The essay Reading Synergetics: Some Tips offers useful help for anyone struggling to read Synergetics.

[From Kirby Urner]

Synergetics: A metaphoric language for communicating experiences using geometric concepts.

Thinking is the tuning in/out of systems. Systems are spherical networks of interrelated points of interest. The density of points is a measure of a system’s “frequency” — super high frequency systems approach sphericity.

The minimal system with the fewest possible points is a tetrahedron — four points make a primitive volume with an inside and an outside. The canonical tetrahedron has a volume of one.

The tetrahedron may be sliced into 24 irregular tetrahedra (12 left handed, 12 right handed) called “A modules.” The octahedron is comprised of 48 A and 48 B modules of equal volume = 4 x the volume of the tetrahedron. A and B modules may be used to assemble the cube (3 tetravolumes), rhombic dodecahedron (6 tetravolumes), and the Coupler (1 tetravolume). The Coupler, with the same volume as the tetrahedron (1), is an irregular octahedron that packs together to fill space without gaps.

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