Thanks to Toby, I found some old work originally made for Maybe Logic Quarterly, a webzine of Robert Anton Wilson fans who met at his short lived learning academy, The Maybe Logic Academy. MLA.

Untitled 1.0

Untitled 1.0

By Acrillic

As soon as I start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted

Arousing thunder growth,

One shadefoot springs excitment,

Expanding early morning sky,

Eldest boom-thud-rumble


Tuned in and not tuned in.

I. Combine currants with 1 glass of berries and enough golden apple Cider to cover;; soak till plump looking, get baked for 30 minutes. Soak breadhead Slices in remaining apple Cider. Oil nine 2-quart Christ pudding Bowls with vegetaboil mind.

Heat oven to 451 degrees Fahrenheit.


Shooting shards shooting star fragments

Thunder-enlighening particles accelerate, shifting red

Seeds of a seedless re:volution beneath

Birch coppice scrolls.

Waiting for readers to mix the unmixed spectacle with

Imagination I dream of being a Chinese written


Meaning has been sentenced to a linear







Moisture Conducts heavenly muzak;

L.S.D. Electro shock-king rumble sparks razzle-dazzle flash forking

More brilliant than the sunshine!

Representation glistens and does not glisten.

Apple dangle branch swinging beneath the sunlights

Im dyslexic with a raging fire in the right side of my head.

My nose looks Rudolph

Clarity of lightning Eye,

Noon illuminates middle daughter of the southern Fires,

Mid summer fires and a fully concious noon.

A Love supreme!

Fragmented and skitz’a’phrenic and more than the son of my parts = The moon on your pyjamas and the stars in your eyes.

Seas scroll in waves

Brazen copper scrolls unravel from my leftern hemisphere.

Amanita tsogyouth rewound from beyond winetime, back to the Soul vine Zep Tepi.

2920 days to go till element zero?

All perception is gamble.

Suck coke.

Late sun, the stream and the hills; the beauty

My mold eyes grow dim and moist with


Scrambled spellz apprehendead enligheningment


Spelling t r o u b l e for images

Shd/ they be made of gold or plastic?


Funguy without


X-Women at mass.

Eye yam vine trunk,

Stunk and dissorderly method

Covered from foot to mouth with vine must.

Eyem vine trunk pissed and zonkers.

The months and years, how they’ve piled up

I  toss and turn

Unable to sleep this diced evening.


Quillcrayonpen’s and pencilaerosol Floating aimlessly in my Flamming hot redhead;

No target in mind,

I dream of being a Chinese written icon.

II. Combine plummed currants with remaining wyld fruits and the Nuts in a large bowl.

Adjust neurological camera lens,

Sift together dry ingredients and add to fruit mixture.

Add acrillic, bread and agricider, brown stones, blue eggs, and  Jamjellyjam blend well.

Your hands or a wooden spoon will work best to combine the batter, It’s very sticky and heavy like sperm.

Very concerned about the layers of abstraction that can separate People from their own perceptions;

X-women shirt,

One women two women three

Innumerable women each like a flour.

Creamy woolly jumper and a caramel-hair jacket.

Watch my overcoat!

God is dead.

celebration is also the act of Destruction.

Bulbous bass and fragmented Vulva look broad and membrainus Apple-white

Sunlight fleece, tick

Toxicorange juices are Strained flowing pissgolden brown

Texture Like sun,

Spasm war

Luciditea in the sky with dyedmoons.

Paint your bee leaf.

Heavy Copper grasshopper sunsets scroll,

Criss and Buffatonine, mountain shadow cast crown upon lake placid.

When king finished?

It is nice to be friends with a rock.

Stubborn dawn stillness sitting still inside northeast hand of Youngest son;

Calm, calyx, waiting, tranquil,

Mountain immobile.


God is dead is doG

Newspeak was designed not to exstend but to

Diminish the range of thought.

what we see never resides in what we say.


