T is for Tribetablist : Re:volutionary Versus vs.

Acrillic Figa
“What we want is someone to think twice before they start a business. – Hilary Rosen, Recording industry of America, 2001

Deux copies of soma seal/kallendr entertwinned mixer licksir phase Arcacia, mind still like xion. Wind speaking. Phase delay echo-compression amplitude condensation nature conversation conversion turning versus waltz helicopter mapple mother matrix mother vortex, hazel sister syrup. The Pancake worth wheating for. kullendar foods of the reaping gods. Eight in Processional Cycles within professional circles and recycled > Swallowed back in time with vinyl spacewine. Operation Zepplin. Wychbury ills. Wooster. Miggle Earth > confused by mudapplication of mudbury ill-logic upon kingswinford boys school and King Edward’s High school near Stourbridge > an old school mix tape to please Philosophy scholars whop hollas. Sci-fi seers, classic rock goth queens of the stone age and gene Interuptions from Jazz cannons > crossed wires christ sound aremixology s eeping through the studio walls, out the clouds and cracks in the pavement, Heliocentric worldview dormant in the Demeter seediment collected at the bottom of my pint. Cloud canvas. She is the wall and the paint. Amanita and not A Prattayana of TsuNarby time-trouble wave particle elixr skipper. Cheif. Tables of Curryspundances. Amplified Amplifiction. Hieroghettofication. To make bandwidth pregnant with novelty. Tribetables. Revolutionary DJ mixing. There i said it! blending reality, whisking up mythology and comedy and gods pharmacy. Apple Logik x Reason = Prose tools. Fli sight logik Plug outs. Oh shit, lightening bolt one leg just run off with my footnotes, The cyclops just stolen by stereo equipment. My 12″ single. Wu tang and Mo-wax and Oriental Krushism landscape-soundscape. cliche background ambience history Scratching foreground, details, variables, changeable syllables. Flipped buqcs flipped discs, spun records. 2 tall and the perverts and Tiger. Elbotenic acidjazz. Deep within the heart of Jungleheart. Chitwan. Loud dubbleDub plate vinyl slang. Amplifiction. Recipemaps + puzzle + song carved into the runoff matri[X] Thus was it in time tribetablist Kallender and language constructing tools as future therapy for westernisms gone wyld. Billy Pilgrim has become stuck in time. Again. Look at the track titles and sleeve artwork while listening deeply simultaneously. Tribetooble ork-castration of 20 amino acid guides, guided by spacetime co-ordination and intuition. Microphonelines linking linguistic recipes together. I search around the writers block. Spray Can as computer Mouse Brush. Visual symbolic divinitorial signifier [pack, house, set, series, nuzzle] ideogrammic tranducer between human nervous-system and Grandmother Goddess Gaia [HER dew covered hedgeoak leaf emerald lozenge dazzlehopper] sign language $ of the times-tables turning > versinging, dance, meditation, kung-fu prose using audio softwar metaphors and intoxicated EVOLOTION > worked backwards into the minds of spores. Cut and Skratch at history to help reveal hers. Rock drill 85-105. Thrones. Sample groovy landscapes into mymulltea-story Stack-shuffle spooky logic circuits. And to change the very meaning of words from one conference to another > Pro-ceed! Preceed! Pro tools, “Prose” Tools Logic and Reason and turntables and a mix(here) in between. Acrillic figa sampling internet image archives and spinning them dizzy cove vortex. Arc I repeat > Vinyl cyclic record turning disc seal/fragments of a Disk Druggy. Virtual studio space and time Interface. Coffin up Vinyl scrolls. Fantastic dubble dub platted twisting golden chords. De chorded. MidknightSpring hands juggle Green Jungle scape > Simultaneously throwing and catching revolting avant jazz fragments. Avant bard! Kwantum Stubblefield slanguistix. Milling Karma wheels. Served on a turntable platter with a byte of luck. On rotation two records in-finite phase/faze. Slick and time twisted spiral codes – co-ordinates. Grime with mold. storage in dark-dank cupboards. Death fungus grows in granmas earholes. Cutting paths into youknight and knot tribes and scribes. Avant > Bards and Djays. Blue painters Uknight. Midknight Spring has sprung from cowdung. New Growth. CELEBRATE. get Knotted and remixed with cultures and nations lotions. Let the wind speak. There is paradise. Welcome to the Turntable REvolution > Breakfast spun on a gold threaded platter for Saturnalia with a bit of luck. Kung Fu tea and blueberry muffins too. Huygens probe separates from Cassini Orbiter. 