THE TALE OF THE TRIBE: 1936. By Steven "fly agaric" Pratt

Here’s my latest update and interpretation of ‘the tale of the tribe’ is in the form of a google web-site, that I am still editing and readying for some kind of launch. Here’s a recently edited rough synopsis of what I have done with some of the characters. –steve fly.


Before Dr. Robert Anton Wilson graduated life in early 2007 he shared with the world a tantalizing glimpse into an epic project that he called ‘the tale of the tribe’ (TTOTT): the blueprint for a new synthesis of some of the greatest minds of the 21st century, uniting quantum mechanics, neuro-semantics, design-science, Ideogramic method, history and culture, together into a typically RAW montage’ of forces and values to help others distinguish useful information from all the bullshit. The historical characters or ‘evolutionists’ from RAW’s TTOTT krewe were individuals that helped to speed up the ability of humans to condense ideas and then share information, that has directed humanity into the – information age – and the sharing mass-age. In Our Historys Back’ fly has designed an environment based in 1936 where these TTOTT characters can blend their creative genius and fall into orbit with one another; poets, linguists, logicians, design-scientists and artists meet to share their wisdom on advancing humanity into the 21st century. New creative research into the tale of the tribe aims to open up a new vista of interpretations from the fragments left to us by Dr. Wilson. And this adaptation of Dr. Wilson’s ‘tale of the tribe’ is the first such project, to my knowledge, to tackle TTOTT lineage and place some characters into a new Novel architecture. I hope that this project will at least encourage some of you who are on a similar road of investigation and nudge-nudge – create your own TTOTT synthesis.

Our Historys Back’ features remixed ‘TTOTT’ characters rounded into a tale within a tale by our protagonists. The tale within a tale follows a band of old bards who journey to the 1936 Olympic Games into the sick-heart of the Nazi intelligence games to boldly state their perfected word and communicate their sporting peace to all nations on behalf of artists, painters and poets worldwide. Standing in their way are a sordid alliance of spies from many nations including English, American, German, Canadian and Soviet agents; who have arranged to meet in Berlin to finalize their annual guns, dope and intelligence ‘trade off’

Max, Percy and Plush are three friends living in Amsterdam, 2012, united by their synchronistic interest in RAW’s ‘tale of the tribe’ and producing their own story that includes a culture’s hierarchy of values and histories. Plush has perfected his turntable-altable method of mixing and cutting specially crafted LP’s, that contain pre-recorded samples from the 1936 tale and afterwards, together with Max and Percy, they splice the recordings into dialogue and a dramatic sequence of events. The MPHDJ Method translates roughly as mixing special kinds of sampled literature using the approach of a musical DJ or turntablist.

The 1936 tale spans 48 hours and three main locations, taking place in theatres in New York and Rapallo’ simultaneously on July 31st’, and then moving to Berlin and the opening of the IXth Olympic Games on August 1st. The recurring theme of the story is probably the precept of ‘ language versus the equation’, translated into how the characters share their different fields of experience and wisdom creating a communication network, to help others bring a new peace to Europe through a linguistic relativism, a new language to help facilitate peace and communication between all nations and humanity.

–Steven “fly” Pratt.
28th October. 2009. Amsterdam.

comming soon….

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