Acadilaq liquor

Barber shop spiral paint job


Ra and Dianna have their problems

Galaxies of stars have their problems among them.

Pouring bitter tears,

Invisible palms swimm over mountain mist

Vynes shooting from my Fingers bloody redblew on the cloud canvas

Born of water and spirit

wyld palms sweating out darkness, read by moonlight.

Spiritually incoherent

ÒPut the kettle on orchidÓ

Casting tie-dyed maggots;

Fisherman cast bait into the ocean mind shut! open – shut.

A natural response,

Lo saturnalia,

Drink new flesh back with kwantum mechanix

Fliegenschwamm gerr,

Mukhomor flowing moments drunken bards piss somert,

Tue-mouche Amanite,

Born from nothing into La picene.

Dark mother Earth: early autumn,

Nourishing dark belly of night

Receptive southwestern mother,

Weak yielding

It is difficult to get the news from poems.

Jesusland economy seems symbiotic with the dollars role as reserve Currency

Monstrous and oily-veined bloodhungry pricks feastupon

Dharmadollar ghosts


The great Eastern sun saves and radiates.

All perception as gambowl

And under the almond-trees, gods,

lo! lands of Cyberia, Siberia and Peteurasia

Persian Haoma + 5 indole Eztheotextz +

Chinese + pranayama, may = “stoned” perception.

koncrete mixture

My features are of a particular rabbit considered in full

Detail with no properties omitted or isolated


7 1/2 teaspoons of ground Zero

2.3 Pound$ of fresh Acrillic

10 cups of dark brown sugar sweetness

30 large blue eggs, beaten with rhythmajik

3 cups of midnight-currant jelly jams.

III. Spoon batter into prepared molds.

Place molds in large roasting pans, fill with scolding water halfway up molds. Cover molds and pan with aluminum foil and steam in oven for 5 to 6 hours, adding boiling water as necessary to keep the water level up up up.

Mid morning thighs gradually unwrap themselves from

Early summer,

Gently penetrating eldest

Daughter With simple southeastern woodwind.

Musicmarine-ibotenic acidjazz-artagonist,

Deep within the heart of Jungleheart,

Loud dubbleDub-plate vinyl slang,

Recipe-map + puzzle + song carved into the runoff matri [X]

Christereoscopic Recipe for drunkeness;

Splicing and dicing insects + human genomes

I ask myself: human? fly?

Am I just a brundle of tropes?

a drifting point?

An area of divine ambiguity?

Breakfast spun on a gold threaded platter for

Saturnalia with a bit of luck,

Kung Fu tea and blueberry muffins too.

Huygens probe separates Cassini

Orbiter and begins her 21 day trip to Titan

Stop that train, I wanna get on those established grooves.

Erect beneath Rusty hoodz

Single cream foot

Concentrickrings tone static;

Summer citrus smelted with mandarin rind,

Invisible landscape paintings with huge

Crayons; a chiezeland Aspen summert with white wartsperm.

Son of the stars,

Sun of the lie

Somebody’s manipulating things in a way that i don’t like

They tell me about a Santa Claus festpiracy.

Acrillic polyspores


White and blew and quing

Skiing in red and blue clobber drinking cold beer,

= Intoxicated Jesuspect.

Place the stylus needle into the f-ring groove,

Wash your hands,

Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the cap off

Place the cap gills down on a sterile card or glass platter,

Cover the card with a clean container,

Leave overnight!

Fold the christmass card in the morning and keep airtight

Ziplock, good luck and happy saturnalia,

Sporeprints remain good for a year, airtight!

Headz or Tales from the blackcountry?

Strange fruits sing me into being,

Terp-hopping  the Bardo,

brambles, toxic streams and rambullling

Wusstershear sauce.

A shitshape shiffter n’ spirit lifter

Check out my silver scales with

Gills you can see me only in contrast btw the ocean and mountain.

Look beneath birch trees on the hills, my colour spills from

Left brain to right brain;

Foreground to background and

Through black & white textual intercourse.

