JJ is for James Joyce. EP is for Ezra Pound: transformations.

Joyce and Pound Transformations.

Don’t be a, I’m not going to! Sh! nothing! A cricri somewhere! Buybuy! I’m fly! Hear, pippy, under the limes. You know bigtree are all against gravstone. They hisshistenency. Garnd ond mand ! So chip chirp chirrup, cigolo – Finnegans Wake, Page 146.

Each pioneered a new method with which to present to the rest of the world what they had learnt – Epiphany” and “Ideogramic method” respectively. Often, and more especially with Ezra Pound they presented encyclopedic information without personal commentary, quoting and using an impersonal sampledelia of worldwoid historical artifacts. Or records. They were both denounced at various times in their lives as Mcloonatics for their genius and gift. Charles Dodgson once accused Joyce of turning his back on the common man after he read Finnegans Wake; i think mebbe this was a kind of sick joke. But in 1939 when the book came out, maybe Joyce wanted to communicate some kind of turning, revolution without killingry.

Uncle Ez experienced twoeeks in the human-bird cage while under U.S custody charged with high Treason for his famous, radical M.C’ing and Disc Calendar jockeying, while in Pisa, Italy during WWII. When he finally returned to America the scholar poet spent thirteen years in St. Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally unfit; ironically situated in Washington D.C, today a global hotspot for the mentally ill and wholly dogmatic nut job cranky leaders of the know “free” world.

Pound called many of his villains “usurers” to denote their tendency to take a particular form of natural abundance, naturally naturally abundant in nature, and then slowly trickle this natural abundance through a corporate capitalist controlled channel the size of an average ass hole, to the rest of humanity. (99.8%) with extra added taxes, tariffs and further unholy blockages of a naturally regenerative system, ironically in the name of profit, business and “fair”trade.

Joyce has a powerpun’t stereo effect that spins like a spiders web and knots like a vine certain propositional functions into a breathing constellation of seemingly contradicting processes, a perpetual “paradox”; throughout Finnegans Wake. A semantic vortex full of semtex. Like a poetic transcript of Joyce flicking TV channels or surfing old 30’s internet TV-web sites, seemingly on a whim with a dance and a cheer. When combined with the intelligent interactive processing of a reader, these revolting identities begin to awaken and piece themselves together seemingly miraculously to any observer; weaving a tapestry of mental imagist scenes surprisingly different from the usual subject-predicate formal logic executed in literature and modern new-speak to such devastating effect. These hierarchical and multi-valued teachings are a part of what we call maybelogic. Propositions like: “Enel-Rah” is the “Nine gods of egypt”, or “Kong Gander O’Toole” is “Kung Fu Hsei” seem to become more surreal and illogical than the use of the culpa (is), in simple everyday speech.

This kind of is’ing thinking categorically thrusts the reader/thinker into a character identity crisis; inevitably forcing us into more flexible, non-aristotelian perceptions upon which we can crystalize relative constellations of multiple attributes, resonances and characteristics. Plurabelle. With aristotelian bricks in your breeches you may take a heavy fall. With relative maybelogic models and metaphors the bricks will transform into smaller atoms and then flowers or maybe bright mushrooms, and you will find yourself swimming back into the authors videotext; grasping at new semanticklish maps and punny gridlooks and various keys. Very Helpful items when out on the ocean surfing Finnegans Wake among the hungry great white Fnords.

Pound developed an equally perplexing and strange new bird (new Eagle) called ‘ideogramic method’ – influenced by the chinese written character and the Oriental ideographic Zen/Buddhist/Taosit/Confucian lineage of poetry-painting. What became “ideogramic method” seems perplexing and strange to the western alphabetic culture critics who were receiving these strange new picture-poems or, axis pivots, without adequate tools for 21st Century thinking. Condensed mini dynastic dramas and fountains of seasoned prose, picking up signals from the emerging global village; our present. Alphabetical symbol systems, pictographic symbol systems, heraldic symbol systems, musical symbol systems; mixed together with meter into an epic poem, a long epic poem for a new era, a new phase, a new calendar P.s.U and a new seal for humanity. “Revolution… in the minds of the people”.

