L is for Lyfcap: Museyroom Round Fungloss Graves

Phly jam ambrosiarealized recycled and golden
thread sewing seed nectar
amber honey mead

runnymeade spreading corn seed,
bread money heads of Barley, Up she was
> Up here with her >
sing praises to the fairyest of em all

mickamackamagnus mckennacawley
she, Valley wedge crop protecter,
Mary Mum mag lite the lane’ as we sew sour berry
sweet story

Weave stitches in time and bring nine
dogs with nine bricks in hods, falling into
Adammonscabin-tomb with glory

Oh, with a view, broom and soon resurrectmoon,
honeymead and maypole 1st maypole,
Axis-Ribbon RNA messengers X ted.

Runnymeade wound axistao monday >
tchewzdei Opus focus on Samhain
Iris trees looking fruity
Novememeber meme in the beer,

Brew is all, recall? cauldron ash hazel
smashed potatoes and st. Johns blackthorn banks
of the stour bitter, bites IT bite >

got old of my one legged lightning one night
[Ulerin’s dogstar], fried hens eggs
Googles swishy wet rain

thorthondonna Belle Pure light of bliss >
clear light of piss > Pist >
cycling and verbatoon twisting Yoshi Yoshi you see,
Annaliviannaconda-Coincidance of cuntfairyeez >

