30 Seals: The spore of the words. Cuts.

Ice Birch* deep blue coral fungus ocean of azure Tahoe.
Fade blue in my memory but i am trying to stain deeper
Granted green tin flash of emerald, amber, merald gambosa fade,
To Sun* burnt toast, lavender fade, sparkle swirl, short circuit
Electric blues, now white moire swirly glass, misted frost neopolitan
Isje cream, royal blue diamond swirly xanthoderma blueberry,
Maple fruit fire and burnt, ouch swirlyelloworanga tanned black
Coal to white swan snow burst, zebra wood with orange teeth
And black cloudcover, cedar teac toxoranga tanned, turning crillick
Birch* brazen backface to amanita virosa and whiteyellow,
Brawn twisted lingreening, twisted tomaat finnash ash monty
Python snakeskins acorn texture nobbles and more cloud rounded
Brown toffee swirl.

Whats these 32 track loops about?. Looping. Am i now “LOOPY” huh?
Timespace machine, built using dynamic sauce material,
Churning with tribetableurns “The Cantos by Ezra Pound,
“Finnegans Wake” by James Joyce, “Coincidance” and “Illuminatus”
by Robert Anton Wilson. fuel for the engine which is a sort of map
You seer it. Patience. Wait for wind. The paradox of a modern verse epic,
A poetic response of a particular llicka’ writing from his own semihemi
Milky shakespace perspective. Freethoughtout, throughout freedohm.
Freedom attracts historikal forces from the future, imminace!
Trancending any single consciousness or mument.
Dubble dub plate vinyl sling slinging Aphex twin druqz
Anna Livia Plurabelle Ambient music for airports Brian Eno
Boards of Canada Anna Livia Plurabelle John Lee Hooker
Country Boy Cabbage boy sausage doctor Anna Livia Plurabelle
Boards of canada, Max 404 oddity Shem the penman Cyril
Cussack Pressage The media Miles Davis live at Filmore
Wednesday Miles Jello Biafra The big ka-boom part one Cabbage
Boy sausage doctor Anna livia Plurabelle Shobhan Mckenna Timothy
Leary Jimi Hendrix Buddy Miles You can be anyone this time around
Aphex Twin druqs T.S Eliot East Coker from the four quartets Duke
Elington. Sep 2005.

USA. Spinning currency is good for productivity. Flowing free.
Healthy circulation makes for good productivity – goods multiply;
Wealth increases, health too. Stealth? who are YOU? We all live
A happy good life with abundance and plenty. Our life blood flows
Free as tree sap and our heartshead strong like oak.
Add a correlative harmony between humanity and nature
Spirit of dung and material wealth, self and cosmoss, above
And hello hello’ smell the corpsemanure. Each and every
Elemental of the mircocousin pull/pushes into re:relation with its
Currespundingdong element in the macrocousin.
Its a family affair. Twinkle Twinkle little star. How i wonder what precious
Metal you are, Terrestrial to the celestial i wonder…Precious…Oh….my……
Presshuss parasoil. The power to purchase can never (under the present system)
Catch up with prices at large. Who issues it? how? Who blocks the bog and why?
Seems like world trade organizations need a collonic.

Blow it out your assets!


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Spore Of The Words

by Steven Pratt

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