Background remains murkey

My foreground pixelated black text. Look!

“Wasson and his school have demonstrated how mushroom language tends to be euphemized, masked, coded, buried in etymologies and even “false” etymologies – Irish soma”

In the beginning was the

Word / i m a g e was made

Flesh / i m a g e

In all the people.

Argacider eyelashes are quills painting

Flamming flamingo squirrels,

Paisley winged griffins, they pour Bright love juice allover marmalade skies.

My secret longings cannot be sketched.

Were trapped in linguistic constraints.

Henry Kissinger; drunk in June 1974 established the “US-Saudi Arabian joint commission on Economic Cooperation”  One year later OPEC blesses the dollar with her oily lubricated monster cock.

Some-bodies getting into business,

30 years later the boyz-gone-wyld in Iraqkissgandhistan.

Now look what you’ve gone and made me do.

Wearing blood stained pyjamas as she comes with

Rusty nails driven through her hands,

S/he maybe the passion of the X-Flammingo.

Thundering loudpeakers; ragasaga jungle; LOUD over spandangled Bandanners.

White sea sprayed aerosol cloud formations; all fluff, electric Glasstunnaberry

Maroon acid rain enligheningment.

Cannibals of Europe are eating their litter.

Umbonata vinata volvato nivalis

Pantherina cokeri capensis esculenta

Hemibapha frostiana excelsa aestivalis

Phalloides rubescens velosa vaginata

Nu wyne flowing from all quarters

Hung to dry in sun

And drawn by hand in A kind of blue kind of stained bluack inky Velvet well

Text kultures read themselves into insanity

Alphabet, you bad bad boy.

Eyem vine trunk pissed and zonkers,

Since Leary sailers heard wasson tales and acrillocycles about Shroomz and ocean journeys 20’000 leagues ago, the godz Re:animated through flesh and Flash *Azum*

Cloudead bardo written bold in the sss’now covered backgroundback

World Pissing very loud Heavymental tinflash of flying grasshopper razzle dazzle

Newclear subbassconcious

MuMu, It’s either Oppenheimer or

Wasson, so choose your cloud-plough now.

Both/and may not be an option in this case.

In 1947 Muhammad Adh-Dhib had lost a goat and then found some Brazen copper salmon scolls in a cave.

I say a prayer for the Arab Shepard.

“Praise-the-Lord n’ pass the ammunition and we’ll all,



Eye throwup lies and thought embers

Remain indifferent to riches, Power and influence and steal in the Hope that others will steal me book


Officers may apprehend us at the crossroads with luck.

Derrrrunk on catpee

Yeah great to be derrrunk, the world looks so


And i dont stop….

Because i know nothing.

Look around and spot the snarks;

They look like hippies.

Myceilium audio network

Teary ego scriptor.

Throwinemage over your aluminium rimmed black leather Chair.

Ergo,Wassoni-Morganstirne-Morganstein = Eztheogen-Dutch-Dollar-Schultz-schultes slanguage

Somebodys getting into business,

Kick of your shoes and just roll over laffin

War is over

All wee are saying is give piss a chance.

Mychorrhizic relationships with other funguys and gills bonded  Symbol-isis ecology based on deterioration,

Neginterest compost

Hemp script Re:formation.

Sporeprints the size of a nickel caninoculate a dozen jars with

Copper colored mushroom scrpture.


IV. Remove molds from roasting pans and uncover your Jesus puddings. Pour 1/2 cup of Eztheogen oil or Yoga over each one and re-cover with a circle of waxed paper and a fresh piece of moistened parchment paper. Secure with a rubber band and a piece of hemp string. Set molds in a cool place to ripen and contemplate for 1 month.

