Maud Marian the market lady of Misrule,
Who went over to the dark side with the evil sheriff Knottingbacon.
Deserting Robin for his rival. Super-Grass.
Selling out to the big Merry Corporate Gangsters
And the evil Merry Sheriff. Selling INN/ INN FACTO.
To live life without security is a life not worth living
Was the motto of these cannibullshitters.

Mary Merry Mad Maude paired off with Merddin (MERLIN)
And became christianized as a male Robin Hood.
Merry Mary Mad England, engrossed with MARY worship.
Mary Hill seems a kind of corporate Mary Hell,
A place where aggressive corporate dogs pull your mind apart,
Displaying jewels, drugs and every kind of must-have product
All the most popular, slick, stylish, hell-brands.
We must jump through the flames naked. No Bags. No product. NO LOGOS?
Operate your own Nervous system better. Write? —

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