Finnegans Wake and The Cantos together seem a kind of literal apocalypse, the end of the word as we know it. The end of the woid as we don’t know it, and the buginning of the eternity of plurality, the “Now” it, the interacting process world of the future. We seem to be entering a knu era where the kind of quantum jumping in literature synonymous with James Joyce, Ezra Pound, William S. Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson is emerging in more wide spread cultural and social-linguistic phenomena, propelled by internet and social knittworking. This quantum jumping phenomena appears as indistinguishable from magic, prophesy and time-space travel to me. Its just a matter of the terminology used to describe the coex experience.

Fortunately for the Maybelogic Academy and its members we had a master scholar in the works of James Joyce and Ezra Pound to help guide us through the challenging artists individual reality labyrinths, their most complex works and ideas, models, grids. Their con.texts for describing “what the hell is going on?“. Robert Anton Wilson provided the vital bridge between Finnegans Wake and The Cantos by assigning specific chapters from his 1991 book – Coincidance; providing us with multiple Skeleton Key’s, keys, corpses and texts to hang our own personal and individual world views upon, and watch grow. I highly recommend all three of these texts for every 21st century citizen as a global travel guide and introduction to the New Word order. Dr. Wilson’s 1959 Essay Joyce and Tao, seems an excellent resource for students more interested in his own fascinating relationship, stemming more than half a century with arguably the entire 20th century’s greatest writer: James Joyce.

My own personal experience with Finnegans Wake and maybelogic has led me to construct my own personal grid, or method, for representing what i have learnt from my teachers, in hope of contributing to a wider awareness of awareness: GUCT.

Concrete facts demonstrable in nature propose a healthy fishing pond to begin fly-fishing for fat facts. I soon discovered that the after effects upon common house flies having acrilick’d the red-golden white-cream speckled toadstool species: Amanita Muscaria, in common forests provided a perfectly harmonious semantic “grid” for me to present my imaginative ripples and thought patterns. Zillions of critters get high, fall down, sleep and wake up into nature and this process of inebriation is scientifically demonstrable as a chemical processes in the nervous systems of most higher animals. Evolution through inebriation implies chemical compounds found naturally abundant in nature. And there are thousands of different ones.

Amanita Caps are found abundantly today in nature and have just the right chemical mixture to bring about such vivid weird highs, sleeps and wakes. Lewis Carroll incorporated these chemical reactions into “Alice through the looking glass”, as a space-time morphing device, a literary effect, and included the actual toadstool too. In fact the awakening, uprising, resurrection, coming again, commodious vicus of recirculation, ascension and perpetual “birthing” of epiphanies… nicely represents the “spirit” of Finnegans Wake as i perceive it. I like to think that James Joyce knew of amrta very well, a guinness from nature. Magical resurrections are reflected in the process about which the Book lends its title:Finnegans Wake”an irish Ballad in which a fallen Irish-man Tim Finnegan is presumed dead but then miraculously springs back to life at his own wake, spirited up out of his coffin by some wayward spilt elixir from some feisty festive mourners.

Reading aloud in a group, in a field, in a cave or coffee shop will provide wonderful musical acoustic elements to these books and unlock tongues tied down since first birth. Reading aloud the Wake, especially the Wake can literally grab you, and sing to you, whisking you off to some other place.

Otherways wesways like that provost scoffing
bedoueen the jebel and the jpysian sea. Cropherb the crunchbracken shall decide. Then we’ll know if the feast is a flyday. She has a gift of seek on site and she allcasually ansars helpers, the dreamydeary. Heed! Heed ! – Finnegans Wake, Page 5

Fly Agaric 23

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