Turntables and the implicate/explicate order

Past/present/not sure.
Vinylcyclic records totally recalled,
reversed turning of the tongues ➚ Termtablists↑ and
innovative I-Disk jockey on one hand,
Sample monkey on the other….

Read This first.
These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the “explicate” or “unfolded” order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders (Bohm, 1980, p. xv).”

Unfold your record…
Place the record on the turntable mat. ○
Press the power switch button provided at rear panel to “ON” position.
Remove the stylus protector, if cartridge is detachable one. ○
Push the start/stop button, the platter will start to turn. (Turntable)
Move the tone-arm position over the record.
Put it down to the record and playback/forword will begin.
Set the turning speed to 33 1/3rpm or 45rpm with speed select switch.

Singers, drummers and Seal Calendar jugglers under the Sun. Bound to happen. To Bond like crime families. To spin and roll tymespice glyphs into spliffs: to turn word into gas. Our men alchemical our men. No less. Where have your thoughts gone to? where has the Roman pontiff of slimespace disappeared to? Measure the Sun and the Moon and what do you get? Tide-waves. Gema smiles as the tide waves deliver lucifer. Calendar reform. Reformation. When out of information recharge. Retreat yourself. Remixology ingredients ↓ Some S❁ma sits in Li’s refrigerator next to the Ξaster eggs, resting her legs, Syrian rue, and Golden Apples. Myceilium running. Pound of fungus, creamy woolen fungus grown in sheep shit. Bah to coordinates.✐ Coordinates ↵ Berlin 1945. Birmingham 1600. Hong Kong June 16th 2009. The article that started poly calendrical studies by Mr. Wilson shd/ be consulted, for more accurate data. GΩDiturΒΞR the coordinates ➚ to equal Testing testing. Bodies well Tattooed with pimples pointing ↕ to veins joining historical bones together to make a man, to make a body of work whole. Ol’e history pressed together on a 78 in 76′ Slowed down and spun backwords. 384 words. Swords carefully concealed on a tortoise shell. Calendar eclipse every hour. Birth life death every hour. Minute, second-line. Taste sweet to taste sour, now and then. Start and Stop. Start/Stop button. But on, always on. Needle drop finds honey August 11th 1999 upon St. Michael’s Mount. Ken Kessey in Great Britain on his bus. 1999 culture blossoms on the tree of technology. Rise of electronic media, culture, festivals, psychedelia. Millennium on the horizon. A Calendar shift. A paradigm shift. A knight shift into the theme from hairshaft Grummet. Bush and Dope, the birthing of the anti-christ in a new jerusalem. The Spandau mystory and the stargate.

Move the tone-arm to the armrest, when play is finished. ○
Push the start/stop button, and platter will stop. ○
Turn off the power.

Next time, maybe
Experiment with different speeds.
Past/present/not sure.
Vinylcyclic records totally recalled, reversed turning of the tongues ➚ Termtablists↑ and innovative I-Disk jockey on one hand,

“The new form of insight can perhaps best be called Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. This view implies that flow is, in some sense, prior to that of the ‘things’ that can be seen to form and dissolve in this flow”. –David Bohm

Hold the balance weight…
with one hand and rotate only the counter ring
to bring the numeral “0” of the ring into alignment with
the center line on the tone-arm rear shaft.

Waiting for the blootooth storm. Cycling and wurring of Art’s Sunbelts, turning like the clappers hands above rubbing and manipulating. Fingers are burning. DJ/VJ lookingfor a wet BJ. Some hottie to rub out dubs and set Sub keel to breaker breaker. A burnt out Tesla coil covered in mold on the hillside. Creeping fungus up Eve’s 300 ft. axistree. Junglistening and not listening. The Birds. The Bees. ∄nd of history. Young table runts and Little Lab nutters invent new worlds, new time as the Emerald tablets turn like candy mints around your pink gums. Many yarns away. Unravelling the lost lungwaj of tyme traveling shemanism. Vine looking threadlocks require keys to the doors to eternity, The sacred mushroom, please dont get croxx. De-chording results from an aural reading: icaro-graff John Deechorded, unmasking the con-sealed national pleasure of Deception, detraction, contracts and contricks. Laser D’chirp Scribble. A decentral plot to prevent singing or telling the tribe with fresh gusto as the good ale And the good vibe. The brews and their absence from the news. Other than in the context of psychotropicture, death and negativity. Amplified Absynth is sized as the test sense of presence. Da vine de:chorded. Mycelium decorded. Guantummy toms entangle in our G U C T. A fuzzy chord rapped around and woven into whole cloth. Youknitted Superstrings to make the truth. Knitting tales together of characters made from ole cloth. Stitch in time brings vine Flight-sigh Indras net; spider Web deW hosting morning dew drops of star stuff, Fruit of the loomatick, spinning VRmL from her womb. To tackle the big problems i scrape the barrel. Ummm i smell what you mean steve. Identical sacread twinnings…

Matching, scratching, juggling
Talking and sound writing machine.
radio-phonograph combo? nearly got it…
missing the 2006 bluesphere…
And the disc/seal/calendoor’s of 08.
Adjustment of Horizontal Zero Balance

