Alice In Amrita-Land Dodgson

Alice in Amanita Land?

Alice Pleasence Liddel or ALP, “Finnegan said simply, “is one aspect of Anna Livia Plurabelle or ALP, the superwomen who contains all women, in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.”

“Oh,” I said. It seemed the only adequate comment.

“I have wondered, “de Selby went on, “if one can equate APL with ALP on cabalistic grounds, since both equal 111, what of PLA? But that is an irrelevance, i’ve decided. What is important is that in 1932 not only did Alice P. Liddell and John S. Joyce die, but the atom was split for the first time, and the 92nd chemical element was discovered–the last natural element, you see. For the first time in history, humanity had access to the energy of the stars and possessed a full catalog of the basic building blocks of the universe.Robert Anton Wilson, The Horror of Howth Hill, email to the universe.

“Be who,
farther potential? and so wider but we grisly old Sykos who have
done our unsmiling bit on ‘alices, when they were yung and
easily freudened, in the penumbra of the procuring room and
what oracular comepression we have had apply to them! —James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Pg 115.

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