Aboriginal sneeze, The teletoldus > Avatar very mush

from the nasal passage of Bill Boggyman. Stuck with Bogs. Sluggish English Eyelashings severed acrillic post fly agaric re:hashing swingset assembliss songs for Womble Lee stadiohm, Chomping-Pion spitting opinion, wheeling a barrow of marrow for tomorrow mathew micheal wrote the motor boat ashore, hairy Loo seat > sea saw margerine door slippy dark cavern rocktomb stinky word heaven, her womb > shavern hayvern Malvern Hill knocker, heaven helps with severn steps and rainbow kisses > Culpo de Dido! refraction and complection with an air of completion, totalitea drunk down and again resurrected wonder, mind on an axis wonder where > who? how spacetime grids adhere to semantic lion trapeze art gallery shows, and Bloody mary cellary summers on a rooftop in Brooklynn, pickin up book lynnnames > reading lennon washing brain with Fenollosa Chinese written characters, i digress, the Goddess alphabet versus and waltzes and dances harpmaster, robutter celt soundsystem. A barn dance three stepping stone, trinitea brew Positron, Electron, neutral-tron and Tommy Tronic tonic Ginius > space invaders any thought vessel, freestyle writing co-ordinates encircle my dome plate, agaric corn tomb wonder broom slide side shooter sharp schmudged jug of ale, golden door nail juice and sprouting fungustus rain forest berry Christmusk smells, mucky single 12″ jungle bells of New York> Mystic biscuits in hand, three ears of CORN, a reaper to bring the year to sing to HER because She brings the Yearning, Gaia > yes Mummer me, me mom, she germinates the seed and dudly sunny gym and sister wordsley all in the sleight, o’er muntinns and lumpost boxes, curbwinders and wind tunnel traps, shops and hops locked off other than cumin out their tups, tap tap, drumstix clatter shockin mastergarment entangle bramble mean’t cement drive 7 whell rainbow bridge constructer, cycling encircle jerk off radio > To Her the season sister, She provides space in silence upon the empty wind, me sixteen feet under in an Oak box, the TOR, Tarot rototation nation on a platter-head pussycrow of Kings, seasons Tailsinn, bard king and priest kraft, Oiye! who stole the priestcraft from My poetic loving brothers and sisters, Awake! Painters and artisanz Frescoz, craft folk sleeping ? when did the political military brute blow their flute and stick their ugly foot threw my straw hoot > livin on root to root word etymology, why fly i be, flyerwhyr fearless phalloides > poetic intoxication and resurrection through a whiff of Whisky Mtea at a funneral rite. Rotaturntable fable sga larger swig and puffed up skunky funk packed Buff Zap Bang Bommshroom tomb and words POP like comc book balloon speak > a new brew > each and every timecountedtrick > cauldrons running cold connudrumz tummuz tammez Japan again a Bran O Bronto Clontarf Pint, Half Millenium Point Crown Jail Escape Dillinger Dancefloor devastation > bubblin brooks and i’m blathering wearing cheynemail roaring to go > salmon and gold rings inside post box > inebriation and evolution get combined through metaphysickness. Flyer self combed and combined with a current natural self soul, in the flesh fly feeds and needs to reflect a higher chapel with wings who singx all frequinoxy waves “My ego” might not be able to flow, kayknee talk of years ago and lost paradise wounded rewound and dumfound land > [nice] but hey, Climb the Mount, spin that wheel, throw the dicebox, spin that Ching! like a Musketear i’m building bridges from Pages 308 Wake longuardness and Canto LVI [Eonochs] twitch would be Livia Live. Live and be born Ze woid is Endead. Go on a mission and Bug on out! Ze woid has bean sproutrooted and organickmickamudpuckpost chrysophrase Photographs are being posted to my neurocortex just now > start with honeycomb beesknees and Dunne cow. Bog and god and good is mud, mudapplication in Lye town, we are the mud people and the Bog was my birth place, fishing for naughts and Nulls in the Pondlife in wellingdone boots and listeing to willingpalayed flutes and reeds grow, vines, ivy, hazel, Willow, Whispers on the wind, still blowing in my childs ear, a thirsty ear for novelty. Pick up your pens and talk tapes and laptops and write till you drop, let it go > out > breath and inhale the Knu woid world and stop the war. Warme. Hark and bezerk! To HER to the wind swept boggy hills and hedgerow chocolate sunsets, dark hedgehog goblynns > black cats muskets and Muscaria trumpets, likkle miniture trumpet playing fairies hidden up my arse, and Hark! Winter solstice > saturnalia the turning verse, Universe turning waltzing zing and Tang tongue Ching Ming mixung Seasons > polyspoores spin enlightenment and water willowyellowcups scoop up bits of the painting, like they were scooping out the arcylick paint OFF the surface finnish, of the picturepoem painting hanging and SUNG. Mao M Men and Mountain but Mountain is Femminyne and Nayme is not the thing, name games the name and i wear a turbine tripple jet thrusted plant of powerflower Amanita on my Avant Head-band. W and water, women, wet words, water wave and wow wee wet and water running dribble > just a pebble in the W Wave weather solution, weather waves wash windy ways > weather waves wish womenwater babylogic whispers > whichever weather storm you form whichever witch wicker winding window you OPEN. Witch side of triplicity Goddess WWW and a wild world women with witch wound wood waterbaby yes, with W “Eye” insectarian > wish water and whatever is called “NOW” seems sewn threaded and knotted helicked and locked keywhole hologramick nick knockqueenox hide and seek week strong semicircular solution > crescent city Whales, equals W. Look at the Word. W has the meaning “Mountain” in Chinese. W’ has the form of a ripple or WAVE pattern in nature. W doubleyou Yoshi Yoshi, slug helix longridge lungwitchway pathgraph painter > sandwhich with witch wonderful wild berries, deep purple plum jelly fly wave. [hello] grapefleshwhine Time wave weaving and woven wooly jumper jesus fruits. Four goldred leaf book-bound to happen, bound to Dover, bonded wharehouse nation > Bluebirds stenciled in white chalk canvas, “UP” letters burning off walls, Lords of Hyroglyfeetea letters wait. brewing mandrake, henbane, Egyptian blue water Lilly and John and jove the ship to Venus. She waves her wrists [goodbye] and whispers wunce more > illson illson and illson, Colynn, Pether, Rubort wyde web, witch words can you put 2 WWW that equal meaning as heavy huh. Huh. All words and language came from nature.