“Bohm also used the term unfoldment to characterise processes in which the explicate order becomes relevant (or “relevated”). Bohm likens unfoldment also to the decoding of a television signal to produce a sensible image on a screen. The signal, screen, and television electronics in this analogy represent the implicate order whilst the image produced represents the explicate order. He also uses an interesting example in which an ink droplet can be introduced into a highly viscous substance (such as glycerine), and the substance rotated very slowly such that there is negligible diffusion of the substance. In this example, the droplet becomes a thread which, in turn, eventually becomes invisible. However, by rotating the substance in the reverse direction, the droplet can essentially reform. When it is invisible, according to Bohm, the order of the ink droplet as a pattern can be said to be implicate within the substance. —Implicate_and_Explicate_Order_according_to_David_Bohm

Great Turning, Baktun, Calendar, door, language, etic/emic?
Word. Turning. Talking and sound writing machine. Etic/emic?
Bluetooth enabled, ubiquitous broadcasting
Spyme etic/emic?
Turntables without cables, with wheels to roll…

Turn eons over. Nine seal/calendars glisten, KNU dawn. Neinsten. Elvintwelve. 7/7/7 marks the bugining of a KNU woid Weasty beast. I ain’t got no metal or plastic guns i serve my piece in seasoned sensimi buns, plenty advacado for the greening. In the begreening was the herb and the herb was grown fresh. Little Ms. Higgs and her Mayo-theory and she’s good to go, loosen’ up her gob so she can hold down her cutting job. Yo sis what “IS” the prognosis? Isness is an Illness.Cannabis Metempsychosis a Knu cure for the clap? The doc. said to me Thursday it might be Psychoneurosis So i went home and read Pythagorus and smoked super-grass. Maybe psychobiology? eh? or neuro-psycho history? Cannabis Psychosis, Me or the plant that is the mystory? Thinking and feeling are not divided so simply Mankind and nature, mind and matter all bleed into each other n’ ceed one another. Gun-metal tone-armies fire a diamond tipped Stylus, arcing. Sunlight refracting off its tip into a thousand fragments. Snatching the Moon with the hands hand. Scratching the Sun with a finger. Kites! Massager. Pass the Pea soup wash your hands hide your eyes. Surfers upon saturnalia surf bareback. Spun backwords and 4words. Dive in ocean blue baby, ride calendar crafts to naxos. Rafts float paths under the S☀n

1. Release the tone-arm from the armrest to free.
2.Turn the balance weight clockwise or counter clockwise until the tone arm is balanced horizontally.

In another analogy, Bohm asks us to consider a pattern produced by making small cuts in a folded piece of paper and then, literally, unfolding it. Widely separated elements of the pattern are, in actuality, produced by the same original cut in the folded piece of paper. Here the cuts in the folded paper represent the implicate order and the unfolded pattern represents the explicate order.”–Implicate_and_Explicate_Order_according_to_David_Bohm

And records of the Tale of the tribe,
2008 Tribe. Remixed. Spew Flesh.
turntablists compete to see who can develop the fastest,
most innovative and most creative approaches to their instrument…
manipulation of the record in time
manipulation of the cross fader on the mixer
Newham rhythms and sonic artefax..

Breakfast spun on a Golden moldϒ threaded platter. Saturnalia with a bite of luck. Kung Fu toast and tea and Blueberry muffins. Huλgens probe separates from ©assini Orbiter. 21 day taste trip to Titan. Christmas TSunami eclipsed by probe. Place the needle stylus into the F-ring groove, Wash your hands, Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the Cap off. Place gills down on a sterile card/glass platter. Cover the card with clean container, Leave overnight! Fold the ©hristmass card next morn and keep airtight. Ziplock it, airlocket and good luck. Happy saturnalia. Sporeprints remain good for a year, blueprints are maps. Tales Tales Tales. ✜ Apple Logic 2.3 tastes strange to me Looks like strange fruit served with Correspun/dance. Alight PUN-danc©e. Didji drivel weather forecasting. Bored network? Forrest television. hello hello. Pomegranate planets with each byte of luck. Artemis scaffolded via multitrack audio interface dialects. Why it noise? White noise. Open chowder sauce trickled beyond the boundAries of bowl. The phλsical boundAries of the Donut. The mental boundAries of an octet truffle. The personal boundAries of a blow-job from your hot young secretary. Conned shaped concepts to pointed precepts ➘ of subjects and, pre-dated predicates ➚ and Kate’s old grammar ↕ Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools. Listen to me. Forget what you learnt, till your tongues burnt You ain’t learnt. Remove the ceiling! escape the house. Tone arm troopers for Revolution routines. The Prose tools spew is just fragments. It’s all fragments, Bits, chunks, parts, pieces, as yet unconnected and pre-GUCT. And so Hair Combs Everybody. Amrita and all. All peoples from ALL times ✜ ALL places re:unite. Tonight. In a blue tidal concressence, like a paisley, tie-dyed wave. Vibrational physics maps are still maps. Virtual maps. INK as hardwar device deployed spilt and deltupun Sammy-circular shemy-attatched shami-holy playing pages. A Seed looping with hands throwing seeds praying for a root for reality totality to come to me. The I-disco joke plays on random. She cutting and scratching samples on Mp3, CD, connected by her broadtoothed magic fairλ god mother. Janet the sister of Ms. Higgs. Feasty boys on this Apple logik pie, sprinkled with amerinita cinnamon girls. Zappa girls. Hot. Hotter. So hot it rebirths again with a Bigger badder BANG. GU©T: to merge gravity situations with the Trinification of (lang)gauge symmetrees into a Grit Unifie(l)d ©oins℗i®acy Theory of Neverytongue. Higher Crane Everywire. Unified. Undefined interknot of tings and bleeps. Popping candy on the tongue. Habitat, seasonal changes, growth, flowering and fruiting. Who cracked the internut?

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