ML is for Maybe Logic: The final secret of the Illuminati.

“maybelogic” the movie!

The final secret of the Illuminati revealed. Finally.

Directed by Lance Bauscher
Coming May 2006 from Disinformation Home Entertainment

“I have learned more from Robert Anton Wilson than I have from any other source.”
– George Carlin

Winner Best Documentary Audience Award – San Francisco Independent Film Festival

Robert Anton Wilson is undeniably one of the foundations of 20th Century Western counterculture. Robert Anton Wilson: Maybe Logic, a feature-length documentary, is a hilarious and mind-bending journey into the multi-dimensional life of Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus! trilogy. Featuring video spanning 25 years and the best of 100 hours of footage thoroughly tweaked, transmuted and regenerated, Maybe Logic follows the ever-open eye of Pope Bob as he penetrates human illusions, exposing the mathematical probabilities and spooky synchronicities of the eight dimensions of his universe.

Tom Robbins, Paul Krassner, Douglas Rushkoff, R. U. Sirius, Douglass Smith, Valerie Corral and Ivan Stang.

Maybe Logic exercises – in the spirit of a zen roshi and the exercises of Prometheus Rising and Quantum Psychology, Wilson leads the viewer through experiential maybe logic.

Directed by Lance Bauscher
Coming May 2005 from Disinformation Home Entertainment
82 minutes + 12 minutes bonus footage * Region 0 * NR * $19.95 (US)

Label: deepleaf productions
Catalog#: none
Format: DVD
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Interview, Political, Education, Speech
Credits: Artwork By [Package Design] – Propane Studio
Directed By, Written-By – Lance Bauscher
Executive Producer – Timothy F.X. Finnegan
Featuring – Douglas Rushkoff , Ivan Stang , Paul Krassner , R.U. Sirius , Tom Robbins , Valerie Corral
Music By – Amon Tobin , Animals On Wheels , Boards Of Canada , Cinematic Orchestra, The , Funki Porcini , Ognen Spiroski , Pullman , Rick Walker , Supplicants, The , Tarentel
Music By [Dvd Menu] – Fly Agaric 23
Narrator – Robert Anton Wilson
Other [Associate Producers] – Amanda Dofflemyer , Fly Agaric 23 , Katherine Covell
Other [Best Boy] – Robert Anton Wilson
Other [Camera] – Amanda Dofflemyer , David Allen , Ivan Stang , Katherine Covell , Lance Bauscher , Robert Dofflemyer
Producer, Edited By, Artwork By [Designed By] – Cody McClintock , Lance Bauscher , Robert Dofflemyer
Notes: Contains over 3 hours of material including Maybe Logic feature, expanded interviews with all the featured RAW cohorts, maybe logic exercises, and original, non-simultaneously, DVD-randomized footage of the best of Pope Bob.

Special thanks to donacha.

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