Graves and books of trees awake yes. This is a fact that i believe more fundermentalstylistickly each day, a tree ooger you might say. And yet…. documents on scribble printed trees hold nations to their knees, embargos and Public policy spelling politicks on goldplated pogo stix, jumping loons in the Senate > i sinn it Live and i’m sad. Leaders driving diamond studded Hummers through slumms, Billion dollar drum rolls and Footballshit diversions, excursions and expensive executive “manager” “get your hands in another pie” > type fonts > roman gothic, Roman catholick, Protest and Christ Buddha Krishna who was Finn? McKewl, all of em? Non-local yoke yoga Joker > hologrammummy god of word woid webbs to come > thighs to make you cum > brumm, sings to come again > woid birth in poetic hemisemi Tombs of Mind, resurrected in Egyptian Ceremoney rites, high row-Micheal-Glyphs > a boat a shore a sure, Books (shored) Beat generation armordoor > banging drums with hyperspatial chizelpod pens and grizzly Blues songs from deepforest telle eve classics > yes musiq revolution > arts and crafts yes! use these rafts avoid drafts to war > birth your craftyraft down a river runnymead valley > I stopped the revolution because of seeing lice eat their own litter, and for em eating their litters in Europe > These raps are rich beehivecuzz Ash willow Birch Mapple Apple Ayahuasca and blossomly impossible facts in
masked bandit brains shooting “word” signifier punditoes > pot twisted turntribalism spun and flung to the net, For peace! web weaving wave carrier jump net jets > a rewinding Dj fly agaric mix tape from 1996 [it’s happening again] and it’s why Hip Hop sucks in ninteysix, In 93 “Quest” vision bass and drumz > metalheadz turbines rolling, Spindle tape trooper metalic wulf-town industrees turning metalicka smoking wen-stax of waxtribal-steel revolving wheels, seal/calendars hubba bubba buddha mandala twisting > steelbridge and Millingham, Cow turkey baconham farms, Pembroke and Pendragooknee fixed up Council statements > wounded Dudley silent but cunning and all spinning spun fragmented breakbeats, Winstons “Amen” breaks and “Incredible Bongo Apache breaks” Hopi, Zunni, Breaks and Windjammer Hops hip brewed into Muscaria holotrack titles > goole eyebulls into top lids, kick hat snare back2back, get High High and ride the metalick wave of the future tech synth sample pitch shift dub wize digital rising mechanic army of breakbeat poets, who can call digital trax organic? new fragmented DJ chops into Occult rootriddim manuals for constructing KNU vision-age earth city spaces and Revolutionary booklights consisting of Muskatears Wake/Cantos Page 308. [shudder, what deadly loom] Look at the Musketear and Figa Acrillic turntable technique > beat diggin waltzing curryspundanced > book digger twisted Ill figa [Waterwave Mountain peach blossom buzzom snuggle nozzle puzzle rustler uppa], on the mend and round the corner philosophicalla muscaria, not jokingjumping jesus-Buddha up brother and sister Isis, Pull over you Hindu Mudslime, Gather Horus Limbs > Indian American and Indian Nepali mixture > rice and X Box. Weeping Camel and SUV donut turns > bad bwoy fuel consumption down the local mall > Non-local all of it and my text jumping for Joy, seeing the Tree names appear Oakyland is like Willow creeks > winding puzzle games, calendars, and bug in the beginning insectoid wheels of fourtune, spinning for gold, the 3.14 ratio, spinning for Gold for the decad Pie thangaurus, 1 2 3 4 Decad, a three hundred-fold novelle, cabballa fares are high this moth throat Lamb > transfomation and Chrysophase vision seal calendar [insert date of revolution here] and give woid Ze end > birth Christal balls and talk of corn barley curly haired Goddess. YES > She the muse always to her, the seasons only turn when SHE reaps weeps what we sewn up, fly stitched into her womb> her electric field of corn powered by the SUN and Bucky Reich Tesla knu her Zeropointed ears and Rabbit whiskers Jumping through the corn fields pesky lice nittle nettle clinker sprite whisp, slippery toad shit, witches pussycat of mischief > justice stewing in a cauldron [the side the side is opening] and i’ll fit Mcbride, Yeats and Joyce inside > Lo! calling the DEAD poets society, self preservation is not of THIS nation, freaky jazz improv poetree born acidead > and died wild as Courtly lovepox, and wired like Courtly TV, trapped by TVangels entagled mangled meaning, Meow > i refuse to battle you, OH TV. [bows] Vision i have and vision eye hold to cycle bicyckle meanings on 1001 cathodelick ray channels in Arabic, French, Eyetalyin, Jabberwooky-ish and Poetrash talk. The lost language of messiahs, Ode to JOYCE and pitched in every voice and sub species at hand/mind/process > the roots of the trees and the organic WAVE double Dublin Dub plate vinyl slang heaped ply over ply, stax of wax over sealed dub plate sovereign Amanita pressing. Sung aloud! I’m bangin techno into shape. an ornette bell, rung and attracting strange songblows, wrong write, wrote murder slander and gander goose loose stylez, free and easy come flex with me. still, fli-book acrillic breaker of vaults pole vaulter of faults to reach six trillion vaults and blasting humanity into space with Stilts to help traverse the unknown freestle verse coindance and concressing convergence chance game of tarot cards, spun and gamblyn bards, throw down shards of street knowledge respect and realism, spinning wheel of rotamotor turn tables tripple transverse goddess fables Amaneata i told ya.

