SR is for SUN RA:The Myth, Art and Music of Sun Ra v1.0

The Myth, Art and Music of Sun Ra.

By Steve Fly Agaric 23.

23rd’ March 2009.

“The myth is neither bad nor good, its potentials are unlimited.” – SUN RA.

Sounds Fly: Music Writing

by Steven James Pratt et al.


Sun Ra hammered out a magical oath Sources and resources.

John Sinclair. Its All Good. A John Sinclair Reader. Headpress. 2008.

Wayne Kramer. My Night as a tone scientist. 2006.

David A. Martinelli. The cosmic-myth equations of Sun Ra. 1991.

Jim Macnie. Blue Delight linear notes. February 1989.

The Cantos of Ezra Pound. New Directions Publishing. 1972. &

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