Salmonea onusta jacksonii ovoidea

Protecta umbrina pubescens sychnopyramis

spissa spreta ristichii

Strangulata virosa muscaria wellsii virgineoides

“Sometimes lettering is consumed in flames, or blown sky-high, or dispersed by the wind, or taken in a hand and shaken out of comprehensibility. Text is merged into picture, but then also compromissed toward pictoricity or shaken owt-of -itsz status as text almost altogether. – Graffiti and Language.”







Allow the pressure cooker to cool before opening.

Monohorned single footed walking penis from venus with a collony on Mars Davis

Swimming up nine locks and chainmakers arms backstroke

Up Up stream with the pink-salmon im kicking

Stretching my branches

Escape velocity

Escaped authority

Escaped all reason and concept of season

Escaped the dollars and pounds and yen,

But yenagain its all talk; ink from my penmanship.


Iconoklasstick disturbdance

So i throw up another image all over your whiskey-red, ugly, greedy,Death sucking tsoggin.

Rather than reducing and limiting all of humanitea to simplistick Black-and-white Dualistic solutions.

Im a man eata, please dont panic.


Your lives are in grave danger.  At this moment an army is

Marching for the purpose of massacaring all the people attending this Festival.

Everybody lay down on the floor and be quiet.”

By late autumn twilight

The youngest daughter kissed my

Mouth with fullness of lake and excess of the


“The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Dauw.

The Name that can be named is not the eternal Nayme.” – Lao-Tzu

Recipe-song, a nu map, and a critical puzzle = Mcknoveltea.

The only son of the only guru

Who are you?

Risen out the lake like excaliburton my arms now ribbons of crystal, A Skeeter Hawk whizzes by low and unable to crash.

Blown glass ripples of the great lake

Contemplate gold…

Take a moment to breath and take in the

Beautiful crisp sky up past my nose hair

We are a  fake twenty-six

True lies,

Crimsun Jihad

Your life savings in a dead mans currency.

In through the valleys and out through the trees i sigh,

Floating on my back, calm blues and whispee coral overwrought white cloud,

Warning  the world of collective death with a mushroom cloud

An intuitive earth image from 1968 blue marble,

Dreamy days when wee were kings.

Until they become concious they will never rebel, and

Until they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.

Thunder bolts wearing tight electric-blew pants explode

Water snakes mimic DNA Abcnaconda coda-storm from heaven


X-women mass age

Photography seems friendly

Across scales and skins of sails blowing her blouse wide open, busty Cosmic peach knockers burst, Oh mama may I?

“Not-born Single-foot.” Mushrooms are “not born” because they have no seed; they are caused by lightning bolts. And mushrooms are single-footed, of course. The penis is the “one-eyed serpent,” and the mushroom is a penis.” – Irish Soma.

Scenario universe appears to be a verb

So lets negotiate our story together,

Grey-apes with snow seed but sea foam

Abcdenakonda froffing

Alone im confused upon a bridge,

The willows darken the stour

Embankment, at this time i am confused and bewildered but

Still wonderlandful.

Trapped in linguistic constructs.

Luckily, i have my congos

The Melancholy of everything finished!

Spelling t r o u b l e for images

Trubble elbburT

Music becomes icecream architecture.

Maybe freedom reflects sitting on you’re frozen arse surrounded by potatoes in a field?

I like to look at the track titles and sleeve artwork while listening simultaneously.

Mysterious ear of midnight,

So profound and dangerous with

Depth of the North clouds with

Pelt of rain, middle son of anxiety,

Deep northern midknightspring.

Yarrow stalks and the man in the high castle dance till sunset, the Grasshopper flies when it wants to fly.

Not happy with just difference, the alphabastards changed into something


Gods lightning charged with messianic

Missconceptions of Qumran and the early moaning


Interpretations of an interpretation; something has been lost in Translation, I

Jesuspect Its a new dawn.

Alpha and Omega


First and the Last

Ego has been scripted in Latennamal my

Soul an ancient chant, my

Eyes indifferent to riches, power, influence and family

Connections, although im a thief!

Farther of northwest heaven, be strong, have firmness,


Daytime; early winter,

See the light of day.

