Jung Pauli Field and RAW psych’ travel

My paper given at the Star Ship conference has the basic equation for the timescape effect in the Jung-Pauli field. The Jung-Pauli field is the Seth Lloyd hologram computer software at our future de Sitter event horizon “boundary” of our observable universe whose area is the entropy of the interior hologram images that were and every material object are.–Jack Sarfatti, October, 2011.

As information increases unpredictability increases, some information theorist said in 1989 at the world future society, I just learned from listening to RAW.

I still listen to Robert Anton Wilson a lot, and for many reasons, one is that it feeds my own natural wonder in a way no other writer does, dead or alive. But, with such a mass of subjects covered by RAW in such a scientific and rational way where does one begin who wants to communicate the feeling of reading RAW? and/or information theory in general, which RAW approximates with his unique species of hologrammic prose. (one might propose influences on this hologrammic Prose as being Pound’s Ideogramic Method, Joyce’s nat language and linguistic relativistic fiction, Alfred Korzybski’s General Semantics, Schroedinger, Einstein and Bohmian equations, and mixed with Sufi stroke cabbalistic stroke Burroughsian styling)

Needless to say RAW embodies the Hermetic principle, and the general Eastern philosophical leaning toward holism. Both in his writing technique and writing subject matter, and in his life philosophy and way of communicating RAW reflects the very general principle of holism, and so it’s no surprise he himself liked to call his particular writing style hologrammic prose.

You can simply research all words beginning with the prefix HOL to get an idea of how far this general principle has entered 21st century culture. Holistic health and healing, holographic cosmology, holographic neurology, Holographic data storage remain strong 2012 memes floating around the web-sphere. A careful re-reading and focus upon the ‘holographic’ and ‘holistic’ themes and explicit mentioning in RAW’s work is a research programme I highly recommend and have been pursuing over the last 5 years.

Over the last week (Feb 14-21) I have come to a new vision of how RAW’s interpretations of Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology, neurology and a special kind of writing (hologrammic prose) reflect some of the latest ideas in the more specific area of cosmological physics. In particular ‘holographic’ models of cosmology, in the tradition of David Bohm, Jack Sarfatti and yes, Giordano Bruno.

Let me try to explain. And at least give you some mixed media links and source material for you to catch my drift.    

“Now both men are dead. Physics has undergone great advances with its grand unified theories and its current development of superstring theory. Yet the central question remains: What is the nature of Pauli’s great dream? What is that speculum that lies between the worlds of mind and matter? Will it be possible to develop a new physics and a new psychology which are complementary to each other? This is not simply some intellectual problem or an idle inquiry; rather, it is vital to our very human survival.–F. David Peat.

The third part of a lecture given by Prof. Arthur I. Miller (University College London) on Thursday 10 December 2009 at CERN.

Since Kepler believed in the famous dictum, “as above so below,” it was natural to assume that the solar system reflected an image of the Trinity and the human mind itself. Such ideas are certainly not far-fetched. David Bohm has told me how, while working on his theory of the plasma state, he felt that the whole plasma was a living thing, a society of electrons, as it were. Over the past decade, Bohm has been lecturing and thinking not only about physics but also about society, religion, and human consciousness. He explores these integrations on many levels without any sense of inner division. This approach would be familiar to Pauli, who pointed out how science and religion have a common origin which, alas, has been forgotten today.–http://www.paricenter.com/library/papers/peat26.php

“The first four hundred were basis for his research into alchemical symbolism in a modern psyche. In a later collaboration, Pauli supported Jung’s synchronicity principle as scientific, and Jung fostered Pauli’s understanding of the archetypal and collective factors in the psyche. They each explored the interconnections between the energies of psyche and matter, and the possibilities of acausal order and synchronicity. Pauli’s ground-breaking discoveries gave scientific demonstration of alchemical intuitions. Through him, alchemical and archetypal insights entered the discourse of physics. Through Jung, the apprehensions of microphysics entered our psychological language and thought.–http://www.pep-web.org/document.php?id=joap.040.0531a

“Jung and Pauli were convinced that synchronistic events reveal an underlying unity of mind and matter, subjective and objective realities. Synchronicity was (and continues to be) a prime target for criticism of Jung that for decades bordered on outright dismissal by many in the scientific and academic communities. For example, historian of science Suzanne Gieser writes that she finds Pauli’s interest in Jung “unusual” because “most of those with an academic or scientific background dismiss Jung totally.”5http://www.metanexus.net/essay/wolfgang-pauli-carl-jung-and-acausal-connecting-principle-case-study-transdisciplinarity


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