Eat the authority and Lick the church yards, make meters squint into Pookaseconds, coming nanosecond > take a peeko into Vico and snatch hatchlings or eggs of easter up and up to HER rizzinn hyperboreans, “bard Symbolist Gurrilly tonguetolojisters claiming the isle and biological diversity and “Knowledge wit wisdom and courage” from each University waltz and Surrealist collage marching Celtic fairies > out into bottle ink stainford. Letterplates and Gutenburg shields held high > wielding song of life, Mantra 357. Mamasutra tell the tales of twisted stein-space, I and I jah rastarotaturntribal bible for the Grey race to heaven. Finn agains racing and singing to birth itself, WOID’O garick > to birth me Genni out the bottle, running Horsecattlesheep powa PO! Bon morning, resurrection through the O’ penning of the Month > Open agape abyss Lenny Crevice > are you gonna go my way > Openning the Mouth and Spattacluster galaxy claus > Jesu Spiritea Santa Saturn Satanickle sickle Spinn electron Tommy Cubehouse 21st Seasons Winter Sol [The S” mystery from FW] Sun still stice, styx sister Mother Sleep, re:seeding but FORward not like Hair re:seeding, backerds bastards Lords, Solar phallic jesus “Egyptsea” Dukes Kings and mudslingers. We roll in it and get dung on our torso, shrooms grow like golden snow from my armpits, work down the coal pits thats what my ancestors do did daddy day do i guess. Searching for relics of energy, Arthur Scargills, bulbous skirt, garter party Labour red and white, Britton and the Union jack shit Buttons pressed Pressings dairy seal chocolate biscuit eshucteaon tallon and Lion in my closet, a Princess in my bed, a nation dribbled out my nose and onto her pillow, and still She [not Thatcher] she of ALL England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, California, New England, Europe, Asia, Africa – Even the Silver space Anita Dianna Dog bitch speckled show Puppy pillowspeckled constellation behind the sun > still here golden ration in my eye, divine proportion, like a Porche slick and shaped to interact with wind, rain, gravity and Rainbows > created to remind us of union, multi coloured therefore, maybe incandecent > gentlewoman, Her the hill, Green man and Golden fleece women [bark of the Yage vine bark] female trees, the Ent Wives. Vine of the soul [organic biological free global internet wet soggy noggin overcoated broadcast reception projection process] Nanotech pilots climbing inside of her buzzom, surrealist lovers and beauty speak engineers, queers, wild bezerk Prattle cattle of Love forces, and spun versus, turntable slung over camel, dropping Humpty after Hump hump, rump rattlers through Sub bass Saharan Terrain, through swamps of Siberia Amanita Musketer spins Koryak rhymes and Eyecarowing tales, Shaman songs from welsh hills, and Poetry Whychbury [to be learn’t] and tales of trees and prattle between word word nature and mother natures a whore > said the shutgob two the head > supra expanding ego head, inflater scriptor self templehead, Mouth full of tongue fairies [aggaloopingwinezephyr] and leaves covering my gentle tools, i await further instructions. Momentarily, and then merrymount around again alternate currency side swing > i swing pole to pole mayday to halloween and back like flydermunth > in search of bridges to transport ship mates and shipping penmunth Bards over here, to my shore, swimming together > Out above the law wall, Pen in hand, bioinformatick tracked and skirt circuited > dictionary in fragments torn to bits by Jimi Mugcoffinlynn shreddy wheat licks from my fingers, electric ascension chordx Music the vehicle yes, twelve the key, twelve the vibratory keyhole for spacemind holyday everyday,