21 day trip to Titan. Christmas Tsunami. Place the stylus needle into the f-ring groove, Wash your hands, Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the cap off. Place the cap gills down on a sterile card or glass platter. Cover the card with a clean container, Leave overnight! Fold the christmass card in the morning and keep airtight Ziplock it, good luck it and happy saturnalia. Sporeprints remain good for a year, airtight Turntable – Tales Tales Tales. Apple Logic 2.3 tastes strange to me and even looks like a strange fruit served on a Re volutionary turntable of Correspun/dance, is Yeah, PUN-dances digi drizill? boared? Oozing blue pomegranates with a byte of lady luck. Artemis scaffolded via multitrack audio digital interface dialects. The open sauce is being trickled beyond the boundaries of the physical boundaries of the room using Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools. Listen to me. Remove the ceiling! Tools arm troopers for Re:volution. The Prose tools i spew are just fragments. All peoples from ALL times and ALL places re:unite in a concressence of Vibration. YES with INK as my only hardwar device deployed upon the Semi-circular virtual playingfield. A Seed looping with hands holding nature. The disco joke, cutting and scratching samples like this. Like this feast of Apple logic prose pie > served on a revolutionary platter. Hot. Hotter. And dripping with kool. A re:birth of logik reason and aseed loops. The Return of the King? when? Wen? Wei? YU? Ling? Chiang? Cung? Mung? Huan? Hsai? Hsi? Kung? Chu? Lao Tzu? Mencius? Li Po? Basho? Giles? Pound? Paz? Light and dark. Lynncyclopedear mother of juzz flun’ka booz ezam mipop this and that. One mix. Interuptions and crossed wires for name sakes. And track names and titles. Coincidental word crossroadx. Changing and unchanging lines in our collective narrative story. Construction, sentences, meters, verse, tableachure. Tribtablism 101. Mash up mixalots of tribal scribblz. I repeat Records/samples/ammunition/input = revolution. Turning versus forever and ever Amen. Breaks. U.S Constitution of United Nations. War of the worlds. On the ones and twos i bring the fresh yellow gnussample quotes > stacked like a tangram. You be the judge as i present the illuminated details and steal sayings. Sample quotes with taste. Spunk doctored from a DJ to the masses. Is everyone out there ready. My weapons of choice. The turntables. The executives, lawyers and accountants who lately have made most of the money in the music biz, are now running scared from the technology that even’s out the creative playing field and makes artist’s, harder to pimp.
The wide reconfiguartion throughout the KNU sonic species of audiophiles to Lung Playback seal/calendar/revolutionary disc’s or phonograph records, remains exactly proportionate, give or take a few tracks, to the Hi-Fi component industry. High. My name is fly agaric and i am a component. And so it flows. Woid is born unto me and hemp vinyl seals. We change the wheels of steel into oatmeal pancake cyclepaths into yet more inner wheels. Spinning. Like a loom or tape machine. Spinning. Listen. Edible clothing and edible shelter just might put an end to world famine. Fli jamcasting a pattern of cyclical themes, crystal ball gazing. Through my dreams i have been haunted by my own return and rise to Mount killamangiro. Cycles and revolutions per minute matter to records and books, balances and treasury measury. Usury in the music bizzness. Records with unusual tax. RIAA whots goin on. SonyPodTao. Bertelsmanapster. BMGTime. War and Rhyme. Virgin Mega Asscrap. Omniversal group sex. Revolution means re:listen. Listen again. Wake…..AGAIN! I am stacking my samples for you to read and judge for yourself. Your really only taking soundsample quotes from other people’s calendars. Then using them to make it KNU. DJ Fly acrillic using split-peaco second star FRAGMENTS of recordings. It’s hard to explain in English. Like slicing up individual letters from a word and then individual words from a sentence and then cutting Individual sentences from a paragraph and then maybe individual paragraphs can get sampled from a particular corresponding chapter. Genetically engineering sound by splicing the stereo signal. Buzzing genes of a flie amanita. DJ nostrodharma predicted in 1132 that no single format would replace another format entirely. The disc/seal/calendar is convenient for choosing a certain selection table of elements or astrological chart. The only problum (is) it would not be profitable. No Profits from the Revolution. The twilight hour has come. We dance to the beat of the SOMA drum. Unity among the Masses, more free classes. Less toxic gasses. A physicist will tell you that space is allied to time, a poet will argue that it is closely allied to sound as well. DJ fly said record and mean’t > phonograph disk. Whisk the void to twist and scratch the woid. Tweak phat nobs. In Ackrillick chaosmos DJ records are calendars/seals/maps/recipes and teaching tools for the Revolution. Everyday turn turn turn. Turntable. Ant Butler. Nat Butler. Ultra bent. Tale Burnt. Arlen Butt. Let Turban. Brutal Net. Table Runt. Brutal Ten. Table turn. Tablet Run. Tablet Urn. Battle run. Turntable. Revolution.



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