Everybody abstracts a different reality.

Eye steel Soma word,

Searching far and wide for any concrete relations and Correspondances such as:

Amanita and not A

Pirate of time table waves

Skipper cheff upon tables of


Sentences run hot and drip wet

Smelt-felt and wind assisted they pelt

Leftbrainfields with meaning

Looking off the coast of Irland

Living in a scrapbook jumble land

Turning agents through an elaborate dubble kross

Spinning  twenty-six agents thrice in seach of the goddess.

A Grapheme-phoneme coincidance

Such a critical variable.

Glurck Ckurgl

.Recursive clock’s calculate

Reversed Psychology

Inversed History

Back to front

Anti clock wise


Tail in mouth

Words in sink


Floating meaning

Back 2 back

Unwinding snake


Rewinding tape

Inclining slope

Retraced steps







Steps retraced

Slope inclining

Tape rewinding


Snake unwinding

Back 2 back

Meaning floating


Sinkin words

Mouth in tale


Wise clock anti

Front to back

Her-story Inversed

Psychology reversed

Calculate clock’s recursive.

Abrupta agglutinata amici boccata

Breckonii constricta brumescens citrina

Eliae farinosa formosa agaricuss regalis

Media mexicana fulva

Forewarned is forearmed.

This liquid is certainly a property of the mind be

Gentle jungle man

The year is dusking

Under her hot redriding hood with matching skirt and shaggy cool rosewhite Sweater;

Nitas on the pitchfield, she’s electric

Mysterious Mamma Matrix of agariculture;

Eris has cum again to put waves into nightime

We are her cloths

Depends on where you’re at.

Multipple orgasm-as-a-whole

Bold Love

I lie in the spatial relation between white space on one side and

A string of letters on the other side

Glox Xogl

Letting go your hold.

“I would simply like to underline three of the motifs in the Soma-complex-that of spiritual egalitarianism, entheogenesis, and poetic inspiration. No one who lived through the 1960s would still dare dream that psychedelics make everyone and anyone into Balkan bards; nevertheless, no one would dare claim that nothing has changed. On some psycho-seismic level, in some deep tectonic stratum of the Imaginable and the Social, the psychedelic revolution has already occurred.” – Irish Soma.


Analog Tape

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle for Musicians

Vinyl records.

Dub plates made easy

Cut up machine

Disk cutting and recording lathe

American Buddha, Intelligence agents

McLuhan program research

Effects of yoga on Language

Gaia Hypothesis

Golden Bough chapter 2, priestly kings

Professor and the madman

The poem of Hashish, the Herb dangerous

Tank manufacturers

Critical dreams

The end of the road

I-Ching Leg

Acoustics vibrations animations

Cool quotes

The Mabinogion Taliesin

Cultural paradox and the Global Village.

Sun Ra and Tapeography

String Alogrhythms

Where did the Time wave come from?

Wang Wei Index

Alphabet versus the Goddess

Jazz Supreme

Time Binding

Ontological Anarchy

Nazi Propaganda

The Anti-Christ

All Opportunity Images

Wang Wei Index

Finnegans Web


Critical Concepts

William Blake Index

Spiderman toys

The natural Economic order

Circuits of Consciousness


Color wheel and colour compliments



Whitehead Quotes

Glyphs and Holograms

Surfing ELF waves

Amanitas Vault


Dangerous Philosophy

Principia Discordia

Chinese Poetry after Mao

Cosmic Excerpents

Ancient Traditions

Chaos and Cybercult

Gabor Discovers

Drum Transcriptions

Social semiotics

Pilot plan for concrete poetry

Seeking the magik mushroom

No beliefs


Bohr Index

Theory of Games

Poets Prose

Kung Fu

Alternate Tunings



The Pharmacratic inquisition

I-Ching Bookmarks

Tadeusz Borowski

Lovecraft Scriptorium

MQ 2

Untitled 2.3: Unity/Conduct

By Acrillic

For my submission to the Maybe Quartertly tomorrow,

“How can i make my Piece best resonate with the vernal equinox 2005 A.D – 84 P.S.U ? – 7.00 PM Saturday 5th March?”

