My Trip to Chitchen Itza and Tulum 21st December 2012
The Great Ball Court, Chitchen Itza (South End) in Mexico Amsterdam-Madrid-Cancun-Chitchen Itza-Tulum-Cancun-Madrid-Amsterdam (19th-26th December 2012)

Tuesday 18th December, 2012: AMSTERDAM

Board plane-Amsterdam (11.00), exit plane
Take off from Madrid, exit….
‘The hunger Games’ in flight movie
babies crying all the way
….into Cancun (6012 Kilometers from Madrid)
Met with nova ‘red’ apple travelling to Cancun city,
A Hotel room for 660 pesos, split fair
Good fan, smelly sheets.

Hip convo’ with nova, including
fire up of the CERN super collider
on the 21st December
A fascinating story of 23 yr old North Korean boy,
who escaped the prison complex to tell
his Orwellian tale.
Monsanto death cultures…
sound of oil rushing under the ground,
Our mother planet degraded daily.

And Permaculture, the mosaic of new tribes,
those who disperse the seeds of solution
An array of characters R>A>I>N>B>O>W
coming together to
start a new world word:

Visited British pub with live covers ,
6 people in the bar. 160 pesos for 2 corona.
a bit steep me thinks.

Wednesday 19th December 2012 (Cancun)

Up early with nova, packin’ bags, and board coach
back to airport, meet the earthlings
jamming at airport: Chris, Issac,
Cappi, Ashley, Ra and Jonathon,
bringing the musical magix

Waiting hours for the synthesis coach,
Packed bus of the unhinged
depart around 6 P.M
to Piramide Hotel, the cues, chaos, trickets.

I hope to get performer pass and
sell my 500 dollar ticket to dude behind me

Michael refuses to believe my truth
about being the house band drummer
for Synthesis2012!
Ticket funk, and graphical wizards
all around me. I concede and take the full
experience pass.

Cafe hang with the earthlings,
Camping in KIM’s tent without KIM,
who thankfully found a room
donated her tent to the fly.

I scored some Mexi’ weed, seed and stalk
rolled and talked opposite cop shop
with Jonathan and Justin
showing off ‘starwalk’ Ipad App and
Solstice Galactic alignment.
Angry looking Cops buzzed
the temporary camp ground.
As it turned out i was lucky to get a tent
and/or a room during the festival.

Thursday 20th December 2012 (Piste, Chitchen Itza)

Visit Piramide hotel pool with Chris and Shawn Berry.
Qucik Swim
first pano photo of mini Kukulcan Piramide
Meet with Fantuzzi.
Practice drum parts in room.

Opening ceremony at Hacienda
Shabazz, Al Tourre,
Fantuzzi wisdom and smiles,
Panoramas at sun down.
Divine feminine meme.

(Synthesis coach did not make the long trip
festival equipment was missing
musicians and artists pull together to figure out
what they have.

I hear more than three rumors
there IS a drum kit, and then four that
there is NOT a drum kit!?!?
I thankfully find a bed in a shared room with Jaris
and his band, who i also jam with.

informed by Synthesis2012
organizers at dinner
that we’ll be meeting at 5.00 A.M
outside the piramide HOTEL to
honor the moment of the Winter Solstice
with a candle walk to Chitchen Itza
and the Mayan ruins 10 minutes down the road.
we were to wear white, and be of sober mind.

Friday 21st Winter solstice. 2012. (Piste, Chitchen Itza)

430 up. Flossed my teeth. Ate some words
Candle walk and song, shuffle and smile. Minty fresh
The Candle drip from the mouth of the man
in the candle holders.

The spooky wind blowing out candles
My lighters maxed out!
Hoooo naaaab kooooo.
Hoooo naaaab kooooo.

Ticket funk beyond the Kong sized wall
gifted super bright green superfoods by Rainbow kids
After 30 mins’ unconscious incompetence
Synthesis tribe gain access to (time machine?)
Panoramas dictate my first movements

Sun ruh and Michael JaiDev criss crossing
Sun, moon, stars all out.
Panoramas. Video and audio phenomena
Mayan Ceremony, the press gang
My apple, my toothfloss minty FRESH.

The Hawk and Condor fly above the Pyramid
many pray, some dance, all gaze,
many snap and click
fiddle with zips and clicking
wack pack snaps.

Here we are, spacetime invaders,
putting our bean-sprouts in the mix
…aeons later, 10 panos or so,
The ball court, temple of Tables
Glyphs, Pictographix, Graphs, Maps,
Cenotes, Tree’s, ants, sun beams
Shadows tales and tales and tales

Caroline Casey interviewing Kevin
Whitesides. Wise words on Terence,
The Trickster Redeemer, the play
The timewave, the 2012 meme in the
BIGGER picture.

Sitting and rapping with Carol and Mark Stone,
waiting for steve vermin (Swami Beyondananda)
Re-connecting with Michael Stocker of
Seaflow (whom I met in the early part of 2000’s
when I lived in the Bay Area).

Rapping about Michael New book
some Lilly, some Thelonious Monk.
Walk to hotel with Caroline Casey and Michael.
Food at Hacienda with group, and orientation
Beer and the thought of my Drum kit in the air?

Meet Mayan scholar called Alphonso.
Kevin W. and his sweet girlfriend.
We discussed his new Raw book project!
His proposed Terence Mckenna transcription Project.

I go Jam with the earthlings
in their room till early hours, then
 Retire back to bed
and sleep pretty well really.

