweeps through Europe like the smell of old socks, challenging their bold vision and questioning their purpose, is it contributing to the struggle, will work like this historical conspiracy be outlawed and weaponized against the author? TRB produce science fiction via turntables, spin stories: visit the 1936 Olympics, combat carnivorous Ostriches, drink gamma-tea in a music laboratory/studio and teach algorithms about funk.

In a deep fake awakening simulation, humans require DJs to give us some truth. Short stories within stories, albums within albums: trans-media across prattforms. This novel virus is a call to all creative individuals and artists to tell their story, as Charlie Parker said, now’s the time. Stay safe, look after each other. Spread love.

–Steve Fly,
Amsterdam, 21st December 2020.


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Rating: 1 out of 5.