F is For Fourier Transfers

I find it hard to describe what I’ve learnt this week, but I’ll share something I started to learn about just today, after reading Mark’s ‘Hyperpeople’ where he writes “MP3 recording uses a mathematical technique known as Fourier Transforms to break an audio signal into its constituent sound waves. It’s like a chord played on a guitar: you can think of a chord as a set of individual strings being played simultaneously.”

This quote caused me, among other things, to think of Claude Shannon, and led me, via a quick wiki search to some of his fascinating contributions to the –digital age–to my mind today, I kind of learnt that good poetry has a resonance with the Fourier Transform, like music, by way of the sweet chord-analogy made by Mark Pesce. I’m not sure I have fully processed and learn’t about Fourier transforms, but I have found a new field of interest I feel worthy of deeper investigation and sharing here as an example. I also learnt a little about Giordano Bruno, Nietzsche, Giambattista Vico, James Joyce, McLuhan and Claude Shannon and what they have in common with my own warped interpretation of some parts of ‘Hyperpeople’.

Furthermore, I feel that, although Internet may have no historical precedent, certain individuals have a strong resonance with the world wide web. Today I learn’t why Nietzsche and Shannon, in particular, are important historical figures, kick-started by thoughts inspired while reading ‘hyperpeople’ if… we were to fiddle with historical events, contrasted with the current refreshing focus on the present 2009 – scenario-universe.
I shd/ come clean here though, friends, and confess that I’m not an academic, a Phd, or a University student, but I’m probably best classed in the realm of the drop-out I guess.

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