Saturday 22nd December 2012 (Piste, Chitchen Itza)

Dreams of a final Drum kit theory,
Up at 8 for good fruits and veg. and juices. 
I discover my Fantuzzi gig moved to 8 PM

See Caroline, sit and enjoy the Luminaries hip hop
Group dinner with thrive gambles, Swami beyondananda
His loverly partner and Caroline.
I draw the Konnokol pyramid for Mr. ‘Thrive’
He gives support during my show without cymbals.

Fantuzzi show at 8
my sticks/brushes missing. I improvise
buying two bottled beers and emptying them
placing the bottles on the stands

Earthlings invite me to their jam
Technical Hick-ups, not on behalf of the band
a challenging set,
made it through with impossible
latency issues, Latency…. and
managed to throw down hard
for the last freestyle.

Chris and I went for beers in taxi
trip to a backstreet hut, a Tarrantino set.
4 GRANDE beers 160 pesos.
minty fresh.

Van parked up outside hacienda,
We board with earthlings, rap de ruiz,
Beatbox jam and rap to the
campground Ascendance stage.

Funkin shuffle all night till morning,
till the following night in fact
Locals in the dance, smiles, fire spinning,
goddess patrol. In the trees!

Goddess dance, fire, baby faces, sunrise,
local maya, to them the mothership?
Great Stage pyramid, Fantuzzi and Kat, Justin. Chris.
Earthlings. Sun Ruh, Mr. Henson having a ball.

Sunday 23rd December 2012 (Piste, Chitchen Itza)

Taxi from camp with Chris Michael and Mr X.
Cocoa share, chocolate shaman tale,
breakfast with sunrise at Hacienda.

the story of the solstice by Michael!
The Litter, the flower gifts, (intersecting with news item)
hands around pyramid,
Condor and Hawk together.

Drum kit is gone again?
Now its back in the form of an
An electronic kit. (with a broken bass drum)
but better than nothing, which is what we had,
so Aho to that.
Schroedingers Drum Kit paradox?

Trip to the pool briefly,
Caroline arrives, we hear Patrick Flannagan,
smoke a rollie and watch Swami Perform.
My next live Show wth Jaris, Greg Pit, Oliver.
The Peace tribe band perform

I improvised a kick drum from
an upright hand drum
thanks RC.

Carol delivered her
exquisite work-shop
play at heart.

A special invite to Dinner
at ik ilk with carol.
John carlson, Mark Stone, zia zeff, Paul Carey,
Kevin Whitesides and others.

RAW talk with Kevin, Finnegans Wake and beyonda.
Raps with John Carlson:
The Mayan Letters by Charles Olson,
which came to my attention by way of John Sinclair.

I Described my interest in the principle of
epic poetry as a medium for Mayan studies,
pictoglyphix. Ezra Pound studies, Olson, Joyce.
Kevin and FW, RAW, and Terence Mckenna.

Lift back with Paul to Stardust Inn and a last night
Earthlings Jam, but just closing up
Ah, moments to late, but off to sleep,
must catch bus to Tulum on the morn.

Monday 24th December 2012 (Piste, Chitchen Itza)

Up  at the 7 AM.
Sun Ruh. Jaris, Greg and Oliver all trap too
Coach to tulum. Panorama coach,
seated new to AKI the Japanese poet (also in Pyramid Pano)
I gave him my Basho book as a parting gift in Tulum

Dinner with Chris and Indra.
Head to beach hotel. Wow wow wow.
Swimming with indra 2 miles out past breakers,
Singing, wisdom tale, briefly thought we were
being pushed out to sea.

Good Meal after, with margaritta,
Geopolitical raps with Chris,
Cool beach hut hang, soft room jam,
cello vibes with Indra.

Tuesday 25th December 2012 (Tulum)

Awake up in Tulum 7A.M
Diamente hotel and the perfect cabin PARADISE
Chris and i stroll beech to find web access
success at the restaurant, good food.

Christmas day on beach.
See raw360 for the first time.
Visit site of mini festival and try to hustle gig

Take taxi to cenote encantado with Chris,
arrive in dark, sit around fire, Jaris, Tuzzi, Zia, Greg Pitt
Diego, Gizzele, Pedro, Kat, Sky,
and synthesis folks, and others gather.

Shroom choco splitt, play drums
Fire pit drums, many more arrive from the blackness,
Mayan elders, mexican shaman, all sitting in.

Acoustic girl, jamming on occupy and my dnB tip.
Sitting with loverly Zia. Amazement and tears
at Pedro and his girlfriend singing.
The Bambino tears. Oh Sleep on,
the wooden floor in shack quite good for my back

Wednesday 26th December, 2012 (Tulum)

Up at 7 on wood,
post shroom mind seeks to go swim in cenote
and film underwater places, I go back in again
with Zia and friends on a boat, diving,
searching for the crocodile.

Listening to the flute, diving and
pulling up rocks from bottom. Swimming,
laughing with love. So clear waters.
Barely dry off and take taxi back to diamente for bags

Fortunately they are there , I pack bags,
head to Tulum town center, chris kindly
lends me 100 Dollar!

I take taxi back to cenote, catch Tuzzi just leaving,
with Kat, and Jeff and Zia. (by seconds)
Big kiss and a hug.

Journey back to town to eat lasagna.
Buy some gifts. Head back to cancun,
Time is tight for tuzzi and kat.
I say goodbyes. I check in, drink bad coffee,
board plane, exit-Madrid.
board plane, exit-Amsterdam.

–Steven ‘fly agaric 23’ Pratt (31st December, 2012)

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