I meditated upon the above question and developed a “word of mouth” Divination technique below, based upon the coin dropping method for Constructing A: binary coded language acrillic I-Ching. I carefully placed Three “Pound” coins In my mouth, shook my head around, and dropped Them upon a flat Surface. The first “drop” represents the bottom line of the Hexagram and The following five provide the full six lines required for a full Hexagram.

Here are the results from my droppings:

6. Heads Heads Heads
5. Tales Tales Tales
4. Tales Tales Heads
3. Tales Tales Heads
2. Tales Tales Heads
1. Tales Tales Heads

8 = PI, Holding together, (UNITY)

The correlation-code to the broken and un-broken lines of the I-Ching are
As follows:

Heads Heads Tales = Unbroken line

Tales Tales Heads = Broken – – line

Heads Heads Heads = Broken – – Line

Tales Tales Tales = Unbroken line,

Using the illustrated I-Ching by R.L Wing
I found these virtual semi-answers
Or Suggestions, to my initial question.
Listen very carefully and you will Hear the future:

“Unity brings good fortune. Further consultation with the oracle will Divine the durability and correctness of the goal; then there will be no Mistake. Those who are uncertain should return to the plan; those who Procrastinate will meet with misfortune. – Hexagram 8, (UNITY).”

So I decided not to procrastinate and consult the oracle once more, at
Around 7.30 PM, I asked another question, and recieved further hexagramic
Coded messages from the futureshock wave.

My improvised-spontanious second question to the
Oracle became:

ΠInstruct me upon how to most efficiently construct a spacetime-travel
Device with which to provide insight, right governance and enlightenment
For all sentient beings?

6. Heads Heads Tales
5. Heads Heads Tales
4. Heads Heads Tales
3. Tales Tales heads
2. Tales Tales Tales
1. Heads Heads Tales

= 10 LU, Treading (CONDUCT)

“Conduct. Treading upon the tail of the tiger; it does not bite. There Will be progress. Firmness (heaven) is above and excess (lake) is below forming the Condition for conduct. An enlighened person, therefore, discriminates Between superior and inferior, and thereby stabilizes public opinion. – Hexagram 10 (CONDUCT)”

Whoa, i thought to myself, i must include this message from galactic
Central into my submission and also into my original concept – poem, map,
Puzzle, recipe – but how?
see below

Lojik tools 2.3

Western languages are phonetic languages.
As you read these
Words you are making word sounds inside your head.
These word sounds
Are then connected in the mind to their corresponding meanings.
– The Illustrated I-Ching, R.L Wing, Page 10.

Semi-virtual 32 track, 8 year, 24 season, spacetime machine/plant/nature Interface.

Reason, Apple Logic, Pro Tools and Acid Loops my troops,
Turn em into turnovers, jesus puddins, and vegetable broths
All filtered through
Acrillic blankets and glosses
So go floss your teeth and step into
Where I-Tunes = Eye tunes becomes fly-tunes = mushrooms.

Yeah im a disc jockey bitches,
I know John lennon and he told ME how to give chance a
Life is random!
Eight your
Apple and spit out a new seed bank.
A noon blue apple sauce power chord LOUD over
spandangled Bandanners.



The melancholy of an unfinished sympathy
Im here-story, to present a neuro-linguistic example
Here’s a sample:

Dee did de deer duh dee,

But exactly the distinctive work of science is
the modification, the Reconstruction, the Aband:onment
of old ideas; the construction of new Ones on the
basis of observation. – Corpus Errorum Biologicorum,
Science And sanity, Count Alfred Korzybski


Resonnance with several myth-science narratives from
Non-Local – tribal entities, have sealed, for ME,
Re:sun and Logick into a knu tribal encyklopedia of
The voyage to consult the dead
To learn an historical destiny through prophecy of the

In terms of attitude, maintain your composure
at all costs. This Way that you can conduct yourself
now will determine the outcome of any External
situation. – The Illustrated I-Ching, R.L Wing.


