Felt Against The Machine

Felt Against The Machine: Beach Ocean Sky In Wet Felted Wool Thanks to Bruce Sterling for bringing to my attention DALLEmini, the browser based (weak) artificial intelligence that produces impressive, strong images from text prompts. Created by Boris Dayma, I take my hat off to you and everybody who helped evolve this technology to be … Continue reading Felt Against The Machine

Breakacid Bee Line

It’s been a while. Here’s A selection of breakbeats, thumpers, beltchers and party bangerz. Bass music selected and presented by DJ Fly Agaric 23. Special thanks to all artists and DJ’s keeping the vibes alive. #DeepScratch

Follow The River Flow

working class poor billions doe want war a few damn rich    assassination not war on the innocent oligarch hunting crisis in the mind little man fuhrer psycho putin charge to war  psychological blow skull clean off body remove warhead   crimea look war crime in the ukraine humanity scream    hit and missiles hospital school home destroy … Continue reading Follow The River Flow

How Deep Is Putin Dugin?

“The ideology driving Putin has a name: Eurasianism. The idea is to kill off, once and for all liberalism which is viewed as “the greatest threat to the ethno-cultural survival of all the earth’s people”. Those are the words of the man behind Putin, his informal but very vocal ideologue, Alexander Dugin.  Eurasianism, the Eurasia … Continue reading How Deep Is Putin Dugin?

A Synergetic Approach To Coronavirus Treatments

Here’s my comment to a video by Dr. John Campbell I strongly recommend. My 5c. Thanks John and Rob. Great to hear praise for synergistic approach: whole systems behaviour opposed to over-focus on isolated parts, plus reflecting the hippocratic oath to primarily protect the patient. Amen to that. This reminds me of the complexities of … Continue reading A Synergetic Approach To Coronavirus Treatments

All E-Books And Paperbacks

Follow this link for a selection of both Paperbacks and E-books (Kindle) over at Amazon Books. If you’d like signed copies or deals, plus exclusive music and blog posts, please head over to my Patreon account and join the ride. Stay safe.–Steve Fly

RAW Science / Obedience / Covid – RAW Semantics

This dazzling blog by RAW Semantics gets to the nitty-gritty of the current wave of misunderstanding and false equivalence concerning Robert Anton Wilson memes and Covid-19. Thanks for the clarity and multiple pronged analysis of the facts. There you have scientific progress framed by RAW as anti-obedience, anti-authority. And I feel sure the development of … Continue reading RAW Science / Obedience / Covid – RAW Semantics

SQ – December Reflections

Can’t be arsed to edit this, you get the jist. Go forward mutate flyHum and dance keep it simpleIt is simple32 mutations and countingLike Tik-Tok vs. YoutubeWhich is more infectious?Like real guns vs water pistolsWhich more deadlyThe corona virus don’t wanna’ kill usIt wants to join us for the wild rideAssimilate, co-conspireExpire as we doInspire … Continue reading SQ – December Reflections

SQ – Freestyle 1

Oh my Fifth wave comingStill vaccinated, beats comingIt gave me insight, on site, on bright OmicronDoubling like mumpsLumps in the graphCheck the mathWe’ve all got itMinimal symptomsMild diseaseCough and sneezeSome aches and wheezeLess death, thank you pleaseBe careful, mindful, it’s still a dangerThe others the others, on the breeze What of cosmologyStars and suchMind body speechOuch, … Continue reading SQ – Freestyle 1

Tardigrade Update

Thread See new Tweets Conversation Steve Fly Agaric 23@FLYAGARIC2019Change who can replyJesus! #Tardigrade “A tardigrade has been quantum entangled with a superconducting qubit – and lived to tell the tale.” –New Scientist. #MardiGrasForTardigrade#Qbits#EntangledTardi This #Impact study seems a bit cruel but hey, some #Tardigrades must die for the cause. #Panspermia #TardiSpermia “Tardigrade Survival Limits in … Continue reading Tardigrade Update