Race Riots and Revolution in the UK


The riots in the UK earlier this month (aug. 6-10, 2011) have provoked a number of textual reactions and experiments from me that I present here in a mish-mash-up style. Typically I have the beginnings of lots of different ideas, poems, screenplays, on-going research and rants. I might need some help editing some of this stuff.

I decided that Race Riots and Revolution in the UK could be a title theme that runs through these writings. Please enjoy, share and feedback. And remember to try and think happy thoughts as ften as possible. Please, thankyou.


Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Bombs, Massacres, riots, revolutions, eclipses, sun flares.
New friends, free storage space, wikipedia, social network, medicinal Marijuana.
Banking fraud, spying, physical abuse, murder, robbery, torture, gang violence.
Flash mobs, geodesics, massage, wireless power, permaculture, genomics, crowd funding.
Phone hacking, arms dealing, oil spillage, shooting, rape, volcanic eruptions, bee death.
Space flight, organic farming, e-bay, yoga, twitter, multi player gaming, aural sex.
Coercion, sea pirates, con-men, lawyer run capitalism, road side bombs, liars, cheats.
Tablet computing, prosthetics, hormone therapy, MP3’s, hugs, open source democracy?
–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23
Bits and thoughts like branches and leaves budding
earth seasons seem to bring politcal and ecological changes,
the city map of life inside a city map world ripped by a rat.

Talkers gasping for fresh air, to make sense of the senses
to pit poverty of imagination against scandalous expenses
to lay seeds, to plough the fields and jump fences

I am sucked into the babble slang and the prattle
what’s in a name, what’s in a battle
who traded pigs for whiggs, and precious coin for cattle?

The scrupulus meanness of money magic
the comedy in a staged collapse, tree’s felled: tragic
politicians need MDMA for empathy and to help fight
capitalist cancer outbrake.

To gamble our land’s life support on the mad-Bull market
gives off a reckless and putrid stench of rotting corpses
cannibals of europe are eating their children,

Each human mind encompasses the whole universe
the whole multiverse contained inside a criminal thug?
please, we are all interacting nervous systems beyond classification.
–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23.

What does it take to love a hoody?
never mind hug a hoody love a hoody,
tuff love buddy,
a flood of reasons to show empathy
as some wise man once said ‘love thy enemy’
so… how might we love a hoody

What’s inside that hood

Who’s under the street monkhood
What creature lurks beneath the Addidas and the Nike garnments
What feet creep across broken glass in Fila boots
what’s inside the head wrapped in Burberry
all day crime think? think again, 

These are human beings just like you,
criminality seems a pretty flimsy stick these days
as one man goes down for knickin’ a shirt
another walks, like Tony Blair, what is fair?
To me Tony is no better than a hoody,
Gangster activity, lack of insight and foresight,
disrespect, bad judgement, personal benefit
at the scandalous expense of others.
Criminal intelligence is intelligence


a gang is a group or slang for a coup
on the sinister crime-minister’s ‘gang-think’
David Starkey scans the culture darkly, 

dimly, shortsightedly.

–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23.

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