Propellerheads i thank you, you eat with us yes
Im just a sucker for a pun cuz it is
Mytear than the sword.
Word. Words

Using audio softwar metaphors of intoxicating
perception please feel free to
Cut and
Skratch at history, like you were a rock drill.
Sample worlds into mystory which, my friends and
lovers, (is) also
Your story.
Stack shuffle spooky logic

Pro-ceed! Preceed! Pro tools,
“Prose” Tools
Logic and Reason and turntables and a mix(here) in


According to the Calendar the Eagle (and
Providence) HOURUS Moves from the center to the four
phasal divinities ISIS, PAN, POSEIDON, And BACCHUS,
who project a cycle to be completed as a means of
building The tabulation. The Seal and Calendar forms
symbolize „RE:VOLUTION… in The minds of the people
derived from the Renaissance poetic tradition and To
be realized by the revolutionary process. – 76, One
World and, The Cantos of Ezra Pound, Forrest Read, Page


Prose and „stacks‚ of values.
„Everybody abstracts a different reality

Mybeelogic Quarterlee, issue one, contains my
presentation entitled
„Untitled 1.0
It was-is/was an outcropping of certain ideogrammic
Which translated into alphabetical language means,
ME, Acrillic, sampling the internet image archives and
spinning them
Like vinyl record disc seals; fragments of what can
only be –
Virtual audio-studio softwar co-ordinates for a
spacetime machine/plant
Interface. Nekuomanteia:
The voyage to consult the dead
To learn an historical destiny through prophecy of the

Where’s my stereo equipment?

The I-Ching no doubt!
Conducting unfinished Arkestra’s
Illustrating fossilized poems
Crumbling words:

Which are worlds……

Im swimming inside a virtual seal/Calendar
32 Track, 24 season semi-virtual studio re:volutionary
lap swimming,
A studio in which i am constructing a bridge bewteen
worlds and words
Using images. In water.

Acrillic presents for the second spacetime:

Pro Logic toolz 2.3,

Vinyl scolls,
Table-lets, fantastic dubble dub platter
You dig?

MidknightSpring hands juggle
Green Jungle scape
Simultaneously throwing and catching avant jazz
It‚s almost as if vines are shooting down the tree of
life and up out of my
Up into the phonographic disc amplifiction process. i
am conducting thunder Enlightening.


Hardcore phonography scenes of abuse
Holding the drummer on repeat with my finger,
Back and fourth, pushing and pulling a jazzy tao, hazy
cool kind of wool
Over the beat, you know like Earl
Kwantum Stubblefield slanguistix.

Surfing a wave-harmonic of his-story

Two copies of the same record entertwinned with a
mixer create a phase Arcana
LOUD over the banners
Phase, delay, echo-compression amplitude and attitude
are all turning in
Cycles of vinyl spacetime events etch the
re:volutionary calendar into
Back to Life
Back to back to life, back to reality

Like Opoponax on wax,


Amplitude and attitude spin around like Karma wheels,
Served on a turntable platter with a byte of luck.
On rotation two records in-finite phase/faze
Slick and time twisted spiral codes – co-ordinates.
Grimmy with mould, maybe from the effects of storage
in dark-dank cupboards where fungus grows?
Cutting paths into youknight and knot tribes and
Bards and DJ‚s and Painters Uknight
Midknight Spring is here!
Knotted and intertwinned cultures and nations
Feel my vibrations.
Welcome to the Turntable RE:volution


Turntable Tales Tales Tales!

Apple Logic 2.3 tastes strange to me and even looks
like a strange
Fruit served on a Re:volutionary turntable of
Correspun/dance, is Yeah, PUN-dances dig?
Oozing blue puss, with a byte of luck.

