July 28th 2004 i performed my first recorded “poem in public”, whilst spinning rekkids with Garaj Mahal off the back of a boat, sailing around the Statue of Liberty NYC. The poem is inspired by some Garaj Mahal track title’s.

Which side of the boat are you onwitch side-“witch side”my side -“your side” witch side of the boat are you onwitch side-wot sidethis side-that sideThis tide is turnin as “liquid Hindi” Vision’s of LSD Are dripping onto the tongue of liberty, Like a psychotropic meatless patty. Breathe, Never give up duck, Cuz tomorrow never knows her mondo shadow, Like thursday: “a d-tuned Eagle”, I break out the cosmic elevator kisses. From madagascar to Bajo A happy hippi poodle drives a very strange truck Wild Samauri duck blues inside a Milk carton, Chime like silver bells.Line games fall from the Ivory tower like aTen ton chicken. The big smack down. Stoked on Rasaki, i receive furthur gumbo vision’s: “Be dope on Thursday “Because, “it’s wednesday” and, Tomorrow never knows. I break out pen’s of mass construction And fly like a poodle, soaring over the ivory tower singingBlueberry funk. Poodle poodle palladin Poodle poodle palladin Poodle palladin Poodle palladin, Poodle paladinPoodle palladinPoodle poodle palladinPoodle poodle palladin.Dog’s barkin while im parkin human dignity In the garaj, They call me flydermanCuz i live in a blueberry mirage. A massive rubber slut has no spectFor my poodle, Have mercy, mercy, mercy. Sing a song, Don’t doodle.

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