Timewave water Mountain wet wonder moist soggy sloppy condensed plaster scene, casting forms taking shape drying off, hardening condensare again, a new form fragiles and getting tense gravity HER Knotted wisdom braids of Dublyn Helick Elix helix E’ Her, Helix and looks tasted twisted Double strand X-Y spiral tribe down/up across vertical Hurryzonetal Zeropoint axis Zero, Time wave Zer Waterwavewishing Washing wells circle thrice and spin three times > waving arms and singing Maypole charms, Dharma Bums cheecky rose red, rising dawn, golden Mushroom dawn come join me i have nose manifesto, Rudolphinn the Dolphin maybe my Motto and merlin cave maybe my grotto, religion is horse speak blotto, Ramblings of a Drugged Horse on K. OK then, hault tanks with tankquillizers > test me timewave twisted tongue Lung trickertape unwound udderground overstated state of mindlyness, you however are also in this river reading swimming grasping at logs with me, grasping at reason like frogger jumping across the spectrum 48 K abyss of meaning, 8-16-32-64 bit Liebiknitz King when it happens = revolution, magic, cards, books codes cyphers and fly agaric toadstools providing Stools for poetworm spiral nested systems sagas to unwind and unfasten hymselves into Carrol christmas Dogdson golden section dawning bagpuss yawning, and Pink/ white and grey colours bouncing around a fluffy candy cat scene. Early morning animation of a nation, a seal calendar realized and theori sed moment to moment through potree Maryjane! my love bringing ambroasiarealizations of worlds in collision, a Burrus Language Virus out of cuntroll, an Outbrake of Terror [stop] and Christian Dogma traps set like cherchjelly. Daniel and the Lyons mediaspherical den, impossible to escape until equinox locks unfastened the Waketoes code exploded Internet wireless worldwide networked and just two texts X and Y JJ and Ez > I’m off to bed agen > dreamcatcher world webs and spun doctors pundits and collaborative “Square” Mason Egyptian dead talkin Society preservers of Jam logic > all the natural elements amino a meaning acids, and four chemical keys to super cosmic threaded wovern ladder snake shape dubblyn he lick keyhole lazy twist Golden spiral DNA postcritter. Einstein plus spiral equals: cosmic superimposition. So take UP! your marks! Quarks and get set. Ready flow. Toe to toe. In the Mu mento, forget to knot tier, forget me knots in my hair, my pubic hair has signs only me and my lover speak of, HER hair golden ringlights telephone chords coded and Vine like, skyladder Buttersmooth conditioned skyrope > a portal doorway ascension bliss Stellar regional favourite, foreign legions of star spacetime surrealists pist presented and foot sure, walking and waving arms, legs, and kites flying ideograms signiflyagarik > Red with

White spots. Spotted betty Boop handbag
hags, Santas Outfit, seat covers, the Devil Satan Santa

mummble bummble
golden bow [bows]

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