Back in the Museyroom. Page 8 of Finnegans Wake

“enjoyable of our mounding’s mass, now Wallinstone national
museum, with, in some greenish distance, the charmful
waterloose country and the two quitewhite villagettes who hear show
of themselves so gigglesomes minxt the follyages,

(follyages, folly, fake, calendrical inconsistency, hstorical written method and inconsistency with VICO’ Bruno RAW Pound Mcluhan Korzybski, “Process” of history)

the prettilees!
Penetrators are permitted into the museomound free. Welsh and
the Paddy Patkinses, one shelenk! Redismembers invalids of old
guard find poussepousse pousseypram to sate the sort of their butt.
For her passkey supply to the janitrix, the mistress Kathe. Tip.

(The janitrix sounds like the “Oracle” type figure from the popular Matrix Trilogy of movies. Kathe, Kathe, where art our Kathe? Maybe Pound’s “Cathay” is evoked from the air-sound-power, Kathe has a key? Pound’s seal, calendoor dated from the publ;ication of Joyce’s ‘Ulysses” October 31st, 1922? TIP” on the outside window of the dreamers bedroom, the tree’s finger branch knocks’ TIP. Reminding the dreamer of the great tree.)

This the way to the museyroom. Mind your hats goan in!
Now yiz are in the Willingdone Museyroom. This is a
Prooshious gunn.

(During my readings of this page for one of our weekly assignments at the Maybelogic Academy “Tale of the Tribe” class with RAW, i made up my mind that “Museyroom” sounded enough like “Mushroom” to grab my attension and make me read closely. I then went on to presume that Mycological terms were being used by Joyce, but mixed up with the more widely known historical war-stars and other war type language, military devices, but somehow de-flowered as fighting machines, and re-constructed as polyrhymic’ seeing devices. Neutral for the most part. But willing, more than willing to assist you in any area of research you wish to pursue, linguistic studies maybe at the least. The future of human language, humanity and our relationships to nature as the other more, exciting and critical studies to be pursuing.

So my mushroom gloss theory for FW seems rather short sighted in retrospect, but now nearly 3 years later, i still remember my Mushroom gloss, but forgot that most of the references i originally used were grouped around page 8 of Finnegans Wake. I am back at page 8 by way of a commodius Vico’s of recirculation (searching Finnegans Wake on the internet for words and references that help define the new word “WOOt”, the title of a new album by the Jam-band for computer geeks “Garaj Mahal” who i recorded and played with in the United States 2001-2005. The second to top web link that came up when i typed finnegans wake concordex was a link that HIGHLIGHTED the word JINNIES, and when i followed the link i discovered they were spread over pages 8 and 9.

So now i am back in the museyroom, musing over the JINNIES (the women) woven through the museum sequence like traces of perfume. (The plurabelle hologramic prose’ of Joyce writing of anything and everything in FW)

This is a ffrinch. Tip. This is the flag of the
Prooshious, the Cap and Soracer. This is the bullet that byng the flag of
the Prooshious. This is the ffrinch that fire on the Bull that bang
the flag of the Prooshious. Saloos the Crossgunn! Up with your
pike and fork! Tip. (Bullsfoot! Fine!) This is the triplewon hat of
Lipoleum. Tip. Lipoleumhat. This is the Willingdone on his
same white harse, the Cokenhape. This is the big Sraughter
Willingdone, grand and magentic in his goldtin spurs and his ironed
dux and his quarterbrass woodyshoes and his magnate’s gharters
and his bangkok’s best and goliar’s goloshes and his
pulluponeasyan wartrews. This is his big wide harse. Tip. This is the three
lipoleum boyne grouching down in the living detch. This is an
inimyskilling inglis, this is a scotcher grey, this is a davy,
stooping. This is the bog lipoleum mordering the lipoleum beg. A
Gallawghurs argaumunt. This is the petty lipoleum boy that
was nayther bag nor bug. Assaye, assaye! Touchole Fitz
Tuomush. Dirty MacDyke. And Hairy O’Hurry. All of them
arminus-varminus. This is Delian alps. This is Mont Tivel,
this is Mont Tipsey, this is the Grand Mons Injun. This is the
crimealine of the alps hooping to sheltershock the three lipoleums.
This is the jinnies with their legahorns feinting to read in their
handmade’s book of stralegy while making their war undisides
the Willingdone. The jinnies is a cooin her hand and the jinnies is
a ravin her hair and the Willingdone git the band up. This is big
Willingdone mormorial tallowscoop Wounderworker obscides
on the flanks of the jinnies. Sexcaliber hrosspower. Tip. This “

(A War Museum full of hyperdimensional “blogjects”
and it seems to me today that considering the coded,
encoded “ent-twinned” nature of their word “homes”
these words–through Joyce’s poetic genius–are a precursor to the
“enigma” type code “wars” that were of critical importance to the world wide wars erupting
Just as gentle Joyce was falling into his own dreamstate.
Ever since WW2, till Today, these cypher wars continue
under many new more technologically charged names,
Joyce’s Hologramic prose IMHO has stood the test of old father time
very well, very very well indeed.
In 2008 a single page of Finnegans Wake can hold various structural
scaffolding upon which to hang a theory.

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