SQ – Permdemic (Wack Rhymes For Wack Times)

What about hairworkersThose on the fringesWho add colour to what’s naturalWith dye from syringes The highlight of my dayIs to go get a cutPerhaps have my nails doneOn hand and/or foot Health hair workersOn the frontlineI’ll shave your headIf you shave mine Look at that bouffantOn that buffoon WildersI don’t see hair like that onFarmers … Continue reading SQ – Permdemic (Wack Rhymes For Wack Times)

A Pangolin Prayer – For World Pangolin Day 2021

Exactly one year ago, I posted a blog for World Pangolin Day 2020, calling attention to the illegal Pangolin trade and the awful exotic animal market demand. Since then, I’ve spent time reading what I can find about Pangolin physiology and immunology, and progress in the challenging quest to discover the origins–and plot a prehistory … Continue reading A Pangolin Prayer – For World Pangolin Day 2021

Endless Crew – Dead Batteries (DJ Steve Fly Jamm Pro Remix)

I confess, I miss the dancefloor, so here’s something to rekindle the tribal pulse. A straight-ahead four to the floor JAMM with the electro-stomping “Dead Batteries” by Endless Crew. Visuals courtesy of Art Breeder (bred by Steve Fly) Thanks to Endless Crew and Jamm Pro boffins for making this pack a FREE gift! Tune into … Continue reading Endless Crew – Dead Batteries (DJ Steve Fly Jamm Pro Remix)

Squintin Quarantino – Unherd Of Covidiot Media.

Squintin ain’t flinchin’ at the quack mob preachin’Covidiot ravers should be sent to plague island, bitchin’Lapsed Christian football thugs, fake gangsters, mugsSnot nosed middle no-class kids, rotten gammon luggsY’all need some drugs, you give cannabis a bad nameYou organize on Facebook and then criticise sameNo moral compass, no empathy, y’all wampie’sThe sheep you see in … Continue reading Squintin Quarantino – Unherd Of Covidiot Media.

Squintin Quarantino – Oven Ready Squeal

Not with bang but a whimper, lost my temperTurn time to tempo, praise Bon PoBuddhist buddies come on, let’s goLi Po, leapfrog, ego, lap-dog, lap top, tap-tap, sap head, drip drop Murder most horrid Boris mutates covidKillers on the loose, infodemic noose fervidTruth’s not in news, chief commissioner of toursLewer and skewer fact straight down … Continue reading Squintin Quarantino – Oven Ready Squeal

Deep Mu (Zero)

bound for mu mu landwant to play a game of chessdeep mu zero “Now, in a paper in the journal Nature, we describe MuZero, a significant step forward in the pursuit of general-purpose algorithms. MuZero masters Go, chess, shogi and Atari without needing to be told the rules, thanks to its ability to plan winning … Continue reading Deep Mu (Zero)

Deep Pauli?

“The deep neural network designed by Professor Noé’s team is a new way of representing the wave functions of electrons. “Instead of the standard approach of composing the wave function from relatively simple mathematical components, we designed an artificial neural network capable of learning the complex patterns of how electrons are located around the nuclei,” … Continue reading Deep Pauli?

Fly In The Jamm – Last Note / LM

An experiment with Jamm Pro audio app mixed with images created by weak A.I. at #ArtBreeder where you can tweak and change images to make unique deep-images. This video was kindly featured by Matt Black of Coldcut, on Pirate TV. Yes mate.

20 Years Ago Today With Bob

20 years ago today I was with Bob in Palm Springs, the following is from Dangerous Minds…about the event. The RAW fans contingent in Palm Springs were totally distinct from everyone else present (goths and cyberpunk vs New Agey senior citizens who wanted to hear about Pleiadian prophecy and 2012 Mayan stuff, which Bob just … Continue reading 20 Years Ago Today With Bob

Here Comes The Judge

Steve The Fly is flying once again with this program of selections from Bob James, Shorty Long, the Ramsey Lewis Trio, Thelonious Monk, Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, The Dells, and Eddie Jefferson. 
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents HERE COMES THE JUDGE  FLY BY NIGHT 392 Steve … Continue reading Here Comes The Judge

The Fat Emperor Wears No Mask

Emperor – the sovereign or supreme male monarch of an empire. Tsar, Czar, Kaiser, Fuhrer. a.k.a: Unscientific delusion of divine authority. Chief Covid skeptic, Ivor “Fat Czar” Cummins replied to me on twitter with: “go back to your drums, unscientific steve,” which is funny and helped me to better clarify my position and criticism. I, … Continue reading The Fat Emperor Wears No Mask

An Open Letter To The Dutch Government, Health Ministry And Farm Ministry.

“Europe has an estimated 2750 mink farms and produces more than 27 million pelts per year.–Marion Koopmans. Close the fur farms now, gesloten!Track trace and isolate every single mink mutation immediatelyWhy have you not closed the farms and culled the Mink?Based on what is happening in DenmarkWhat happened in May in Holland!Why are ANY mink … Continue reading An Open Letter To The Dutch Government, Health Ministry And Farm Ministry.