Maybe Logic and the tale of the tribe: a no-place place.

The following ‘testimonial’ is edited from a post I made at the Maybe Logic Academy some months ago when I was inspired by ‘’ calling for members to make testimonials to their social network, I wanted to write a testimonial to the open learning network encircling the ‘Maybe Logic’ meme, and dashed something off that I felt on re-reading required some editing, and clarification. Thanks, steve fly.

Maybe Logic and the tale of the tribe: a no-place place.

Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson

by Steven James Pratt


A no-place place where like minded individuals can share feedback with cutting edge community of bright optimistic and tolerant networkers, a no-place place constructed using blueprints forged by the ‘lives’ and ‘ideas’ of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, with the good doctors assistance.

Closely related to study of humanities and what Bucky Fuller defined as ‘livingry’ I feel that the ‘open source alternative education movement’ with a dashing of dream and pun has been fully realized by the MLA network: a place to study alongside Bob himself, in a Universe next door.

The MLA enhanced my experiences over the last six years and has influenced what I read, write, think and how and where I live today. Seduced by the treasures shared by uncle Bob’ and hosted by the MLA, decomposed and recomposed by MLA faculty staff plus the wonderful new network of brave friends and beloved ‘hero’s’ of this invisible ‘open university’ of RAW studies.

Over the six years of studying classes and contributing to the MLA forums, I guess thousands of people have studied classes here, thousands, but only a relatively small number of people, perhaps 13, are active posters and contributors to the MLA forums today. These characters are now legendary to my mind, when forums v1,2,3,4,5 are combined in their encyclopaedic content concerning the ‘lives’ and ‘ideas’ of RAW, his influences, and the varied interpretations of work.

The community of volunteer contributors help define what I view as an exemplary ‘open’ learning environment, in contrast to the weakness of a capitalist corporate structured ‘learning Academy’s’ or other social networks and learning centres often programmed, packaged and branded like soft drinks, a shop front for the super major corporations and mass employers to target, strike and run off. The Maybe Logic Academy, the classes, content, structure and distribution are a model of ‘education in the digital age.

A hierarchy of values and individuals who embody the values expressed in their deeds, artefacts and daily speech, help define the ‘things’ under observation. The combination of ‘Maybe Logic’ and ‘the tale of the tribe’ present such a system,  respectively, I might define them as Principle and Performance, or a 21st century information processing principle and a RAW engineered performance of a hierarchy of values, as expressed through some of the greatest humanitarian thinkers of our time, thinkers scattered throughout the ‘life’ works of uncle Bob, alternative foundation pegs for a connected, equalibrius new ‘Global’ paradigm that includes the hidden variables of history, the anomolies, minority reports and ‘indeterminacy’.

Here are a handful of links to blogs, books, web sites and articles culled from the MLA network that I deem to be of benefit to any reader of Dr. Wilson who finds themselves drawn closer to the fire, with an insatiable hunger for knowledge through experience and experiment, love, steve. flyagaric23 @ gmail . com


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