"Hubbleforth slouch" Finnegans Wake and Hubble’s constant

Google are celbrating the 20th anniversary of the HUBBLE TELESCOPE today. By decorating the google home page with a cosmological landscape. I recently tuned into Hubble and Finnegans wake, and turned up the word Hubbleforth, that I wanted to share on this 20th anniversary.

Furthermore, Hubble’s constant plays a part in experimental physics, and experimental theories of consciousness, or ‘cosmic consciousness’ the distance and velocity of galaxies can be calculated using Hubble’s constant, or Hubble’s RedShift. Some have tied in the ratio of the expanding Universe with the critical amount of single electron cubits lying at the [bit bottom] of human neurological processing. Hence, in my short and clunky definition, we have a theory of consciousness, rationalized using cosmological principles. Close to the hermetic principle ‘as of above, so below’. But with scientific and mathematical principles describing such a relationship. My introduction to this idea was through the maverick experimental physicist, Jack Sarfatti, detailed in the books of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson.

I wanted to share what I perceive to be the general trends (2010) within modern experimental physics, cosmology and psychology (neurology) that include the HOLOGRAPHIC principle. And have blogged about James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, and its relationship to the Holographic Principle as defined by ‘Susskind and Hooft’. I am still working on a piece about Dr. Wilson, and his ‘holographic prose’ defined and deployed throughout 36 books, and countless articles over a 50 year period of earth history (1932-2007). Together, I propose that Dr. Wilson, like James Joyce, is at the Vanguard of communicating the ‘holographic principles’.

I propose that ‘if’ the holographic principle, or a new updated version of this theory is found to be a snug fit, a unified theory and general theory of everything, then… James Joyce and Dr. Robert Anton Wilson will seem like ‘GODS’ who worked out the earth language for describing such a Holographic Theory of Everything, and did this somewhat ‘outside’ of the traditional institutions and Universities associated with such ‘revolution’s’ and/or ‘paradigm shitfs’.

I think it was R.U Sirius who said that when the going gets weird, the weird turn professional’, and cutting edge science and technology and culture is getting weirder and weirder. I think, and next to surrealism and the Artists science of the weird, Dr. Robert Anton Wilson stands as a ‘standard’ of thinking and working creativly with the ‘weird’

Why are hardly any of the major learning institutions teaching ‘Robert Anton Wilson’ and ‘Holographic Prose?, when cutting edge experimental physics seems to be suggesting that the Holographic model is very important and relative to 2010 science, technology and culture? Maybe uncle BOB made the fatal mistake of connecting Economics and Politics to his holographic theory, and thereby jumping so far forward that we suffer culture-shock, when we follow the trajectories he maps, using the Holographic Principle, via James Joyce, David Bohm, Stan Grof, Giordano Bruno, Jack Sarfatti, John Archibald Wheeler, Einstein and Timothy Leary.

I look forward to any academic response to this proposition that uncle BOB had it back in the 1970’s, and had already plotted how hyperbolic geometry and the ‘holographic principle’ might impact on humanity, our perceptions and collective futures. Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was largely ignored by Academic establishments, possibly due to his cutting criticism of the ‘institution’ and ‘state-run-education’ but still today, after his passing, it seems hardly any academic are presenting Dr. Wilson, and his ideas and principles as worthy sources and resources.

I am fortuate to be a part of the Maybelogic Academy that aims to do all of the above, and provide a forum and hub for RAW related studies. I do feel frustrated at the lack of other learning centres adopting our model, which was set up alongside Dr. Wilson himself in 2004, which I think helps define our advantages as a HUB, we have a single human being who reflects a comprehensive study, a single narrator, a single artist, telling us the tale of the tribe.

My schemes into obeyance for This
time has had to fall: they bit goodbyte to their thumb and, his
bandol eer his solgier, dripdropdrap on pool or poldier, wishing
the loff a falladelfian in the morning, proceeded with a
Hubbleforth slouch in his slips backwords (Et Cur Heli!) in the directions
of the duff and demb institutions about ten or eleven hundred
years lurch away in the moonshiny gorge of Patself on the Bach. —James Joyce, Finnegans Wake: Page 73.

21.00 Alice and Bob. Leonard Suuskind on Cosmology at Stanford, 2009.

The Illuminati Papers
By Robert Anton Wilson


An introduction to black holes, information and the string theory revolution …
By Leonard Susskind, James Lindesay

Developments in Mathematical and Experimental Physics: Cosmology and gravitation
By Alfredo Macías, Francisco J. Uribe, Enrique Diaz


Psychology of the future: lessons from modern consciousness research
By Stanislav Grof

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