23lb jars of sauce, or it could be jam, or jelly or
cake, eye dunno… but the
Stuffs being
Scaffolded via multitrack audio digital interface
The open sauce is being trickled beyond the boundaries
of the physical
Boundaries of the room using:
Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools.
Remove the
Tools arm troopers for Re:volution
The Prose tools i spew are just fragments
My shits just blown sky high!

Apple Logik x Reason = Prose tools
Fli sight logic = Plug outs
Oh shit, lightening bolt one leg just run off with my
The cyclops just stolen by stereo equipment
My single „Monocoli sight does see far and deep and
wide but, like the Linear alphabet it
Fails to produce „True stereo.

Pandoras doors swing to be-bop and into the vast
infinite phase studio Arcana,
Manipulating faze pitch further
Frequinox amplitude delay. Stop.
Repeat after me.
Polarity like milk and green tea plus a little re:verb
Pluraltea and stereoscopic realitea. Illuminatea.

All peoples from ALL times and ALL places re:unite in
a concressence of Vibration
I say yes, YES with INK as my only hardwar device
deployed upon the
Semi-circular virtual playing
A Seed looping, with hands,
The disco joke, cutting and scratching samples like
this: haHa ha ha

If such power , as experience suggests, is
latent (though rarely Released) in the simplest words,
one would like to characterise the words More exactly.
Are they the oldest? They ought to be somehow the core
of Language, identifiable by tracing its history
backward. – The Pound Era, Hugh kenner, page 108


” Both Krappe and Coomaraswamy have identified
the sovereignty Of Ireland with the Indian goddess
Sri-Laksmi who is „the personification of The right to
rule…(the) spirit of sovereignty…and certainly so
when the Relationship is….a marital one. She is
Indra‚s consort, and she has many Names. As Apala, the
„unprotected, she woos Indra, bringing as her
Sacrificial offering Soma, the drink „of which none
tastes who dwells on Earth. This she prepares by
chewing. And Indra verily drank the Soma From her
mouth. – Ploughing the Clouds – The search for Irish
soma, Peter Lamborn Wilson, page 116. “

” The nearest thing i know in literature to the
reflective use of one of These drugs is the so-called
Bead Game in hermann Hesse’s Magister Ludi (Das
Glasperlenspiel). Hesse writes of a distant future in
which an order of Scholar-mystics have discovered an
ideographic language which can relate All branches of
science and art, philosophy and religion. The game
consists Of playing with the relationships between
configurations in these various Fields in the same way
that the musician plays with harmonic and
Contra(pun)tal relationships. – The Joyous Cosmology,
Alan W. Wattts, Page 21. “

This feast of Apple logik prose pie served on a
re:volutionary platter; hot And dripping with kool. A
re:birth of logik, reason and aseed looping and

The King? when? Wen? Chu hsi? Lao Tzu
Kung Fu tse and Li Po, fly? who to the what now?
Spacetime wave function superimposition over the
Tzolkien middle earth Way?
No way….yes way. Sey yes. Why not?

Middle „way earth map puzzles and puddings
64 track, 32 phase, 16, 8, 4, 2 and you
My studio accomplice, are co-creating anaconda-log
stereoscopic RNA DNA
Jive talk Synthesis –
Aesthetic whispering ghost trane effect;
To make bandwidth pregnant with novelty.


Strawberry field theory forever


My dreams of a final theory
Finnished and re:contextualized, realized and
actualized while trippin liquid Miles,
Till summer spacetime im out,

“Conduct. Treading upon the tail of the tiger;
it does not bite. There will be progress.
Firmness (heaven) is above and excess (lake) is below
forming the condition for conduct. An enlighened
person, therefore, discriminates between superior and
inferior, and thereby stabilizes public opinion. –
Hexagram 10 (CONDUCT)”

Composed and decomposed by your crillic flie Agarik