First thought best thought is writing what comes to mind and sticking with it, a reflection of what arises and surprises. Surprise equals information, said a wise women. I hope these spontaneous rhymes cohere for you. Starting with the global lockdown in March 2020, playful rhymes helped me crawl through the last sixteen months. Besides … Continue reading CORONA SLAYER 2


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John Sinclair – Bandcamp

Last year I started work on building a bandcamp page for the complete audio catalogue of recordings by John Sinclair. The page features our collaborative work on the albums: i mean you, Beatnik Youth, Mohawk, and Let’s Go Get Em’ There’s hundreds of hours of music to listen to, plus an array of special extra … Continue reading John Sinclair – Bandcamp

Butterfly Encounters

flapping overhead flash of orange, rustic brown eclipse the suns ray gracefully lands on  emerald leaf opens wing with a stutter catching the sun solar panelled wings biological perfection motif of transformation launching and flipping unpredictably showing off aeronautical dexterity sensing my gaze the butterfly lands at the table checking in my red and black … Continue reading Butterfly Encounters

Fly By Night 412 – Walkin’ The Spaceways

Steve The Fly is holding forth from Amsterdam with an hour of music by B.B King, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Elmore James, Snooks Eaglin, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Shuggie Otis, and Michael McClure.

SQ – Take Care Out There

RememberTake caution, with the extra portionPotions are potent and effect mental motionPause to think as you enjoy that drinkBe sick in the toilet please not in the sink Mask up, when you fill your flask upAsk up when it’s your round, put your hands upCheck who’s beside ya’, knocking back ciderProvide details inside cuz’ the … Continue reading SQ – Take Care Out There

Police Is This

The legalized mob, run by gangstersUK government, wheels, hamstersEton’s army, the Queens gangA family business, vampire fang Disturbance of the force, peace on pauseRiot in a jam jar, marmalade morseWhy bring pig dogs, why the pig horse?On your bike copper, your morals way off course Polis is this, Polis is thatDrove of army rejects wear … Continue reading Police Is This


Yes, time to turn the tideA full twelve months since Squintin triedDon’t try do, we’re all going throughChapel Perilous, so Charlie love ChapelinMarry us Love is the key, the word the deedThe Beatles sung, love is all you needBe the changeling you wish to seedLove is the law, our will, our feedLet it pour out, … Continue reading SQUINTIN QUARANTINO – LOVE

Corona Cypher – First Thought Best Thought

Originally posted on DEEP SCRATCH:
Hi, in contrast to my blog yesterday, I’ve let my words fly in a first-thought best-thought cypher, to imagine a vaccination potion full of verbs and motion. Soul vaccination, All across the nation people been catchin’ honkypox (Honkypox) When you get the notion, Tower’s got the potion – you might…


Originally posted on DEEP SCRATCH:
“If you let liars into the government, you put everybody at risk”–James O’ Brien, a few minutes ago on LBC talk radio, UK. Whenever I’m fortunate enough to catch one of my own thoughts and follow it, I try to imagine how such a similar thought may arise in others.…

SQ – Permdemic (Wack Rhymes For Wack Times)

What about hairworkersThose on the fringesWho add colour to what’s naturalWith dye from syringes The highlight of my dayIs to go get a cutPerhaps have my nails doneOn hand and/or foot Health hair workersOn the frontlineI’ll shave your headIf you shave mine Look at that bouffantOn that buffoon WildersI don’t see hair like that onFarmers … Continue reading SQ – Permdemic (Wack Rhymes For Wack Times)

A Pangolin Prayer – For World Pangolin Day 2021

Exactly one year ago, I posted a blog for World Pangolin Day 2020, calling attention to the illegal Pangolin trade and the awful exotic animal market demand. Since then, I’ve spent time reading what I can find about Pangolin physiology and immunology, and progress in the challenging quest to discover the origins–and plot a prehistory … Continue reading A Pangolin Prayer – For World Pangolin Day 2021