WC is for World Cup: of sugar fat and Satan’s jiszm

I’m lovin it, Satan is Nationwide,

Carlsberg, Pepsi Max alcosugar sweet

Ronaldo Macdonaldo

Alcohol, fat, preservatives and a world cup of sugar

Pimped by Sportsmen who don’t know the game [they are all silent, yet paid in full]

10’000 satanic corporations ride upon their shirtbacks,

Children are throwing up fizzy orange Mcnuggets onto the green football field

Drunk and lovin it!

Hooked on sugar; hung like a nation to a RED cross!

Please do not get cross if you loose a simple game.

How about some fruit and vegetables for the children you motherfuckers?

Strawberries and cream!

Rhubarb and vanilla ice cream!

Horse raddish and Salad cream!

Apples and grapes! THINK about health; that’s real wealth you motherfuckers.

How will a sports team win anything if they are sucking

And playing with Satan’s corporate cock jizm, and lovin it!

The world cup has become clogged full of Big macs, vomit and beer Jizm.

Over to you John.

p.s I love football because it remains a simple game anyone can play – with a ball and a flat playing surface. I love games and sports and healthy stuff. I don’t like unfair games with unfair rules such as unrestricted corporate capitalism and the way that unhealthy products that healthy sportspeople would not consume before or during their sports performance unless it involved massive corporate bribes [David Beckham and co.] Unhealthy substances are pimped and prostituted to our children and families and loved one’s by fake cultural hero’s, celebrities and media whores. The lowest and sickest kind of propaganda i have whitnessed in all my life time. And the war on some people who use some drugs continues to ruin the lives of millions of people world wide.


Acrillic Figa

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