“Borrisalooner” – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Chapter 23. (Page 337)

The future prophesy reported to surround the highly weird book, Finnegans Wake (1939) can be evidenced here: Chapter 23, page 337. Sounds a lot like Boris Johnson to me, and my sentiment asking for buds, and order. John Bercow anyone. I am incorrigible too. Boris the LOONER, and Boris Johnson the loner. Spot on jim.


We want Bud. We want Bud Budderly. We want Bud Budderly
boddily. There he is in his Borrisalooner. The man that shunned
the rucks on Gereland. The man thut won the bettlle of the
bawll. Order, order, order, order!


p.s Joyce wore a Borsalino hat.

Self Deprecation: High Art Of Self Discovery Missing From Political Debate

While thinking about this thing that’s been bugging me lately, I reached for Lenny Bruce. This thing is a question concerning the “P.C agenda” and a part of the surge of people saying whatever comes into their heads, without thinking twice, that’s not alright babe. Backed up by political celebrities.

To those who like Boris, and who like his species of unfiltered commentary on contemporary life, you should get hip to Lenny Bruce, a comedic philosopher who kinda’ invented the genre of offensive performance art by daring to tell the truth. On the back cover, there’s a blurb that for me, gets at the root of the difference between good funny intelligent comedy, and idiotic, cheap, political coercion.

“Lenny Bruce has in effect composed a social document…He searches for truth with pick-axe and rapier, saying the unsayable, sparing nothing and no one, including himself”–Library Journal.

There, right at the end. “Sparing nothing and no one, Including himself”. That’s the difference with Boris, and most other politicians, leaders, royals, CEO’s, they rarely turn their wit on themselves. Self-deprecating humour, there’s a thing that not many well known public figures can do. It’s all one way, e.g comparing Muslim women to letter-boxes. To mean, the day Boris comes out and calls himself a fool and a clown, and any other politician for that matter, although he kind of takes the biscuit within UK politics in 2019, is the day I could consider defending his right to speak about things he does not like or understand.

I’d go further, and propose that a sense of self-deprecating humour, along with other kinds of sense of humour, are suspiciously absent the further you head out toward the edge of any political party. See Nigel Farage, who’s about as funny as an improvised roadside bomb.

Listen and read Lenny Bruce and get your own house in order first. Note to self 😉

I almost forgot to finish my story, while thinking of all this, I opened the Lenny Bruce autobiography somewhat randomly and found this quote:

“When I talk on the stage, people often have the impression that I make things up as I go along. This isn’t true. I know a lot of things I want to say; I’m just not sure exactly when I will say them. This process of allowing one subject spontaneously to associate itself with another is equivalent to James Joyce’s stream of consciousness.”–Lenny Bruce, How To Talk Dirty And Influence People, CHapter 10, pg. 92.

Bloom Jamm (July Update)



For more info go here: https://flyagaric23.com/bloomjamm/

: A Finnegans Wake NInjajamm Pack


Steven Fly: Drums, Guitar, Turntable, Samples

Karl Frisby: Bass Guitar

Robert Anton Wilson: Vocals

Tom Grashion: Pack Programming 

Tim Egmond: Sample Assistance

A sneaky funk expedition through jungles, over oceans and across savannahs, with daubs of electronica. A synchronistic Samba of Coincidance. A new tribal soundtrack with a global village stomp to boot. Bloomjamm sucks you into a wonkyworld of audio, like something David Attenborough might hallucinate. Raise the tempo, bring up the sub bass, get the party jumping and your trotters shaking.  

Bloomjamm is an experimental musical investigation into Finnegans Wake. Crafted for a performance and give-away, at the 26th International James Joyce Symposium, Antwerp, on Bloomsday.  

This pack features Robert Anton Wilson reading from Finnegans Wake, and singing the ballad. For more information about BloomJamm and more free download packs by Steve Fly, please visit:


Special thanks to all NinjaJamm heads, Matt, Tom, Aneek. Derek @ Waywords and Meansigns, Rasa @ Hilaritas Press, Karl, and all Joyce and RAW Ninjas worldwide. Jamm on.