Entourage Against The Machina: Bellsybabble

Woodsy fresh annabliss topical tropic candy tongtingtangy, almost mandy, mister barry citrus spicegills, floor all hashublifty, bloomsdag of creepea sleepea melango shifty, tango alpha skunky monkey pungent googly peppery tart noobie to social munch booberry, lemonwally smelly to make you kill your telly, jelly ashy tarticus sandlewoodsy edward woodwoodsy? Hubblegum space sight, rumbledoor creek, to … Continue reading Entourage Against The Machina: Bellsybabble


Presenter: Steven James PrattPresentation Title: Human Wake Box: Finnegans Wake And Human Beatbox Research Focus: Beatbox workshops, Finnegans Wake, speech therapy, science.Affiliation: John Sinclair FoundationPresentation Type: Oral The recent publication of rigorous scientific studies of Human Beatbox HBB, reveal a reservoir of new experimental data and highlight future research, such as the construction of building blocks … Continue reading HUMAN WAKE BOX


Since March 2020, Squintin Quarantino has been writing rhymes in a ‘first thought best thought’ manner, presented here with little editing. This is the second installment following on from the first ‘Corona Slayer E.P’ (released in September 2020. I trust these rhymes will cohere for you. Starting with the global lockdown 1 in March 2020, … Continue reading INTRODUCTION TO CORONA SLAYER

From My Interview With Robert Anton Wilson 2002

[I remember that in Palm Springs; December 2000 you said: “If the United States government wasn’t trying to dominate the whole world, we wouldn’t be threatened by terrorism.] RAW: That’s just before they fired me, [laughs] isn’t that an odd coincidence? [some “Prophecy” from the Prophets Conference, I reckon] RAW: Yeah well, that’s why if … Continue reading From My Interview With Robert Anton Wilson 2002

Fluv vs Squintin – Monster Bled Trilogy #drums

Squintin Quarantino was kindly invited to bash the drums with sonic-nut guitarist: Fluvster. The following sound waves are the result of our first musical meeting, captured and uploaded for your listening pleasure. We’re available to perform in and around #Amsterdam for christenings, weddings, funerals and riots. SOCIAL DREG RECORDS 2 · FLUV and SQUINTIN @ … Continue reading Fluv vs Squintin – Monster Bled Trilogy #drums


3 tune packs from Jamm Pro mixed into a 111 BPM excursion. LSxCC – BossATuneMax Pelsey – Euphoric TechnoLSxCC – CanYouBelieveIt


C’MON EVERYBODY, Let’s see some sporting artistic spirit of play:Pro vs. Anti Vaccine Soundclash feat. Brian May vs. Eric Clapton. Van Morrison vs. Willie Nelson.M.I.A vs Dolly Parton and then Nas vs Eminem.Encore Liam Gallagher vs. Elton John.C’MON EVERYBODY. —Squintin Quarantino.


First thought best thought is writing what comes to mind and sticking with it, a reflection of what arises and surprises. Surprise equals information, said a wise women. To be clear, I do not ascribe to the Wuhan lab leak theory, I do not ascribe to the vaccination conspiracy to kill off the human race, … Continue reading CORONA SLAYER 2


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John Sinclair – Bandcamp

Last year I started work on building a bandcamp page for the complete audio catalogue of recordings by John Sinclair. The page features our collaborative work on the albums: i mean you, Beatnik Youth, Mohawk, and Let’s Go Get Em’ There’s hundreds of hours of music to listen to, plus an array of special extra … Continue reading John Sinclair – Bandcamp

Butterfly Encounters

flapping overhead flash of orange, rustic brown eclipse the suns ray gracefully lands on  emerald leaf opens wing with a stutter catching the sun solar panelled wings biological perfection motif of transformation launching and flipping unpredictably showing off aeronautical dexterity sensing my gaze the butterfly lands at the table checking in my red and black … Continue reading Butterfly Encounters